Mother’s Day Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Hey! We’ve got an extra giveaway this week! Mother’s Day is coming up quick and we’re giving away a Pink Royce Leather Business Tote to one last minute shopper. Show your mom how much you appreciate them by entering our Mother’s Day Giveaway! She’ll definitely love this stylish new bag. Here’s a little more about it:

-No nonsense top grain Nappa leather tote full of features.
-Outside pockets for cell phone and 3 zippered pockets for essentials.
-Back has loops for umbrella and newspaper/magazine.
-Inside boasts zippered pocket for keys, pen loops and pocket for business cards.

This is one fancy tote and you could win it for your mom!

Here’s how to enter our giveaway: Leave a comment on this post telling us what you plan on giving your mom for mother’s day or a present you’ve given her in the past– just in case you don’t want to ruin the surprise! (Don’t have a gift planned yet? Tsk tsk, better get a move on!)

Extra Entries:
1. Like Shoplet on Facebook and Royce Leather on Facebook
2. Follow Shoplet on Twitter and Royce Leather on Twitter and tweet once about this giveaway

We’ll pick and announce one winner on Monday, May 7th!

*Open to U.S. Residents

  • Connie Bolick Lee

    I like Shoplet and Royce Leather on facebook

  • Connie Bolick Lee

    I have given my mom hanging baskets of flowers for Mother’s Day in the past.

  • Julie

    Pink is such a perfect color for Mommy’s Day!

  • Lisa

    Looking at giving mom a membership to amazon prime for free kindle books and movies :)

  • cyndee

    I am giving my mom a family photo package, but would love the bag for my mother-in-law, who is a caring compassionate woman.

  • Michelle Hudak

    I follow Shoplet and Royce Leather on Twitter and I tweeted:!/auntiethesis/status/198885758256414721

  • Michelle Hudak

    I like Shoplet and Royce Leather on Facebook (Michelle Hudak)

  • Michelle Hudak

    My mom asked for a wallet this year and I still need to find the perfect one.

  • Linda Stephens

    I would love this……PICK ME!!

  • Derek

    Probably take her out for a nice dinner

  • Ann Turner

    like and like..My Mom has passed away, but i will still be taking her flowers. I would love this for my daughter who is a GREAT MOM!

  • Marsha Webb
  • Marsha Webb

    Like on facebook

  • Marsha Webb

    I am giving my mom a hanging plant.

  • Talex

    like Shoplet and Royce Leather on twitter – Teralex4


  • Talex

    like Shoplet and Royce Leather on facebook – Theresa A.

  • Talex

    My mom passed away quite some time ago, but this time of year is especially poignant. She left us with such great memories that still touch our lives in so many ways. This bag is awesome and I could really use it, it has numerous features that would make travel with my computer sooo much easier.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Kerri

    My mother-in-law would love this. I was planning on giving her time with the grandkids.

  • C R Williams

    Following both on twitter and tweeted

  • C R Williams

    Liked both on facebook.

  • C R Williams

    I plan on giving her this bag. : )

  • Jenny Bartschi

    How did you know I needed this bag? It is exactly what I have needed. Somebody was on the same idea as I was. The pink is soooo pretty. I really hope this mother of 5 wins it for Mothers

  • Like Shoplet on Facebook and Royce Leather on Facebook (Precisely Mine).

  • This year for Mother’s Day I’ve bought my mom a “Mom” necklace and I’ll probably buy her a flower to go with it too.

  • O Murphy

    I am planning to see my mum as she lives abroad so the best present for her my visit. I also will buy something nice for her as well.

  • Necee

    Followed bot on twitter, liked both on facebook and tweeted about the giveaway @brokenpisces!/BrokenPisces/status/198419560775417856

  • Necee

    I took my mom to Botanical Gardens in DC last year for mothers day such a peaceful experience and I gave her a professional drawing of her parents that have both passed away. She loved it so much she cried.

  • San D

    I follow both accounts on Twitter (@SS_Dal) and tweeted the giveaway:!/SS_Dal/status/198418117502840832

    Thank you


  • Jennifer Manullang

    Every year I try to do something photo-related for my mom. Family photos, pictures of her grandchildren, unique framing ideas, printed items… Anything that will make a memory.

  • San D

    I like Shoplet on Facebook and Royce Leather on Facebook – San Dalvi.

    Thanks so much for the chance.

  • San D

    I gave mom pearl earrings last Mother’s Day and she loved them. She had a very hard life and could never buy anything for herself when I was growing up and gave me everything she could. I want to make it up to her now.

  • hminnesota

    I want to give sneakers to my aunt. Since surgery she is working on improving her health .

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  • Danielle Pontow

    I like Shoplet on facebook

  • Danielle Pontow

    This year I am giving my mom a Manicure and Pedicure. I love to pamper her


    . Like Shoplet on Facebook and Royce Leather on Facebook


    planting in the garden for her and making a special meal

  • Pamela E

    P.S. I love the bag!

  • Pamela E

    As children, we always gave Mom a rose bush to plant in the yard. A few years ago though, a friend wrote a letter to her Mother to thank her for her childhood memories, her mother liked it so much that I wrote one for my Mom too. She loved it! It’s the little things – like the annual fishing trip on Good Friday becase there was no school, or how the flour went “pouf” when she was cutting biscuits (yep … Mom made homemade biscuits growing up). Homemade cookies warm from the oven after school, matching clothes for all the siblings. A home that always welcomed friends. No doubt my mother is a candidate for saint hood! Now she knows all those little things were recognized and do make a difference.

  • Susan B.

    I liked Shoplet on Facebook and Royce Leather on Facebook!! thanks for the chance!

  • Susan B.

    I am giving my mom flowers and making her a card. I would so love to win this! thanks for the chance!

  • Tania

    This is a very cute handbag. Very nice pink shade!
    I gave to my mom all my respect and a lot of love. She is my hero. Thanks to her I am here today. For the last mother day I gave her a gold necklace.

  • Aisha

    My mom was allergic to flowers but LOVED See’s Candy Scotch Kisses. They became my
    go-to-gift since Mom got them at every occasion.such a nice bag……

  • Theresa J

    I like Shoplet on facebook

  • Theresa J

    I am taking her out for brunch and I will give her money

  • Barbara Platt
  • Barbara Platt

    Like Shoplet on Facebook and Royce Leather on Facebook

  • Barbara Platt

    we give her money a lot

  • Carolyn Barnett

    Like Shoplet on Facebook and Royce Leather on Facebook as Carolyn Barnett

  • RC

    I like Shoplet and Royce Leather on FB!

  • RC

    This bag is so adorable, I’m going to have a hard time parting with it to Mom :) But anything, for the woman without whom I’d not be here..

    My mom is in a different country from me, so I normally do just flowers through a local delivery (small bouquet + big eatables, as she hates clutter and likes consumables). The present that she’s always loved the most was a nice t-shirt printed with a family photo and hand-decorated with fabric paint and glitter (hey, I was in middle school!). It’s too tacky to wear but she loved it for the effort and the thought.

  • Colleen F

    $$$ can never be a bad gift!

  • Schmidty

    I am following you both on twitter and tweeted!/rusthawk/status/198166379126468608

    thank you! it’s a beautiful bag!

  • Mary Mac

    Giving my Mom tickets to a dinner theater. She loves going to musicals.

  • Schmidty

    I follow Shoplet on Facebook and Royce Leather on Facebook (Rust Hawk).

  • Schmidty

    I give blooming plants, the rarer the better!

  • Rise Isom

    My Mother has passed,but she loved impatiens. It was one plant see could grow.

  • 1. Like Shoplet on Facebook and Royce Leather on Facebook

  • I gave my mom a netbook last year. She’s impossible to buy for.

  • JudyO

    My mom was allergic to flowers but LOVED See’s Candy Scotch Kisses. They became my
    go-to-gift since Mom got them at every occasion and never once was disappointed. She recently passed away, so I will buy them for my daughters!

  • Gienah Ghurab

    Unfortunately my mother passed away, so I can’t get her anything for Mother’s Day. I will be remembering her fondly. (She’d love the bag; pink was her favorite color!)

  • Kristy

    This is such a CUTE bag – I don’t own pink – I have 3 boys and our mother’s day is spent at the baseball field. I wouldn’t give it up for anything!!!

  • Rachel

    We have a tradition in my family whereby all my sisters (6 of us), nieces, grand daugthers and grand nieces and I get together with our 84 yr old mother for lunch on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. This way everyone can celebrate on Sunday with their own family. We exchange gifts and take tons of pictures. Our mother is showered with many presents! She said however, that the greatest gift is all of us getting together. :)

  • Lily