Stanley Bostitch Valentines Giveaway!

Our weekly giveaway for this week is sponsored by Stanley Bostitch! They decided to giveaway red staplers for Valentine’s Day! (Plus an iPod Nano!) Here are the details –

One Grand winner: One grand winner will win a choice of our new Red, Blue or Black color Stanley Bostitch® Epic™ Stapler (B777-RED, B777-BLUE, or B777-BLK) along with a matching color Apple® Ipod Nano®. (example: If the winner choose a the red stapler they will get a red ipod nano, if they choose the blue stapler they will get a blue nano, if they choose the black stapler they will get black ipod nano)

10 Other winners: 10 winners will also win a red color Stanley Bostitch® Epic™ Stapler (B777-RED)

How to enter:

Leave a comment on this post telling us – If you could make your stapler any color, what color would you choose?

Extra Entries:
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2. Like Shoplet on Facebook and write about your favorite color Stanley Bostitch Epic™ Stapler on the wall.
3. Follow Shoplet on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway

We’ll pick 10 winners and 1 grand prize winner on Tuesday, February 21st! Happy Valentines Day!

254 thoughts on “Stanley Bostitch Valentines Giveaway!”

  1. john says:

    i like blue it is my favorite color

  2. john says:

    hope i win

  3. Pamela Emmett says:

    I like the blue!!! It matches the company logo! :)

  4. Denise Carlson says:

    Am I allowed to pick pink? I really like pink. ;)

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