sit comfortably in your new nucleus chair!

When you work 8+ hours everyday, you have to have a comfy chair. When you facebook/ g chat for 3+ hours straight, you have to have a comfy chair. When you do anything for more than an hour straight at your desk, you have to have a comfy chair! It’s a rule.

I’m excited to announce that this weekly giveaway is sponsored by Hon! The beautiful Hon Nucleus chair featured above could be your new desk chair! Check out their interactive site to get your self pumped up about the new chair! (there are lots of magical videos and pictures on there)

Overall, the nucleus is great because it’s super comfortable and stylish too!

Here’s how to win your chair:

Leave a comment on this post and tell us about the chair you are sitting in now! Tell us what it is or what it looks like or what you hate/love about it

Extra Entries

1. Adding a Shoplet Badge to your blog or website! (this gives you 5 EXTRA entries! wow!)
2. Following @shoplet and tweeting your about your current chair #honnucleus
3. Subscribing to our RSS or Blog Email!
4. Commenting again with your favorite Hon item from! Choose here
5. Follow us on LinkedIn!

Winner will be announced Monday September 27th! Enjoy some of these nice pics!

UPDATE: Congrats to @rowellowl our winner!

229 thoughts on “sit comfortably in your new nucleus chair!”

  1. astorey says:

    Im sittting in an old hand me down office chair that stopped rolling. I need to to move sence I stay busy!I would love a knew one

  2. QRM says:

    I am currently sitting on an old chair (beige dirty material, arms don’t move, extremely heavy, and my chronic back pain is acting up since I starting sitting on this dinosaur) that Yale provided me with after they moved my office from a brand new bldg to an old mold infested bldg. They’ve been promising a new chair but I’ve been here for a couple of months and still no chair.

  3. Kelly says:

    I currently have a HON that was left in my office by the previous person in my position. It has a wonky wheel that doesn’t like to turn. You also have to be careful if you’re not used to sitting in it because it tips forward. If you’re not expecting it, you’ll end up on the floor.

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  6. Marcos says:

    Added a Shoplet Badge to my website!

  7. Marcos says:

    Added a Shoplet Badge to my website!

  8. Marcos says:

    As a proud father of an Autistic child, I spend more time helping him, than to be concern the way my chair looks, but now that my son is using the computer more often, I feel that he deserves the best, not only so he can focus and improve, but so he can feel as comfortable as possible while doing so. The irony of all is that his name is Marcus … thanks in advance for helping to improve the life of my son.

  9. Diane says:

    I forgot to mention my chair has a (thorn let’s say) and when I sit on it …welllll… I get goosed lmao….Please help me out with a new chair!! It’s UGLY toooo!

  10. Eli Stoltzfus says:

    I am sitting on a HON Pillow-Soft 2090 Series High-Back chair. I like sitting on it because in has the memory foam in the seat.

  11. Rita Rubino says:

    I am sitting on a fabric chair whose only ajustments are raising the seat level up and down. It has no lumbar support and no seat support. It’s old,faded and stained. I have to get up all the time because my rear end hurts.I have a picture of my dream chair on my wall in my office. Please make my dream come true.

  12. Eric says:

    I am sitting on what might be a chair that my father could have sat on. I got it from surplus. It is much more comfortable than the last, but as a tan 70’s office chair goes, I suppose you could say, retro is in my office. If you could talk to my back it would have to agree. Unfortunately such spring supported beast is dieing a slow death underneath me

  13. Hope McDonald says:

    I currently either sit on my bed and lean over onto a t.v. tray to work on my computer or I sit in an office chair that was reclaimed from the trash. The reclaimed office chair is easily from the early ’80’s and has some sort of thick, unforgiving padding in it. The chair doesn’t adjust other than to go up or down in height and the back rest moves up or down. It doesn’t matter what you do to “adjust” the chair, there’s no way to make it comfortable which is why I usually end up sitting on my bed and either leaning over or putting my laptop on my lap. I guess it is time for a really good chair!

  14. estella miller says:

    The chair I have now is my back’s worst nightmare!

  15. Michelle Simons says:

    My chair I sit on is worn down in cushions with a backing that is held up by a Allen wrench. Its a reddish color that needs to see the graveyard. MCJunkie on twitter

  16. shel says:

    I follow you on Twitter & I tweeted my heart out ;)

  17. shel says:

    Following on LinkedIn (Michelle Hudak)

  18. shel says:

    My favorite Hon item is the HON Overfile Storage Cabinet for Lateral File in light gray

  19. shel says:

    I’m a Shoplet email subscriber

  20. shel says:

    I have the Shoplet badge on my right sidebar:

  21. shel says:

    I have the Shoplet badge on my right sidebar:

  22. shel says:

    I have the Shoplet badge on my right sidebar:

  23. shel says:

    I have the Shoplet badge on my right sidebar:

  24. shel says:

    I have the Shoplet badge on my right sidebar:

  25. shel says:

    My current chair is a black fabric chair with paint stains on the seat and the plastic arm on the left is broken and constantly snags any long-sleeve shirts I’m wearing.

  26. Tera says:

    My desk chair is ok. It is sufficient but not great. I spend most of my time at my desk so would like a really nice chair.

  27. Diane says:

    This chair looks amazing! I really do need a nice stylish comfortable chair. I REALLY need to start sitting *IN* a chair , rather than sitting *on* the one I have now!!

  28. Diane says:

    already subscribed to email and following LinkedIn !

  29. Diane says:

    Tweeting @saraminda

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