Safco Workstation Winner

Sorry, I was so slow to announce the giveaway winner yesterday! Here is Melanie’s comment:

I’m writing for my husband, who is 6′3″ and has become a computer geek over the last 4 years since his health problems began. He has lymphodema and had an infection that cost him his lower left leg. He has a prosthesis, but his balance is not good, and he has fallen a few times. His desk is currently a 40″ X 15″ folding table. He has been wanting a workdesk just like the one displayed, but so far we’ve had to delay that. I would dearly love him to have the desk he has wanted for over a year.

I would say that everyone who commented (and myself) definitely need new desks! Hopefully we’ll do another desk giveaway soon. Head on over to our next giveaway for heavy-duty, manly Stanley Bostich products.

2 thoughts on “Safco Workstation Winner”

  1. BrendaLea says:

    Congrats! I am sure your husband will love his new desk!!!!

  2. Patricia Henderson says:

    Sounds like he will be loving the new workstation! Enjoy!

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