Win a Basket of Office Essentials for 2016! 1 Winner (CLOSED)

  • Aaron

    This is a very cool basket of office essentials for the new year.

  • Malv

    My home office absolutely needs these office supplies for the new year.

  • Paulet

    This is a really nice basket of office essentials for the new year.

  • Marc

    I would love this basket of office essentials for my new home office.

  • Milt

    I always need new supplies for my home office.

  • Rob

    These are essential office supplies for the new year.

  • Donna Kozar

    It would help me organize my pens and papers.

  • Lily Kwan

    by providing an easy way to stay organized

  • Courtney H.

    This would help me organize better for 2016

  • Shelton

    The At-A-Glance Weekly Planner would help me greatly in scheduling, making appointments and special personal dates to remember.

  • This will surely allow me to be a more organized person

  • Lisa Dorsett

    These supplies can help me all around. The basket I can use for storage of the office items, the binder, and clipboard used for keepsakes and lists of things I need to be reminded of and keep them in both binder and clipboard. The pens, of course for lovely writing in different colors and distinguish for specific use for each color of the pen and all the other supplies for office use and use of them on a daily basis. I love office supplies and organized with the supplies. :)

  • This basket of office supplies would help me stay organize for 2016 by giviing me a head start of staying organized. A busy schedule each day at home, school, and at work is no Joke. It’s even harder with a busy bodied toddler who is full of energy. A basket full of essentials can help me tackle many of my daily tasks and written goals that I would like to accomplish for the New Year resolution.

  • Valerie McElroy

    Being a teacher, everything in this basket would help during the year 2016. The planner will come in handy to remember all of the meetings, conferences, workshops, etc. that I have to be at. All of the other supplies will be put to great use in my classroom.

  • Audra O’Hara

    These would be great to organize my desk. I work from home and have business things scattered amongst home items.

  • Stacy Giacosa-Bauer

    This basket of office essentials would help me remember important appointments, work out schedules and things to do list to make my 2016 an awesome year!

  • I place to write done important information, that I can not lose. Would be a big help.

  • It would help tremendously because I’m a teacher and it would help me find things faster

  • Evans B.

    This will surely help me remember schedules, my to-do-lists and goals for 2016! Thank you for the chance!

  • I love all pictured. I can use the basket and trays to organize all my smaller items and the clipboard to help me make lists! The binder would be so useful for my statements and the planner is definitely something I need to keep my schedule organized. Thank you for the chance!

  • This would be great I really need to get organized for the new year.This is everything I would need!

  • Loraine

    These baskets can keep me organized because I work with a lot of clients.

  • Cindy Demaree

    Love Labels and I put them on everything.

  • Beth Swords

    This set has everything I need to successfully get organized.

  • I would love to win this for my home office

  • jennifer aguero

    This is a great assortment of office supplies/essentials. I hope I win my supplies are dwindling until tax season comes.

  • Lorina Padgett

    I like to start the New Year with a place for all the incoming mail and important documents. Winning will give me a big head start. Plus I like using a planner.

  • Gina N.

    It is amazing how many times I am in search of a pen or scrap paper or calendar when I’m sitting at my home desk. So, yes, this gift basket would be a tremendous help at keeping me organized as everything I need will be right at my fingertips. Thank you for the chance.

  • Valerie L

    I think all these supplies will help me because you have the pens, the binder, the basket… everything you need to have your items separate and organize to remain productive throughout the year

  • Tina P.

    This would help me stay organized with my business. I started out small so my simple notes were enough. It’s gotten big enough now that I am always looking for receipts, or orders. Not to mention, I am always looking for a pen! I would definitely put this to good use. Thanks so much!

  • Linda Torres

    This basket would help me stay organize because of it’s great products that I can trust that will last awhile and be helpful.

  • Emerald N

    This will help me to organize my small office space.

  • Theresa

    This would be so perfect to get me organized for the new year!

  • Chrissie Smatlak

    I am the admin asst at a church and this would be great

  • daisy

    any organization can help organize

  • Milagros

    I think the supplies will help ,e stay organize because I will be able to have all I need to make it happen. That basquet is perfect for a woman like me. Organize and office supplies can come in handy. Thanks for the chance

  • Stephanie N.

    This would for sure help me (the most unorganized person EVER) stay organized as we’re preparing to start homeschooling our children! Wish me luck! :P

  • Melissa

    We own a business. We find uses for all office products even if they aren’t what they were originally intended for!

  • Nora

    I would love to win this for my husband, he works really hard and this bundle can help him in so many ways! :)

  • Betsy

    I don’t have any kind of organization right now in my office and this would be an absolute blessing to win. I’m usually a very organized person but with the holidays the office has gotten out of control.

  • Melissa Ashbrook

    I need organization in my life! This would get me off to a good start. :)

  • Rebecca Kerchner-Love

    This would be super useful. I have a horrible memory and a child with Aspergers and appointment after appointment. It’s hard to keep things in order when sleep isn’t always a for sure thing and anxiety runs high.

  • Nicole Posey

    I could really use this. I always lose appointment slips and forget to write them on calenders. I could take appt calender with and write it in right there. Help me 100%

  • Carrie Sprouse

    I may not work in the office at my job but I’m an on the road caregiver and have to be at different peoples houses each day. I am also going to school for a CNA class starting in January and that will mean more travel time and more things to keep track of.

  • chuck derr

    Would love this

  • Amber Gillikin

    This would help me get organized. I’ve been wanting to get a clip board like that to help with everything. I need a new planner for the new year, and i could always use more of everything else. Thank you for this opportunity to win.

  • tabatha brown

    this would be awesome for my husband

  • Winning this set will get me on track (and keep me organized) for my last semester of college!

  • Danielle McKee

    Hope to win

  • I dont think.this package would help me stsy organized…I know it would. Not only because I have a hpusehold of seven.but I alsovrun a daycare with thirty two kiddos. Thats sixty parents. We have weekly meetings plus the kids doctores and the dogs…this could help save my life with this next yr. It will be my only gift im sure,

  • Codi Daniels

    I’d share with my coworkers so they don’t steal my office supplies! That promotes organization!

  • Pattie Webb

    My husband is trying to get his business off the ground and this would help us to keep everything in one area. Everything is kinda all over the cabinets and counter tops, somethings to help keep it together would be great. It would make my life easier!!

  • Angela

    I’m not that organizes an if I win this is will help me maintain a healthy organizational for my daughter,my work, and myself.

  • Tricha

    It would help me organize myslef

  • joylyn

    This is awesome.

  • It has everything. A planner, pens, and post tabs to help me remember all upcoming events.

  • Nadia

    I am in law school and this will help me to stay organized!!!

  • Diane sabatini

    This basket would help me get my space back to a Zen like state.

  • This would be AMAZING for me to help stay organized and save me lots of money for accessories!!! FINGERS CROSSED ty for the chance

  • Tracy Maloney

    This would be wonderful for my desk!

  • Jill Jackson

    We will be opening our new business in the new year and I need all the help I can get

  • Katie C

    This basket has products that will make it easier and faster to become more organized.

  • Theresa J

    New gear always gets me in the mood to get organized

  • Ana Ria Aquino

    This basket of office supplies will help me organized our documents, receipts and other office supplies accordingly. It would be easier to look or search for things that are neatly arranged and organized. This will make my daily work easier and convenient.

  • Ada Miller

    This basket has a lot if not everything that i would need to stay organized and ontop of everything. Ive been so behind and missing appointments which i cant stand to do. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Doreen Kuster

    Let me tell you how each of the items will keep me organized in 2016. Old school…write it down in the weekly planner. My iPhone is nice, but certain things are just better written down. The colorful pens will be used when writing in the planner for different types of activities….work, home, professional organization, volunteerism, etc. This way I can keep track of my continuing education hours, charity miles for tax deduction, etc. The basket can hold all those colorful pens. The pad will allow me to jot ideas down and I can sort the ideas on different pages, and post a flag on the page I need to refer back to. The clipboard will be good to keep important information in if there is an emergency in the office…names, phone numbers, insurance information, etc. The flip and tell can be used to gain more clients by having a standard presentation available and ad-libing where needed. The index dividers will be used in the binder to document what I do since we are a small office and if I get sick, someone needs to know how to do my job! So…all these items will be really helpful for me next year!!!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    This would be very helpful in getting the home office in order for the new year.It is a mess right now!

  • Erin Ellis

    This awesome prize would give me everything I need to get my office under control!


    ooooooooooooo nice!!!! this would be good for me because as i get older i can’t remember anything!!!!!!!

  • Kim garrett

    This is an organizers dream basket!!! I need a planner and all the other things to keep me organized and running smoothly for 2016. This is the perfect gift for someone like me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Mary Helene

    I have a small craft business but still find that I loose or miss place items. I need the weekly planner to remind me about orders.

  • Angela Flowers

    I need a calendar to keep track of appointments so I don’t forget. Also, I can never have enough pens!

  • Jerry

    I just moved into a new office, everything is in disarray… so I could sure use some organization in my life!

  • Robin

    I still like to write things down so the planner, clipboard and other items would sure give me a jump start on making 2016 my best organized year yet!

  • Mark

    A fresh start always helps me.

  • Shelton

    Anything(s) with any organization can help organize me!

  • Emily Smith

    I’m not very organized at all, so ANY of this would be great to help me get organized! :)

  • I have ADHD and Asperger’s, so gifts to get me better organized are appropriate for the new year. Wow.

  • marybeth i

    the right tools always help. This assortment is perfect – a little of everything! The planner would help with appointments, sports, school, etc.

  • Marci

    This would really help me stay organized. I don’t have much organization right now.

  • DailyWoman (Lacey)

    It has everything I need to get my desk organized for the new year.

  • Diane Richards

    • At-a-Glance Weekly Planner 2016 – To keep all my appointments in one place and with me all the time (home & work)
    • Schneider XB ViscoGlide Ballpoint Pens, 8 Pack – To always have something to write my appointments & notes with
    • Achieva Supply Basket – A container to keep my stuff orderly in
    • Ampad EZ Flag Writing Pad – Somthing to jot notes and messages on
    • Saunders Storage Clipboard – A solid surface to keep the writing pad on at all times
    • Lion Flip-N-Tell Display – Great for displays and flyers to remind me of important dates
    • Kleer-Fax Tab Index Dividers, 2 Packs – Great to keep project binders orderly
    • Samsill Clean Touch Antimicrobial Binder – To organize loose notes taken on the writing pad

  • Darlene O’Brien

    This basket would greatly help me to organize myself for this coming New Year.

  • Toni B

    This prize basket would be great for keeping our family all on the same page. Love the flags….would be great for marking appointments & other important stuff :)

  • Mike S.

    As a work at home freelancer, it is incredibly important that I stay organized. Winning a job could literally come from being able to find a proposal or not. That actually happened once. :(

  • Geri C

    I’ve been looking for a 2016 planner. And the rest of the items are what would be on my wishlist. Great giveaway!

  • Karrie Millheim

    someone is always snagging my pens so that will help..the other things would help me get some much needed organization!

  • Mari

    This will help me start up my new business in 2016!

  • Nicole Henry

    With the kids having everything and anything going on with school and my work combined with day to day papers, my desk and kitchen counter become very cluttered, very quick. This would be fantastic for helping me get things in order and keeping them clean.

  • Shannon Kirby

    Replenish my pen stock and give me a new calendar!

  • I have a new craft/office room. Each of these things would be welcome additions to keep all my appointments and projects organized!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  • Nicole Shaffer

    it would be perfect to keep my family organized

  • Rust

    I would have my own supplies that would hopefully stay in my office for use when I need them. My pens are always disappearing.

  • julie

    this would definitely help me organize my work space

  • vera wilson

    I have no luck with ink pens. The last bag I opened, none would write. Guess must have been in the store too long. So this would help.

  • susan smoaks

    if i won, i would organize my office and this would make it easy to do. i would love to start the new year fresh with a fresh clean office.

  • Janice McKnight

    If I won this awesome basket of supplies, I’d be be able to keep track of meetings at work and my children’s sports activities.

  • Natalie

    This package would be awesome to start the New Year. Many things to get me organized and have more professional displays.

  • Susan

    I need the planner to stay organized with my children’s appointments and activities!

  • Linda Davidson-Poplees

    Right now I am so disorganized. These products will only give me the incentive to get my act together and get organized!

  • Rhonda Pena

    Any help in the organization department would be much appreciated! :)

  • Olivia B

    They can help me organize everything nice and neat so I can find them!

  • Cheryl

    This basket of office supplies can help me stay organized for 2016 because it has everything I need to stay on top of things.

  • Kim

    This basket will help me stay organized by having everything at my fingertips!

  • Naomie

    It will encourage me to reorganize my currant work space and keep it nice.

  • margaret maggie porter

    I need to organize my work space. Even my boss doesnt understand why im productive in my space. These goodies would help me look and be better at work.

  • I need the planner to help me be organized – it might encourage me to make a plan! ;)

  • Kristy Graboski

    I’m starting a new job in 2 weeks and this would be so helpful at work!

  • Felina P

    My desk just gets stuff piled on it, but this would help me stay organized & on track because I would actually have what I need to keep track of all my task

  • Amy Zhang

    The planner would help me keep my appointments organized, and the rest would be great for my desk!

  • This would be the greatest win. I would actually have supplies.

  • Mary Vantil

    yes, this basket would start me off on the right foot in 2016! Thanks

  • elenermcdonough

    have five college students sure could use all this

  • It’ll keep my work space in order.

  • Heather S

    I could really use a 2016 planner and new pens! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  • Amy C.

    I would love to gift this to my hubby to start his year off on the right foot. He’s a little organized challenged!

  • Allison CB

    Wow…new things encourage me to organ Ze and keep on task!

  • Lisa Carr

    I’ll be honest. I am a bit (a lot) disorganized. All of these items would help me to organize my desk and look more professional and “together” at work.

  • amy guillaume linderman

    people are always stealing my pens and writing pads!