Orange and Black Halloween Giveaway!

Those that know me well know that I love color, color coordinating, and if you wear red and green, I’m going to tell you Merry Christmas. This week’s giveaway is sponsored by a bunch of our vendors who all contributed orange and black office supplies to our Halloween Giveaway! Before we go through all the items in the giveaway, you should know that I will be picking 3 winners who will each get a package of orange and black office supplies (each package will be different based on the supplies I have. For example, I only have one stapler to giveaway so only one person will get the stapler.) Let’s talk about what you could win!

– Orange, zebra, and black Duck Tape
Avery Removable Black Color-Coding Labels
Quartet Black Square Magnets
Acco Mini Binder Clips
Avery Print or Write Removable Neon Orange Laser Labels
GBC Black Report Cover w/Hidden Swing Clip (not pictured)
Oxford Smoke Combifile Project Pocket
Mead Neon Orange Brite Wallet

Westcott Recycled 8″ Kleen Earth Straight Shears
Westcott Bent Non-Stick Titanium Bonded Scissors (not pictured)
Westcott Non-Stick Straight Handled Titanium Bonded Scissors
Swingline Optima Desk Stapler
At-a-Glance Gray Planning Notebook With Circle the Date – 9 1/4″ x 11″
At-a-Glance Orange Planning Notebook With Reference Calendar 9 1/4″ x 11″
At-a-Glance Gray One-Day-Per-Page Planning Notebook – 6″ x 9″

Memorex Orange Paper Cd Sleeves (similar)
Avery Marks A Lot Black Permanent Markers
Sharpie Liquid Mechanical Pencils
Pentel Handy-Line S Orange Highlighters
Pilot Orange Spotliter Supreme Highlighters
Pilot Orange Spotliter Highlighters
Pilot Orange Frixion Lite Erasable Highlighters
Pentel Black Sharp Mechanical Drafting Pencils
Pentel Black Oh Retractable Gel Roller Pens

(Just got these in the mail today to add to the giveaway!)

Sanford Orange uni-Paint Markers
Expo Orange Dry Erase Markers


Want to get a halloween package from me in the mail?

Comment on this post and tell us about your Halloween costume! (or your kid’s costume or friend’s costume, etc Just make sure it’s a G-rated costume idea)

Extra Entries
1. Subscribe to this blog via RSS or Email (this one is easy!)
2. Follow @shoplet on Twitter and tweet about your halloween costume with #halloweengiveaway
3. Post a picture of your costume idea on your blog and link to this contest. (5 extra entries!)
4. Like Shoplet on Facebook and share this giveaway with your Facebook friends
5. Pin that first picture of all the orange and black office supplies to Pinterest with the tag #halloweengiveaway (so I can find it)
(Don’t forget to comment with EACH entry you do!)

We’ll pick 3 winners using on Halloween next week! Good luck!

175 thoughts on “Orange and Black Halloween Giveaway!”

  1. S. Arden Hill says:

    Our sweet charlotte will be wearing a little pumpkin costume with the stem as her head. She has little jack-o-lantern slippers to go over her shoes. It is her first time going out trick-or-treating and we are very excited. so cute.

  2. Kathy L. says:

    My daughter is going as Fiona from Shrek, made her own costume.

  3. Azslyn Cole says:

    My Son will be a ninja for halloween =}.

  4. Melissa T says:

    I subscribe via e-mail :)

  5. Carol says:

    I’m not dressing up this ear but bought my niece a great costume. Glad to join your rss feed.

  6. Sharon says:

    I follow you on twitter and tweeted!/rusthawk/status/130156315636019200

  7. Sharon says:

    I’m subscribed to your email.

  8. Sharon says:

    My 23 year old daughter is going as Joan from Mad Men. :)

  9. Darlene Holmberg says:

    Duck tape is a veritable Alaskan staple – I love the colors and patterns!

  10. catie s. says:

    i subscribe to RSS.

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  13. catie s. says:

    my 2 yr-old grandson is going to wear a bear costume.

  14. catie s. says:

    I subscribe via email.

  15. catie s. says:

    plan to place snakes with stuffed fabric heads and pipe cleaner bodies in my hair and portray Medusa for the evening.

  16. Crissy D. says:

    I subscribe to RSS feed gandcdurst at gmail dot com

  17. Crissy D. says:

    I subscribe to email

  18. Crissy D. says:

    My kids are going as a storm trooper from Clone Wars and Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter and I am going to be Molly Weasley from Harry Potter

  19. Samantha says:

    Feed subscribed and “liked” on facebook!

  20. Samantha says:

    My girlfriend and I are going on a zombie prom date for halloween. Suuuuper excited! :]

  21. Barbee says:

    Our department is wearing black jeans and shirt, ‘crazy’ face makeup and weird hair. Then we are taking a box of cereal with a knife sticking out and hanging it around our necks.

    We are ‘Cereal’ killers


  22. Alicia Morrison says:

    The whole staff is dressing up for Halloween. I am going gothic. Will be wearing a balck and red dress with gothic makeup.

    My son is going to be a ninja .

    Alicia Morrison

  23. Treena says:

    It is our 10th wedding anniversary. We were married on Halloween, and will get out our original wedding clothes and go as zombie bride and groom.

  24. Donovan says:

    I’m going as Sally from NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, but I really hope someone was inspired by my DIY Crayon costume:

  25. Jaclyn says:

    My daughter will be a fairy witch and my son will be a firefighter.

  26. Peggy says:

    Going as an Oreo1

  27. Amanda says:

    aaaand liked/shared on facebook.

  28. funkypeanut says:

    I subscribed via email. Love the orange!

  29. Bev says:

    I make all our costumes. This year my husband will be Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater and I am the pumpkin.

  30. Amanda says:

    Subscribed to blog !

  31. Amanda says:

    My boyfriend is being Peter Parker and I’m Mary Jane! He found a red stretchy shirt to wear under a polo, and used electrical tape to create the web on the costume. Then wore his normal glasses and brought along his camera with spidey photos and it was uncanny :). I have red hair already so I all I had to do was just dress kind of cute :).

  32. Anthony says:

    It’s just for me!!!!

  33. Dianna says:

    I’m going as a lesser character of Mad Men this year–definitely not able to pull of a main character but I could possibly blend into the extras :)

  34. Amanda says:

    This is technically my son’s second Halloween, however, last year he was only 1 week old, so we weren’t able to participate in the events. This year we will be going out and he is going to be a very elaborate Lion!

  35. Ashley K says:

    I’m going as Red Riding Hood, I even sewed my own cape :)

  36. Melissa La Rosa says:

    My daughter is going to be the princess and the frog for halloween this year, she will have a crown along with whiite gloves and a matching purse. Girls this days…She looks so cute.

  37. hminnesota says:

    like and shared on fb:heta s

  38. hminnesota says:

    email subscriber with same email.

  39. hminnesota says:

    my daughter is going to be a snow flake princess.

  40. Deborah Roth says:

    Happy Halloween

  41. Marsha Webb says:

    Like and shared

  42. Marsha Webb says:

    follow on twitter and tweeted

  43. Marsha Webb says:

    email subscriber

  44. Marsha Webb says:

    Making a stick figure costume out of glowsticks

  45. Azizah A. (@GourmetPens) says:

    Costume idea – Peacoc with real tail feathers (the kind you can buy in craft stores and such. I don’t actually know if they’re real..)

  46. Azizah A. (@GourmetPens) says:

    Subscribed via RSS! :)

  47. Mallory B says:

    Submitted to Pinterest and tagged with #halloweengiveaway (I think, the site is confused and lagging, if it didn’t go through i’ll redo it)

  48. Mallory B says:

    Liked on facebook & advertised the giveaway on my page!

  49. Mallory B says:

    Posted on my blog w/ link and picture (Tumblr)

    Extra Entry 5 of 5

  50. Mallory B says:

    Posted on my blog w/ link and picture (Tumblr)

    Extra Entry 4 of 5

  51. Mallory B says:

    Posted on my blog w/ link and picture (Tumblr)

    Extra Entry 3 of 5

  52. Mallory B says:

    Posted on my blog w/ link and picture (Tumblr)

    Extra Entry 2 of 5

  53. Mallory B says:

    Posted on my blog w/ link and picture (Tumblr)

    Extra Entry 1 of 5

  54. Mallory B says:


  55. Mallory B says:

    Suscribed via e-mail!

  56. Mallory B says:

    My costume is Hello Kitty and i’m dressing my cat as a unicorn!

  57. suzanne says:

    I follow on twitter @concernedowl and via email :)
    my fav costume so far has been Carmen Sandiego!!

  58. Erin R. says:

    I subscribe to the blog by email. Thanks!

  59. Erin R. says:

    My friend dressed her whole family in costumes from the movie Avatar last year. They looked great :)

  60. Meraiah says:

    My 5 year old daughter is going to be snow white and I will be the wicked queen.

  61. Sharmon Panellacostacastro says:

    I follow your blog by email : )

  62. Sharmon Panellacostacastro says:

    I have liked Shoplet on facebook and shared it with my friends : )

  63. Ami says:

    One of my boys (age 7) is going as police officer and his brother
    (age 6) as a prisoner.

  64. Yvonne says:

    Every year I dress my little dog up as superman.

  65. Cristina says:

    I’m dressing my two little dogs up this year! one’s going to be a doctor and the other an evil little vampire.

  66. Kristin says:

    This year I’ve decided to try something different. I’m making my own this year and I’m going as a burrito :)

  67. Laura B says:

    I subscribe via email

  68. Laura B says:

    My son wants to be a ninja and I think I’m going to be an showgirl.

  69. Deana says:

    My longhaired doxie, Hunter, who is black & tan & white, will be dressed as a pirate!

  70. Missy H says:

    I am dresing my white American Eskimo up as Santa himself!!!!

  71. Susanna says:

    I’ve got 8 month old twins, and they will be dressed as two peas in a pod.

  72. Beth Borysewich says:

    I’m going to be the standard witch and my granddaughter is going to be Princess Peach. She’s been planning this since July.

  73. bERNIE gORDON says:

    What a great promotion for Halloween. Really useful and original.

  74. Kirstie says:

    Im going to be an 80s rocker this year!

  75. says:

    My daugther has an idea for my costume. She wants to make a big cut-out of the Golden Girls and cut out the face of Dorothy and have me put my face through it and wear it like that. She thinks it’s funny cause I turned 50 this year. Ha Ha!

  76. pauline miller says:

    I just transferred to another job and this would be awesome for my new desk since I have no supplies yet

  77. Ellie W says:

    I like you on FB (Ellie W) and shared giveaway.
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  78. Ellie W says:

    I follow on Twitter @eswright18 and tweeted!/eswright18/status/128852564782481409
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  79. angie says:

    Me & my friend are dressing as a clothes line. We will both be in grey (the “poles”) with a rope abot 3′ long attached to us with items of clothing pinned on the rope. How fun!

  80. Ellie W says:

    I subscribe via RSS feed
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  81. Ellie W says:

    My 6 and 3 year old grandsons are both ninjas this year. They’ve been planning their costumes for months and agonized over what to choose.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  82. Jeremy says:
  83. Secretary4Life says:

    I tweeted it!

  84. Secretary4Life says:

    My 2 year old son is going as a purple crayon since purple is his favorite color and also his favorite crayon.

  85. Maggie says:

    I liked Shoplet on facebook.

  86. robin says:

    Pinned the photo!

  87. robin says:

    i follow you on twitter

  88. robin says:

    I’d like to go as an 80’s aerobic instructor

  89. Jerry Fair says:

    I tweeted @way2go32

  90. Sarah Scott says:

    I’m a RSS subscriber.
    Sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  91. Sarah Scott says:

    I Like Shoplet on Facebook and I shared the giveaway.!/permalink.php?story_fbid=139465472820149&id=626242664

    Sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  92. Sarah Scott says:
  93. Sarah Scott says:

    I’m a email subscriber.
    Sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  94. Sarah Scott says:

    My granddaughter is going to be a bumblebee, and my grandson is going to be a scary monster.

    Sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  95. Karen says:

    For halloween I will be one of my alter egos, a ghost hunter or tarot reader… probably both for different parties!

  96. Karen says:

    ALready a facebook liker but posted this and shared

  97. Karen says:

    subscribed via RSS

  98. Jeana K. says:

    I liked shoplet on facebook and shared this giveaway with my friends.

  99. Jeana K. says:

    I’m an email subscriber.

  100. Jeana K. says:

    My daughter is going as a character from the Mamotte lollipop series, It’s too cute with a bright striped shirt, mini, wild leggings, very cute.

    I’d love to win the prize pack with the Westcott Scissors and the planner. Both are items my desk desperately needs.

  101. Michelle Gardner says:

    Subscribed via RSS

  102. Michelle Gardner says:

    My costume is little red riding hood. Very cute!

  103. Diane says:

    I’m going to be a garden gnome!

  104. Deissa D says:

    For Halloween I am going to be a grown up barbie doll!

  105. Kittie Kaulitz says:

    I’m going as a Halloween themed neko Miku Hatsune! =)

  106. Brenda Eggert says:

    I follow and shared on Facebook.

  107. Brenda Eggert says:

    Posted on Twitter @VerasDaughter.

  108. Brenda Eggert says:

    I subscribe to your blog by e-mail and love it!

  109. Brenda Eggert says:

    My 2-year-old is going to be a Lion for Halloween. Actually, he’s always a lion, he’ll just be wearing a costume for once.

  110. Sara Phillips says:

    I like you on facebook and hit the share button! :)

  111. LeeAnn P. says:

    email subscriber

  112. LeeAnn P. says:

    My DD is going to be a demon witch (her idea)

  113. Sara Phillips says:

    I follow you on twitter as @Doodle741 and tweeted:!/Doodle741/status/128579244610686976

  114. Sara Phillips says:

    I get your emails!! :)

  115. Sara Phillips says:

    One kid is going to be a cheeseburger and the other will be a skeleton!! :)

  116. Maggie says:

    My coworker and I are going as Betty and Joan from Mad Men! I’ll be Joan, and I’m excited to see how big I can get my hair!

    I also subscribe to Shoplet via RSS :)

  117. Stephanie Grant says:

    My son is going to be Spongebob this year for Halloween, we made his costume ourselves :)

  118. Jessica Caissie says:

    This giveaway is amazing! I’m going as a devil and my little sister is going to be a zombie this year! Followed and Tweeted and liked and shared on facebook!

  119. Carole Spring says:

    I follow @shoplet on Twitter (@cspring31971) and I tweeted.!/cspring31971/status/128552669571846144

  120. Jeremy says:

    I subscribe to your blog e-mail and RSS feed.

  121. Jeremy says:

    Wouldn’t it be neat to dress up like a pair of scissors? You could walk around with your hands on your hips, haha!

  122. Carole Spring says:

    My grandson is going to be a spider. I can’t wait to see him in his costume.

  123. Francesca says:

    We don’t celebrate Halloween here in Italy, so I’m not dressing up x) am I still in? haha

  124. Lauren says:

    I was an 8th grader for a party I went to this past weekend. what that means is I wore a class long-sleeved shirt that was actually from my 8th grade year, and then I just tried to look a bit young. haha

  125. Melissa Vaught says:

    My daughter is going to be Strawberry Shortcake, and my son will be a Mafia boss! Their costumes are adorable, both from Spirit Halloween! I love halloween and office supplies, lol, so this giveaway is right up my alley!! Thanks for the chance to win!


  126. Alex says:


  127. Alex says:

    I’m dressing up as Mary Poppins

  128. Melissa T says:

    tee-hee, that’s really generous of all your venders contributing orange/black items, I love it! :D I’d dress up as the big bad wolf, with a little blood and fangs X)

  129. Marsha Saenz-Jones says:

    Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. I love to dress up and sit outside to pass out candy to the kids. This year I’ll be dressed as a Victorian Widow.

  130. Jerry Fair says:

    I follow your blog via email! Would love to win!

  131. Nancy T. says:

    You are liked on facebook!

  132. Nancy T. says:

    I am going to be an oompa loompa!! Orange face included!! Super excited!

  133. Rita Ackerman says:

    What a wonderful prize.

    My costume is a green dress in the Victorian style. A friend made it for me. I have a bustle
    hightop shoes and a straw hat.

  134. millicent says:

    My daughter is a red head, so she makes a cute Pebbles Flintstone :)

  135. Stacey Walter says:

    I pinned you on Pinterest

  136. Stacey Walter says:

    I like you on FB!

  137. Stacey Walter says:

    I already subscribe via RSS feed. This is a great blog!

  138. Stacey Walter says:

    I’m now following on twitter

  139. Stacey Walter says:

    I’m going as an old-school librarian: glasses perched at the tip of my nose, hair in a bun, shushing finger poised and at the ready.

  140. Sara A says:

    I subscribe via email ^^

  141. Sara A says:

    I probably won’t dress up this year but I am crocheting a dinosaur costume for our Boston Terrier. Iggy Pup loves dressing up and all the resulting attention ^^

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  144. Julie Strickland says:

    My son is going as an military guy. God bless the USA!

  145. Crystal M says:
  146. Anne Mostella says:

    I like Shoplet on Facebook

  147. mom says:

    we are going as a family of superheros- but not reg.. I am supermom..aka mothernature, one is recycle boy… and others

  148. Crystal M says:

    im subscribed RSS

  149. Anne Mostella says:

    I follow @shoplet on twitter (@anniemos)

  150. michele malone says:

    I like you on facebook as michele malone

  151. michele malone says:

    I follow you on twitter as @lolamichele

  152. Crystal M says:

    My son is going to be Wolverine and my daughter is going to be a catarina!

    Cbrocious1984 @

  153. Lisa says:

    My daughter is going as a pumpkin. My son says he’s not dressing up as anything, but I may end up scrambling around to make him something at the last minute, like I did last year…

  154. jeannine m says:

    like you on facebook (jeannine drenchek-scav0)

  155. michele malone says:

    one of my sons loves the mickey mouse 3 mousekateers movie, so he is going as a musketeer. we had no idea while planning the costume that a big 3 musketeers movie was actually coming out soon. his tunic is a solid blue t shirt just a little larger than he normally wears. we cut the seam up both sides & under the arms, keeping the shirt all one piece but making it more like a poncho. then we trimmed it in yellow ribbon and added an iron of a fleur de lis. it was so easy and is super cute!

  156. Sarina says:

    Two of my male friends are going as Mario and Luigi, and I’m going to be Princess Peach!

  157. jeannine m says:

    my son is going as Iron man and my toddler as a butterfly

  158. Denise M says:

    How fun. I think i am going as Rapunzels “mother” and my daughter is going to be Rapunzel

  159. Angie B. says:

    My son is going as a zombie for Halloween this year. He’s wearing some of his dirty football practice clothes and a makeup kit from the store and we’re going to try to make him into a zombie.

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