May’s Recycling Madness #careSHAREgrow Prize Preview

Why should we recycle? Well, for one thing, recycling helps protect natural habitats and conserve our natural resources! There’s plenty of reasons why we should recycle, and while recycling rates have increased over the years (great job, everyone!), we think the numbers can still be better. Sometimes recycling can be a little tricky, when the recycling properties of particular items become a little questionable. That’s why it’s important to educate and raise awareness on this topic. We’re excited to announce that Recycling Madness returns to our #careSHAREgrow party this month! There’s plenty to cover in terms of recycling and how we can care for our planet. Take note of our party details below:

Join us Thursday, May 5th at 4-5PM for our next Recycling Madness #careSHAREgrow Party! 

5-5-16 #CSG Recycling Madness Returns PA

And now the moment, you’ve all been waiting for. Our full exclusive Recycling Madness #careSHAREgrow prize preview! The only way to score these prizes is to tweet your answers to @Shoplet, include our #careSHAREgrow handle, and answer our trivia questions throughout the event.

Check out these neat goodies up for grabs at our party:

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