sit comfortably in your new nucleus chair!

When you work 8+ hours everyday, you have to have a comfy chair. When you facebook/ g chat for 3+ hours straight, you have to have a comfy chair. When you do anything for more than an hour straight at your desk, you have to have a comfy chair! It’s a rule.

I’m excited to announce that this weekly giveaway is sponsored by Hon! The beautiful Hon Nucleus chair featured above could be your new desk chair! Check out their interactive site to get your self pumped up about the new chair! (there are lots of magical videos and pictures on there)

Overall, the nucleus is great because it’s super comfortable and stylish too!

Here’s how to win your chair:

Leave a comment on this post and tell us about the chair you are sitting in now! Tell us what it is or what it looks like or what you hate/love about it

Extra Entries

1. Adding a Shoplet Badge to your blog or website! (this gives you 5 EXTRA entries! wow!)
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Winner will be announced Monday September 27th! Enjoy some of these nice pics!

UPDATE: Congrats to @rowellowl our winner!

229 thoughts on “sit comfortably in your new nucleus chair!”

  1. astorey says:

    Im sittting in an old hand me down office chair that stopped rolling. I need to to move sence I stay busy!I would love a knew one

  2. QRM says:

    I am currently sitting on an old chair (beige dirty material, arms don’t move, extremely heavy, and my chronic back pain is acting up since I starting sitting on this dinosaur) that Yale provided me with after they moved my office from a brand new bldg to an old mold infested bldg. They’ve been promising a new chair but I’ve been here for a couple of months and still no chair.

  3. Kelly says:

    I currently have a HON that was left in my office by the previous person in my position. It has a wonky wheel that doesn’t like to turn. You also have to be careful if you’re not used to sitting in it because it tips forward. If you’re not expecting it, you’ll end up on the floor.

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  6. Marcos says:

    Added a Shoplet Badge to my website!

  7. Marcos says:

    Added a Shoplet Badge to my website!

  8. Marcos says:

    As a proud father of an Autistic child, I spend more time helping him, than to be concern the way my chair looks, but now that my son is using the computer more often, I feel that he deserves the best, not only so he can focus and improve, but so he can feel as comfortable as possible while doing so. The irony of all is that his name is Marcus … thanks in advance for helping to improve the life of my son.

  9. Diane says:

    I forgot to mention my chair has a (thorn let’s say) and when I sit on it …welllll… I get goosed lmao….Please help me out with a new chair!! It’s UGLY toooo!

  10. Eli Stoltzfus says:

    I am sitting on a HON Pillow-Soft 2090 Series High-Back chair. I like sitting on it because in has the memory foam in the seat.

  11. Rita Rubino says:

    I am sitting on a fabric chair whose only ajustments are raising the seat level up and down. It has no lumbar support and no seat support. It’s old,faded and stained. I have to get up all the time because my rear end hurts.I have a picture of my dream chair on my wall in my office. Please make my dream come true.

  12. Eric says:

    I am sitting on what might be a chair that my father could have sat on. I got it from surplus. It is much more comfortable than the last, but as a tan 70’s office chair goes, I suppose you could say, retro is in my office. If you could talk to my back it would have to agree. Unfortunately such spring supported beast is dieing a slow death underneath me

  13. Hope McDonald says:

    I currently either sit on my bed and lean over onto a t.v. tray to work on my computer or I sit in an office chair that was reclaimed from the trash. The reclaimed office chair is easily from the early ’80’s and has some sort of thick, unforgiving padding in it. The chair doesn’t adjust other than to go up or down in height and the back rest moves up or down. It doesn’t matter what you do to “adjust” the chair, there’s no way to make it comfortable which is why I usually end up sitting on my bed and either leaning over or putting my laptop on my lap. I guess it is time for a really good chair!

  14. estella miller says:

    The chair I have now is my back’s worst nightmare!

  15. Michelle Simons says:

    My chair I sit on is worn down in cushions with a backing that is held up by a Allen wrench. Its a reddish color that needs to see the graveyard. MCJunkie on twitter

  16. shel says:

    I follow you on Twitter & I tweeted my heart out ;)

  17. shel says:

    Following on LinkedIn (Michelle Hudak)

  18. shel says:

    My favorite Hon item is the HON Overfile Storage Cabinet for Lateral File in light gray

  19. shel says:

    I’m a Shoplet email subscriber

  20. shel says:

    I have the Shoplet badge on my right sidebar:

  21. shel says:

    I have the Shoplet badge on my right sidebar:

  22. shel says:

    I have the Shoplet badge on my right sidebar:

  23. shel says:

    I have the Shoplet badge on my right sidebar:

  24. shel says:

    I have the Shoplet badge on my right sidebar:

  25. shel says:

    My current chair is a black fabric chair with paint stains on the seat and the plastic arm on the left is broken and constantly snags any long-sleeve shirts I’m wearing.

  26. Tera says:

    My desk chair is ok. It is sufficient but not great. I spend most of my time at my desk so would like a really nice chair.

  27. Diane says:

    This chair looks amazing! I really do need a nice stylish comfortable chair. I REALLY need to start sitting *IN* a chair , rather than sitting *on* the one I have now!!

  28. Diane says:

    already subscribed to email and following LinkedIn !

  29. Diane says:

    Tweeting @saraminda

  30. reese says:

    I have no chair I use my bed. I have back ache ans i loose feeling in my arm all the time. I never get around to getting a chair part cost part comfort of my bed wont allow me
    I need that chair!!!

  31. abitnerdy says:

    the nucleus is my favorite, but another product I love from HON is: :D

  32. abitnerdy says:

    subscribe via e-mail :)*

  33. Donna K says:

    I would like the HON 1870 Series Bookcase

  34. Katie says:

    The current chair that I am sitting in is OLD, a total eye sore and completely uncomfortable. It was a cheapy office chair that I actually got for free from my dad. Old, cheap and pre-loved? Does not equal a good chair!

  35. Donna K says:

    I subscribed by email.

  36. Donna K says:
  37. Donna K says:
  38. Donna K says:
  39. Donna K says:
  40. Donna K says:
  41. Donna K says:

    It is a black desk chair. It is OK, but it is gtting old.

  42. Yik-Ting L. says:

    My favorite HON product is this: HON F3 Series Ilira Stretch-Back Work Chair Item # HONFWCMHMSNT10T

  43. Audrey H. says:

    I really like the HON 10600 Series Desk Item # HON10691MM

  44. Audrey H. says:

    Am subscribed to the blog email.

  45. Audrey H. says:

    I follow on twitter and here is my tweet

  46. Audrey H. says:

    Im sitting on a chair that belonged to my eldest son, he left it behind when he moved out because he thought it was on it’s last legs. It’s covering is threadbare so I toss a soft beach towel over it, it also tilts just so. I call it being frugal and making good use of it, DH has other words for it.

  47. lynn says:

    I follow @shoplet and tweeted:

  48. minesh says:

    i have a crappy tatter chair could use this guy

  49. lynn says:

    Wow, I had no idea there were such awesome looking, comfy chairs out there! Wonder why we don’t get those at work? I am sitting “on” an old black office chair with absolutely no padding left in the seat, that is several inches too low for my desk.

  50. Rhonda Mason says:

    I also like the Mentor Series Credenza
    hondaray6 at hotmail dot com

  51. Rhonda Mason says:

    I follow @shoplet on twitter and tweeted-

  52. Rhonda Mason says:

    My chair leans sideways and I’m always balancing to offset that! Not at all comfortable! I’d love this one! Thanks
    hondaray6 at hotmail dot com

  53. Chris says:

    my chair is cracked on the side and leaning to the side. New chair would be great.

  54. D Forde says:

    I am sitting on a fake leather office chair that I purchased 10 years ago. The plastic handles are a bit shaky and the patent leather has peeled off at the sides. Unfortunately, as medical student I spend a lot of time studying and sitting in it.

  55. ricky says:

    the mentor series credenza is one nice desk – item 4

  56. ricky says:

    subscribed to via email item 3

  57. ricky says:

    sitting on a stool .. fav thing about it is that it is hard to keep me from sleeping.

  58. Lee says:

    My chair is scratching the wood floors – it leans to one side and the arms look like something large took a bit out of each one – it makes my legs go numb and my back hurt.

  59. Tracy P says:

    I like the HON Arrive Five-Shelf Bookcase.

  60. Tracy P says:

    Email subscriber

  61. Tracy P says:

    I follow Shoplet on twitter

  62. Patricia C says:

    I don’t have an office chair, the chair I’m sitting in now is my wood kitchen chair, hard on the back & butt.

  63. Pat says:

    Sitting on a chair for big and tall people. Okay, I want to lose weight-don’t we all- but this chair is too big! I sit on the last three inches of the seat, which causes me to hunch all day–think

  64. Benjamin says:

    My chair has recently become disabled evidently to overuse.

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  67. LaurenW says:

    I’m a poor college student and I actually found out today, in my Work Design and Ergonomics class, how important it is to sit in a good chair. A properly designed chair will give you the extra engergy that you would have lost to fatigue in other chairs. Also, chairs that are designed properly will make you (or me) a more productive college student!!! And everyone knows how important college is =]

  68. Yik-Ting L. says:

    I am subscribed to the blog e-mail as well.

  69. Yik-Ting L. says:

    I’m sitting on a folding chair right now so it is not comfortable but, it is a padded/cushioned one so that helps a bit.

  70. C.Foxxx says:

    Thought my current chair was going to be a savior for my back/neck… It is NOT. I’ve been thinking about breaking it off with my chair! Getting a new, younger, more exotic & exciting chair would help me take that jump from my semi-comfortable old chair i’ve grown used to… and take a chance with someone, er somechair new…! Goodbye current/old chair… it’s been a good run, but i’m leaving you!

  71. Paul E Pierce says:

    The arms are breaking off my chair as I write. And if I get the green cushion, it might entice my daughter to come back home.

  72. Carolina says:

    I want to win this chair. I have back paind and my hand hurts whem i am the computer to long. Good luck to me.

  73. Anna says:

    I have a chair that was good 10 years ago. Now it’s hard and tends to lower itself bit by bit. I’d love to upgrade and make the hours I spend working at the computer healthier and more comfortable!

  74. Tanya says:

    Every time I lean forward, the screw on the bottom of my chair pops out and the chair falls off it’s base. Yea, that’s pretty embarassing to fall off my chair at work all the time.

  75. Tana says:

    My chair has very little back support and it doesn’t adjust to my height properly…Would love a new chair!!

  76. SooGarvz says:

    I want to win this chair!!! I sit a good portion of the day at work and the go home and play computer games (while sitting) to relax after sitting at work. A comfy, relaxing chair would be a great addition to my life. Please, please, please – pick me!

  77. Rafael Macho says:

    I spend hours glaring looking at my monitors, designing, animating, sketching, thinking, eating, sleeping… I am luckily sitting on a descent Steelcase chair. But I would be happy to try yours :) :)

  78. Sandi says:

    The chair i sit in at work is a HON, and has greatly improved my comfort. However as a photographer, I spend many hours at home on the computer working on images. Unfortunately that chair is like sitting on particle board. It lost it’s cushion. I’ve even put an old car seat cushion over it to try to make up for it’s loss.

  79. LeeAnn P. says:

    I’m sitting on an uncomfortable straight backed kitchen chair because we don’t have an office chair for the desk. what I love is that it goes with the kitchen table. What I hate is that it is horrible for working on the computer. I so need this chair!

  80. Liza Marie says:

    The chair i am sitting in now is broke, it doesnt move up or down and the arms to the chair are damaged from being shoved under the desk. I work at an office and i sit all day, i have back problems and im in constant pain from the chair i am in now – the sad part is it was damaged by the previous person that had this job and i have not gotten a new one. Another gross this is that the chair is dirty – the cloth part. I need a nice new chair to help me with my back and just one that looks and feels better in general.

  81. Jina McElyea says:

    The chair I am sitting in is worn with a hole in the side. I am up front and visible. Don’t you think I need a new chair?

  82. joel says:

    I need a new chair… Please!!
    It’s only 11am…. and my back is sore!


    ps– you don’t even have to gift-wrap it!

  83. Emily Johnson says:

    I have 6 different office chairs in my classroom – only one is tolerable and I use it. Students and other adults use the various others. I think when people decide they don’t want to keep an office chair, they stick it in my room – I”m like the Goodwill for office chairs….

  84. rhonda says:

    Good thing I can sew. At least I can cover my chair up with pretty material.

  85. rhonda says:

    Who couldn’t use a new chair? Seems like an uncomfortable one at least gets you up and out for a while for a break.

  86. rhonda says:

    LOVE Shoplet! Have even got my voluteer org. to get an acct.

  87. rhonda says:

    Maybe I’m not current enough but I don’t have a Facebook Acct, website, or blog…maybe someday.

  88. rhonda says:

    When I work in the volunteer organization,the only decent office chair gets taken from the room and I need to track it down, so I’d really like one of my own.

  89. reva skie says:

    I use a True Seating Concepts Managers (I think) Chair in brown leather. It’s pretty nice, I got it at Costo.

  90. Kendra says:

    One item I like is the HON 2190 Pillow-Soft Wood Series Executive High-Back chair.

  91. Kendra says:

    I don’t have an office chair. I currently have one of my kitchen table chairs pulled up to the computer desk!

  92. Jerry Fair says:

    This would be a perfect chair for me! My current chair is a fix of two old chairs I have used. They were bought “on special” and didn’t hold up very well! It tilts forward a little too much for comfort, and the padding is worn really flat! I realllllllllllly need this chair!

  93. Jerry Fair says:

    Subscribed to blog e-mail….

  94. abitnerdy says:

    Added the Shoplet Badge to my bloggy —> entry #5 ;) Hooray!

  95. abitnerdy says:

    Added the Shoplet Badge to my bloggy —> entry #4 <3

  96. abitnerdy says:

    Added the Shoplet Badge to my bloggy —> entry #3 :D*

  97. abitnerdy says:

    Added the Shoplet Badge to my bloggy —> entry #2 :)*

  98. abitnerdy says:

    Added the Shoplet Badge to my bloggy —> entry #1

  99. abitnerdy says:

    I don’t really have a chair, I am currently using a yoga / balancing ball as a chair. Once upon a time I did have a chair.. but soommmmebody’s big ol’ rump broke it. humph.

  100. Crystal S. says:

    my chair is on its last legs, literally. Thank God for duct tape and wd40.

  101. Lisa S says:

    The chair I use in the office has been here for at least 10 years (I’ve worked here for 12)…plus it’s not lime green like those nice HON chairs!

  102. CaleenH says:

    If you like modern, metro and retro and want something different than everyone else, check our this grey desk:
    Now picture yourself sitting behind that sweet desk, and how much more work you will be able to accomplish because you won’t be distracted by worrying if your desk is un-cool!

  103. CaleenH says:

    At first, this old chair wasn’t too bad, just a little plain looking. It is your run-of-the-mill black fake leather office chair. But all of the cushioning has just totally collapsed (hey, my chair is calling me fat!) and the seat is now as hard as a rock. It gives you a tingly numbness in the nether regions that makes it so hard to get any real work done! I need a new chair soooooooo bad:(

  104. Jules L says:

    my fave item is that green nucleus chair but I cant find that on shoplet, but this chair is totally awesome and would help my back i’m sure:

  105. zanvia says:

    I actually use my extra dining room chair in front of my computer. I’ve added a sporty bed pillow on the seat for cushion. Nice, huh? I really do need to get an office chair. My hind-end would thank me for sure.

  106. Jules L says:

    My current chair is faux leather and is held together with duct tape cause my cats used it as a scratching post.. :-( I’d love to win a new chair and that green one would match my desk at home PERFECTLY! How many people have a green desk??

  107. Sue says:

    As I opened my email by poor, office supply store discount chair shrank in shame and embarassment from the obviuosly superior Hon Nucleus chair style with grace and comfort. My chair may talk the talk but the Hon Nucleus looks like it walks the walk. Please put my sad chair out of it’s misery!

  108. hminnesota says:

    email subscriber with same id.

  109. hminnesota says:

    blog entry #5

  110. hminnesota says:

    blog entry #4

  111. hminnesota says:

    blog entry #3

  112. hminnesota says:

    blog entry #2

  113. Rhonda Buick says:

    I’m now sitting on an ice cooler. Would love to have an upgrade.

  114. Peggy Gorman says:

    Follow on LinkedIn!

  115. Peggy Gorman says:

    The HON 6540 Series Executive Mid-Back Swivel Chair in
    Black looks amazing!!

  116. Peggy Gorman says:

    Subscribing to Blog Email!

  117. Peggy Gorman says:

    Added a Shoplet Badge to my website! #5

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    Added a Shoplet Badge to my website! #4

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    Added a Shoplet Badge to my website! #3

  120. Peggy Gorman says:

    Added a Shoplet Badge to my website! #2

  121. Peggy Gorman says:

    I am adding to the above post ! There is nothing about my chair that I like! Its older and I have a to add more cushions to make it comfy,not good!!
    Added a Shoplet Badge to my website! #1

  122. Linda Brooks says:

    follow you on Linkedin via Linda Brooks

  123. Linda Brooks says:

    I would love to get SmartLink Storage Cabinet w/Door. Look great with all the coupons I use!

  124. Linda Brooks says:

    I use a dining chair for my computer desk. UGH. It makes my butt hard!

  125. Linda Brooks says:

    email subscriber!

  126. Linda Brooks says:

    follow – @4evamamii and tweet

  127. Peggy Gorman says:

    I am sitting on a cheap old computer chair! I would love to sit IN this amazing chair!
    Thanks for the chance!

  128. Linda Brooks says:

    your blog button is on my blog .. right side bar! #5

  129. Linda Brooks says:

    your blog button is on my blog .. right side bar! #4

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    your blog button is on my blog .. right side bar! #3

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    your blog button is on my blog .. right side bar! #2

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    your blog button is on my blog .. right side bar! #1

  133. puk chen says:

    I’m sitting in a Emeco chair. Well, the chair is light, well-designed, but not so comfortable as I sit for more than 8 hours…I think I will love this Nucleus new chair:P

  134. Richard Su says:

    The chair I’m sitting on right now is 19 years old and feels like every day of it. I’d love to try sitting in a Nucleus chair!

  135. Sheryl says:

    I don’t know who made the chair I am sitting on. It is an old one from when my husband’s office was getting some new furniture. That was at least five years ago. It is stained along the back and ripped on the seat. A new chair would be unbelievably cool! Thanks!

  136. John K says:

    I have a Hon chair that is comfortable but is an 1980 disco model, purple with a tubular support that makes it look like playground equipment. The Nucleus design will help me look pertinacious, a prerequisite to the second decade of the second millenium. Now, please forward the chair. Thank you.

  137. Erin Walsh says:

    I like the “F3 Series Ilira Stretch-Back Work Chair” it’s attractive and looks comfortable.

  138. Erin Walsh says:

    Email subscriber

  139. Erin Walsh says:

    The chair that I’m sitting in, is your standard swivel office chair, padded seat, casters etc.

    It was once really nice, a birthday gift from my son and his dad. But now the seat has a hole in it, and on of the bolsters on the arm occasionally falls off.

    I’d love a new chair. Thanks~

  140. Shirely says:

    my chair is from my dining table … not comfy for long-term use. I hate it because it is uncomfortable and it needs to return to its Purpose ….

  141. Chris Fistonich says:

    My current chair’s design is not nearly as innovative as the Hon Nucleus. I definitely feel like I am sitting on my chair as opposed to in it. My work is online removing malicious software from computers around the world, so a chair as great as this one is a must for me.

    I do hope you consider me for this chair, so my back posture and health remain in tip-top shape for my work, so I can continue to help people efficiently and comfortably.

  142. JORGE PENA says:


  143. Jeremy C says:

    I subscribe to your blog e-mail.

  144. DTharp says:

    My chair has a bum wheel and has to be dragged everywhere it goes.

  145. Nicole Todd says:

    The chair that I sit in now for 8 hours a day 4 days a week is very nice LOOKING but very uncomfortable. My back is killing me and my legs go numb! If I don’t get out of my chair and take a break every 1/2 hour or so I end up in a lot of pain at night. Please Help!

  146. Erica Best @purplelover04 says:

    i like the Blue arm chair

  147. Erica Best @purplelover04 says:

    im following ur yahoo feed

  148. Erica Best @purplelover04 says:
  149. Erica Best @purplelover04 says:

    i added the button on my blog pt 5

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    i added the button on my blog pt 4

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    i added the button on my blog pt 3

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    i added the button on my blog pt 2

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    i added the button on my blog pt 1

  154. Erica Best @purplelover04 says:

    i have a used office chair it sucks so bad i hate to sit at my desk and i use the sofa for my laptop and i would love a new chair please.

  155. Lisa Carr says: I tweeted. 1st comment didnt show up. Please disregard this one if it’s a dup.

  156. Lisa Carr says:

    I like the HON Arrive Two-Drawer Lateral File

  157. Lisa Carr says:

    I am subscribed via email & RSS.

  158. Lisa Carr says:

    My current chair is covered in GoGurt stains :(

  159. SusannM says:

    Sitting here at work in my boring black chair that won’t stay adjusted properly. I have to raise the back and pull the seat up frequently!

  160. Angie @theladya says:

    Besides the chair, I love the 1870 Series Bookcase.

  161. Angie @theladya says:

    I’m a transcriptionist and work around 11-12 hours a day in a cheap-as-I-could-get chair from Walmart and it’s not very comfortable, not ergonomically fit for me at all, and hurts my back after sitting long hours.

  162. Kirsten says:

    Follow on LinkedIn!

  163. Kirsten says:

    I love and could SO use the HON SmartLink Storage Cabinet wDoor!

  164. Kirsten says:

    I am a subscriber.

  165. Miranda Johnson says:

    New LinkedIn follower.

    bctripletmom at gmail dot com

  166. Miranda Johnson says:

    My favorite Hon item is Item # HONPC673XVXFF – HON Bookcase – Five Shelves, Cherry

    bctripletmom at gmail dot com

  167. Kirsten says:

    My chair is old. It’s gray. It’s old and gray. ;) It makes me sit forward too much and I find myself hunched over the keyboard like I’m writing the world’s next great novel or something. And after a while when I stand up, um, I feel stiff and sore everywhere. Not good at all.

  168. Miranda Johnson says:

    Subscribed to RSS and Blog Email.

    bctripletmom at gmail dot com

  169. John Darrow says:

    I follow shoplet on LinkedIn as John Darrow

  170. John Darrow says:

    I could always use more storage, such as the 1870 Series Bookcase

  171. John Darrow says:

    I subscribe via e-mail – John at darrows dot us

  172. John Darrow says:

    9/20 – I follow on Twitter and I tweeted –
    john at darrows dot us

  173. John Darrow says:

    I’m sitting in a Jazzy Select 6 power chair ;). It took me a while to get used to the joystick for steering it, and I wish the height was easily adjustable. I added an electric bicycle horn because the built-in horn was pretty wimpy, and used some carabiners and a second joystick rod to make it possible to hang a bag under the left armrest, so I can carry my netbook, Bible, etc. where I can reach them when I go somewhere. I like that it can go 20 miles on a charge at a top speed of about 4 mph. The seat is pretty comfortable, and the back has adjustable tilt.

  174. Miranda Johnson says:

    Following @shoplet and tweeted –


    bctripletmom at gmail dot com

  175. Miranda Johnson says:

    I so NEED this chair. Mine is old, torn (top covering is totally gone), barely any cushioning left, a…well…butt cushion & small pillow on it that are now flat. Basically sitting on wood. It hurts!

  176. Margaret says:

    I am swinging in my porch swing watching the stars. And the neighbors. I don’t know if the Hon Nucleus chair would roll very well on the floor of my balcony. But I think perhaps it would be just as comfortable or even more comfortable than my swing. Is it waterproof? It rains a lot here. I think it would really class up my balcony. And make my neighbors jealous.

  177. Kayla says:

    My favorite Hon item from is the 1870 Series bookcase. The height/6 shelves would sure help with the overflow of books crammed onto 4 shelves in my office!

  178. Kayla says:

    I follow shoplet on Twitter.

  179. Kayla says:

    I just tweeted about my chair and the contest:

  180. Kayla says:

    We have Hon chairs at work, and I love them. But at home my desk chair is more than 10 years old and my boney little rear has killed the cushion. The chair is bruising me! I work freelance on top of my full-time job, and it keeps me chained to the computer many hours at a time. If I win the Hon chair, you will literally be saving my rear!

  181. ming t says:

    I actually like the Hon Nucleus chair the best. It’s so stylish and I love the color

  182. ming t says:

    I subscribed to your blog email

  183. Crystal says:

    ooo i like the smart linked storage cabinet with drawer!


  184. Crystal says:

    im subscribed to feeed


  185. Crystal says:

    have shoplet badge on my blog 5


  186. Crystal says:

    have shoplet badge on my blog 4


  187. ming t says:

    my current office chair is a big piece of junk. It’s leather but not well built. It squeaks and annoys the heck out of me

  188. Crystal says:

    have shoplet badge on my blog 3


  189. Crystal says:

    have shoplet badge on my blog 2


  190. Crystal says:

    have shoplet badge on my blog 1


  191. Crystal says:

    it looks like grandpa haha its like plaid and it doesnt match anything


  192. Billie R says:

    I like this file cabinet. HON 510 Series Four-Drawer kekagel(at)

  193. Billie R says:

    Email subscriber. kekagel(at)

  194. Billie R says:
  195. Billie R says:

    I have a regular black desk chair, that USED to be comfortable, like the first few days I sat in it. When I bought it, I was working on my computer and sitting in it 8+ hours a day has deflated any sort of cushion it had. The arms are hard plastic and they scrape my arms when I put them on there! In need of a new chair!

  196. BrendaLea says:

    I love this HON SmartLink Storage Cabinet w/Door . I sure could put that to use with all of my craft supplies. I could actually use several of these.

  197. BrendaLea says:

    blog e-mail subscriber

  198. Jeremy C says:

    I just purchased a new office chair today. I’m not sure if I like it yet as I’ve not used it yet. If I win this chair, visitors to my office will use the other chair.

  199. BrendaLea says:

    I am sitting in my tan recliner. I so need to win this chair, the Hon Nucleus chair because my recliner is not only worn out, it is very uncomfortable and I need to be sitting at a desk, not in front of the TV not getting any work done. My chair hurts my rump as all the cushion is gone!

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