• I love you are making bigger chairs for the big and tall as our son is 6’5″ and only 21 years old. I would suggest making it wider too also. If it is a big and tall man he isn’t going to sit with his legs together using it. Otherwise he definitely would be uncomfortable using it for a prolong time. Thanks for taking suggestions too get looking chair.

  • tammy zehner
  • becky

    It would be great to have more adjustments to the back support and seat.
    More color choices. otherwise love it ; Safeco is the greatest

  • David B Byers

    I would love this chair

  • Karen

    I would love to see my boss have a new chair that is comfortable and is much easier on her back. Not to mention a chair that would work and not sink down everytime she sits in it. Having a sturdy colorful chair would be a nice addition to any office. It would be nice for companies to make large office chairs in pretty colors!!!

  • Dawn L

    I work for a start up company and all of our furniture is either used or hand me down. I haven’t had a new chair let alone a new leather chair ever. This chair looks wonderful and very comfortable. It would be a pleasure to own such a nice chair.

  • Betty Rinderman

    Better lumbar support would be great for all chairs – most have none. This would be a great chair to own – looks so comfortable.