Stay Healthy with June’s #careSHAREgrow Prize Preview

It’s the moment, you’ve all been waiting for… Presenting the prize bundles for our upcoming Professional Wellness #careSHAREgrow Twitter Party on June 23rd! Last week, we announce that in honor of June’s Professional Wellness Month, we will be discussing the importance of health and hygiene in the workplace. This is an important topic because by following simple steps, we can further prevent cross-contamination of germs or even catching that dreaded office cold.

Save the date: THURSDAY, JUNE 23RD, 2016 @ 4-5PM EDT

6-23-16 #CSG Wellness Month PA

And we have a special announcement to reveal! This month, our prize bundles are sponsored by our partners at Medline, a leading supplier of medical, surgical and pharmaceutical products. Together, we’ve selected essential products to help you be your best self yet. Can we say thanks by giving them a quick round of applause?

We will be giving away 6 bundles of the following products. Here’s how you can stay healthy with June’s #careSHAREgrow prize preview!

What’s Included:
June #CSG Prize

Curad Sheer Adhesive Bandages: Sealing up cuts and minor wounds speeds up the healing process! Prevent bacterial from entering with a 4-sided seal bandage.

EpiClenz Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes: An anti-microbial wipe that can help you remove grime and other soils from dirty surfaces. Coming at 65% alcohol, this wipe is gentle and safe on hands as well.

Remedy Phytoplex Nourishing Skin Cream: Sometimes over washing can lead to dry skin. It’s time to restore your skin’s moisture balance with natural ingredients. Remedy Phytplex’s lotion smoothes hands (and face or body) with natural emollients, like safflower oil, oat extract, licorice root and more!

Skintegrity Foaming Hand Sanitizers: Foam hand sanitizers are easy to spread around on your hands, covering all the basis. The product also tends to stay longer, giving you a more thorough cleanse.

Spectrum Hand Sanitizer Gel (8oz & 2oz): Keep hands clean at the office, home, and on-the-go! Our Spectrum hand sanitizer comes with 70% ethyl alcohol, aloe and vitamin E to keep your hands germ-free.

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