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Massive Duck Brand Tape Giveaway!

I’m super excited about our weekly giveaway for this week which is sponsored by Duck Brand Tape! I actually received a box of some of their brightly colored duck tape this week and I love the hot pink and the zebra. I’ve also used some of their packing tape which works great. (My husband is really wishing he could win that tape gun seen in the pic above)

The great news is that we have 10 Duck Tape Packages to Giveaway!! That is like a lifetime amount of duck tape and packing tape plus a huggable, soft duck. I’m super jealous of all the people who will win a prize pack.

Here’s a little bit more about the Duck Tape Brand – It’s high quality, a great value, trust-worthy, FUN!, creative, and America’s Most Useful Tape! You can join their Duck Tape Club where they talk about the Ductivities (we’ve featured some of them in the past) and the Stuck at Prom contest! They also have a lot of great ideas in their Solutions section.

Ready to Win?

Leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite way to use duck tape!

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We will pick 10 WINNERS using who will each get the prize pack seen above! Winners will be announced Monday, October 24th. Good luck!

235 Responses to Massive Duck Brand Tape Giveaway!

  1. Kittie Kaulitz says:

    I love to use Duck Tape to do a lot of different things, like making bracelets, folders, and anything else, really!

  2. Carol Calvin says:

    I love the colored tapes for mending boots, tents, seats and camping gear. The kids love the patterned one to apply to their bikes and craft projects.The clear package sealing tape is sturdy and easy to use for all of our mailing needs. Quack Quack! Love the change from ‘duct’ tape to this great name brand..recognition and a smile.

  3. Lora Dominick says:

    My favorite way to use duck tape it so have my son make duck tape wallets. I bought him a variety of colors and it has entertained him for hours. He goes on-line to u-tube to fiqure out how to make a wallet then he will draw a pattern with labeled measurements on paper. AT 11 age I was amazed how he was able to create a pattern and have the foresight to create a complex wallet with multiple pockets, etc. Great product!!

  4. Tami V. says:

    My daughter and I love Duck tape. We even made her Halloween costume with the Duck tape–a Devil Duck Tape dress!

  5. Margaret Porter says:

    We use it for everything. Reinforcing boxes, closing up leaks in our house, fixing tools and toys. Pretty much if it broken try duct tape!

  6. Donna B. says:

    I currently use it on my passenger side door to keep the molded plastic inside piece of the door attached to the frame (the stupid little tabby things broke off and I’m not spending $100’s to fix it when I open that door maybe 4x a year). It works like a charm! I even made sure to get tape that almost matches the door so you can’t really tell :)

  7. abitnerdy says:

    ohohohhhh DUCK TAPE! I like to use mine to decorate care packages that I ship off to loved ones, also to fix things…… that i i break…. like a part of my desk, oh and to tape up sharp dangerous corners to keep my cousins from running into them. ha ha ha. ducktage is handy-dandy!

  8. Jeremy says:

    My favorite way to use Duck tape is to package things up for my girlfriend. I use just the right amount.

  9. Grandma Zielinski says:

    I use duck tape to cover sharp edges on my husband’s hospital bed and wheelchair as well as other sharp edges that can harm him.

  10. Sharon says:

    I use it for so many things around the house …last week my hose sprung a leak and I just taped it right up. Round and round …..and it’s held so far.

  11. Elaine Kontra says:

    My daughter is the biggest duck tape user in this house. She makes flowers out of duct tape to “sell” at the market faire her class has. They make something and bring it to school and there is buyers and sellers. They use “money” earned in the classroom based on the country they form when school starts. They are so fun to make and I have one saved for me. She would def. use this duck tape to make more flowers and she wants to make frig. picture frames out of duck tape as well. I could def. see my daughter wanting to make a prom dress from duck tape in a few years.

  12. maddi says:

    i have made a
    book bags
    i love using duct tape and makeing stuff with it
    i would have to say that its one of mt hobbies :DDDDDDDDD

  13. Lynn Klopstad says:

    I snow ski through trees and sometimes get rips in my clothes. Duck tape is a great way to patch the tears. I also like to hem my pants with it.