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#ShopletTP: First EVER @Shoplet Twitter Party – Wednesday, July 10!



Click the button above to tweet your RSVP and you could win the first prize of the party!

Get ready to party! Come to the #ShopletTP Twitter party on Wednesday, July 10th at 5 p.m. EST! We’re chatting all about crafting so join in to share advice, chat about office DIY and learn tips for upcycling old supplies.


We’re giving away several prize packages sponsored by Sharpie, Pentel, Elmer’s, and Ducktape Brand throughout the Twitter party! All you have to do to is answer the party questions for a chance to win!

Party Details

  • Date and Time: Wednesday, July 10th at 5 p.m. EST
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Hosted by @Shoplet (you must be following us to win prizes!)
  • Hashtag: Take part by using #ShopletTP in all your tweets!
  • Sponsored by Sharpie, Pentel, Ducktape Brand, and Elmer’s

How To Participate

There are several options to follow our Twitter party:
1. Smartstream is a cool new tool for taking part in Twitter parties! Register/Login here and set the hashtag to #ShopletTP.
2. Follow the stream on Twubs.
3. You can also choose to follow the party on Twitter!

Do you have any questions? Ask us on Twitter @Shoplet or by email to See you at the party!!

30 thoughts on “#ShopletTP: First EVER @Shoplet Twitter Party – Wednesday, July 10!”

  1. tiffany cheung says:

    awesome, can’t wait! rsvp @sweetmtacha/@sweetmatchajail

  2. Kat says:


  3. Jennifer Essad says:

    this should be fun!

  4. Maria skoytellis says:

    RSVP @bears6791 thanks for the chance:)

  5. Shannon says:

    So excited about this party! Can’t wait! @luv_mydachshund

  6. Sarah S. says:

    Sounds great. I’ll be there.
    RSVP @miss_moneymaker

  7. JoBeth Butcher says:

    rsvping @09jojo09

  8. Nicole Herman says:

    Can’t wait! RSVP @nicbran74 or @nicbran74Jail

  9. tiffany dover says:

    Already clicked the rsvp button but am rsvp’ing here as well

    @mrs_riot1 or @mrs_riot (jail)

  10. Angie Bailey says:

    RSVP @theladya.

  11. debbipapay says:


  12. Lianne says:

    I’ll be there! :) @lianneanderic

  13. erica says:

    rsvp @beaniewienies2 or @beaniewienies3 cant wait

  14. @lorikeet8 says:

    RSVP @lorikeet8

  15. @emmyers68 says:

    RSVP and excited to be taking part in the party. Thank you!

  16. @camjrcole says:

    Cannot wait, Rsvp @camjrcole

  17. Jennifer Essad says:

    I’ll be there @4jlessad

  18. Jennifer Essad says:

    @4jlessad can’t wait will be my first one with you all

  19. @n210ss or @n210ss_jail says:


    @n210ss or @n210ss_jail

    Can’t wait!

  20. Michelle Small says:

    RSVP @rsj2000mrs

  21. Anitha Kuppuswamy says:

    RSVP @anikuppu

  22. beth says:

    I was just complaining we never have any elmers glue or pretty sharpies! Lol RSVP @bethannechard

  23. Ashley says:

    RSVP @PeaceLoveMinnie thanks!

  24. kwai yip says:

    rsvp @go2kauai / @go2kauai_

  25. Jennifer S. says:

    Sounds fun thanks! – rsvp @jenjoy13

  26. michelle hill says:

    RSVP @mishlovesj

  27. Phylicia Phillips says:

    RSVP @phyliciasp

  28. anissa says:

    rsvp @Gucchie23

  29. Charlene says:

    RSVP – @Charavida

  30. Jessica Weaver says:

    Rsvp @weaverfreebies lol i am alittle late but at least i made it

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