We’re Having a Twitter Blitz Tomorrow!

The Northeast is in the midst of a blast of winter weather. It’s starting to really feel like the holidays are on the way! Are you guys ready to begin the winter season? We totally are. In the spirit of the holidays, Shoplet is hosting its very first Twitter Blitz! We decided to carry on the games with a fun little event and some awesome mystery prizes. Wanna know what we’re giving away? You gotta play to find out!

So, what exactly is a Twitter Blitz? This Blitz is a one day trivia contest. We’ll ask you guys 3 trivia questions spaced throughout the afternoon. Of the tweeters that answer correctly, a winner will be chosen at random to receive a mystery prize. We will tweet the names of the winners as the day progresses so you can see what the prizes are. Here are the details.

Twitter blitz

As we mentioned, This event is super quick and is happening tomorrow so make sure to mark your calendars for a chance to win one of our fun mystery bundles.  Every 15 minutes, we will be tweeting out a holiday trivia question. You guys only have to tweet back at us using #ShopletHoliday with your answer to participate. It doesn’t get much simpler than this! Guess you could say we’ll be playing a virtual game of grab bag. HAHA. We hope to see you guys tomorrow.