Skool Dayz Video Blitz, Now In Session! (CLOSED)

  • Leanne Campbell

    Leanne C— Is that me? I don’t have an email. Please let me know if this is me and if I need to do something. Thanks so much even if it’s a different Leanne that won!!!! =)

  • I hope I win! I loved the 80’s!

  • Aaron

    Pencil Cases

  • Malv

    Scented Markers

  • Paulet

    Liquid Glue Sticks

  • Marc

    Mechanical Pencils

  • Milt

    Trapper Keepers

  • Rob

    Eraser Mate Pens

  • Leanne Campbell

    Trapper Keepers!!!!!!! And… Lisa Frank!!!!

  • Jerry

    I loved my colorful notebooks

  • Mary Morrow

    fanny packs were big in the 80s and I’m happy they went out of style.

  • Colleen

    Lisa Frank, trapper keepers, and garbage pail kids stickers!

  • tamra childers

    Troll pencil toppers – all the rage in the 80s.

  • marisela zuniga

    An 80s school supply trend was a trapper keeper or having a metal lunchbox

  • Sandy VanBuskirk

    answer- Trapper Keeper was definitely a must-have for the 80’s

  • Geri C

    Lisa Frank notebooks, binders, stickers

  • Rick T

    Trapper Keepers

  • Mary Dailey

    Definitely big hair and mall bangs were big in the 80’s. I still have picture to prove it!

  • Nicole Shaffer

    Trapper Keeper’s!!

  • Katie C

    Trapper Keeper!

  • Trapper Keeper Notebook

  • Roy

    how about those scratch and sniff stickers

  • Amy C.

    Well, I’m a child of the 80’s and I remember creating covers for my school books with paper bags and decorating them up with lots of neon colors!

  • Katherine

    HOt neon colors~

  • Lisa Frank!! Slap bracelets! Trapper Keepers!

  • Susan

    trapper keepers

  • Ericka Coello

    If I’m not wrong it’d be the snap bracelets/rulers

  • autumn eaton

    Trapper Keepers was a popular one

  • Sohair

    Hi I put in the wrong tweet url and I don’t know how to change it, this is the link to my post thanks

  • Nancy

    I stand corrected – sort of. Apparently, it accepted my post above as my entry. So, just to keep things legal – a school supply that was popular in the 80’s was Elmer’s Glue. Of course, it’s been popular every decade since the 50’s, and possibly before…

  • Nancy

    The comment box for entry to the contest will not let me enter anything. I have tweeted, followed and viewed on Facebook – but I don’t think it will do any good if I can’t enter the contest question.

  • Sohair

    Trapper Keepers were THE preferred school binders of the 80s

  • Mima Bert

    Pick me pick me, cool stuff!

  • I had a trapper keeper back in school in the eighties. I loved that thing and they were huge cool wise

  • Kirsten

    Lisa Frank. Troll pencil toppers. Everything seemed to be bright and fun.

  • Ed Gibson

    grand kids could it.

  • Trapper Keepers! I had mine back in the day! Everyone and I mean EVERYONE had these! #Radical ;-)

  • Michelle Sutcliffe

    Trapper Keepers & pens with 5 colors in them.

  • amy guillaume linderman

    the ever popular trapper keepers! i had a zillion!

  • stephanie mcglothlin

    OMG!!! I love everything to do with the 80’s!!! My favorite was trapper keepers and anything to do with Lisa Frank LOL I think I even had a Lisa Frank trapper keeper at one point!! Thanks for the chance guys!! Great video!

  • Erica Thompson

    I’ve got to go with one of my favorites, the Trapper Keeper!! I loved mine and loaded it down with all my most “important” school supplies! ;)

  • Ariana

    I hope I get chosen because I really want this

  • Shannon Vitvitsky

    Looking forward to it!

  • Hope I make it at the right time…if I remember to come back. Son has homebound (at library) that afternoon.