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Shoplet’s New “O” & “P”: Win A Duck Tape Prize Pack!


Woohoo! To cheer on Shoplet‘s new “O” and “P,” which are connected to one another by a handy piece of tape, we are giving away a Duck Tape prize pack!

To enter, recall a fun, silly, interesting, awkward etc. “sticky” situation in the comments below!

ie: The “stickiest” story that I can recall dates back to when I was about 5 years old: my lolly pop got stuck in my hair and, unfortunately, my mom had to cut it out!

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(Make sure to leave one separate comment for each extra entry you do!)

Winner will be announced Monday, November 25th, along with the winner of our Hammermill paper giveaway. Good luck!


130 Responses to Shoplet’s New “O” & “P”: Win A Duck Tape Prize Pack!

  1. Brenda E says:

    Wasn’t really a sticky situation for me, just one for my cat. She got a piece of tape on her back foot and couldn’t shake it loose! It was so funny watching her walk around trying to shake it off!

  2. Shannon says:

    My stickiest situation was receiving my one and only detention by chewing gum in my 8th grade history class. I enjoyed that day and also sticking the gum under the desk.

  3. Susan D says:

    When I was 9 and my brother was 14, he purposefully spit his gum in my hair. He then tried to cut it out so our mom wouldn’t find out (he didn’t succeed)! And yes, he got in trouble….. :-)

  4. Janis in ID says:

    Sticky things and I have problems together……
    I have several indoor cats and cats shed. Whenever I am trying to make a lovely project using tape, glue, or other adhesive things, I always include (inadvertently, of course) a few stray cat hairs. Doesn’t matter how hard I try, there is always at least one lurking and ready to land on the adhesive. lol….
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  5. Kristie S says:

    My stickiest situation is when I was a police officer and on a road detail, the work crew literally wrapped me in duck tape from shoulders to feet and placed me in the middle of the street I had to worm my way across to street to try and avoid getting hit by a car.