Win a Colorway Gift Bundle (CLOSED)

  • Sarah B

    I could use ALL this stuff!

  • Paulet

    For sanitizing and cleaning safely, all my electronic devices with screens, this Colorway Gift Set is the best way to go, and I’m always taking pictures for my book club, side business; so, I could really use the high gloss, photo paper.

  • Rob

    All my mobile devices that I carry around, in your pocket and travel bag, could use a good cleaning, plus the high gloss, photo paper, in this Colorway Gift Set, is a real asset to have around, to print cool pictures.

  • Aaron

    Because I make beautiful models as a hobby and small business of mine, and pictures are an important aspect of this business, and then, of course, keeping my phone clean is critical, too, I definiteky need the Colorway Gift Set.

  • Marc

    I always have germ and dirt buildup on my mobile devices, and the glossy photo paper, in this Colorway Gift Set, will provide the look of traditional photos, for artistic looking prints from my neat pictures.

  • Milt

    The wonderful Colorway Gift Set is just what I need, to help keep my phone clean, when I travel for business, and to print the beautiful pictures, that I take on the high glossy paper.

  • Malv

    I would love to have this Colorway Gift Set, with the mobile device, cleaning supplies, which I really need, and the high gloss, photo paper, to help deliver the very rich, vibrant colors, from my premium ink, for amazing pictures.

  • Toni B

    OOH! I really need to win. I want the photo paper so I can make prints for friends & family.

  • Deb C

    I despise dirty screens on devices, especially my cell. I haven’t found anything that cleans it well and without streaks. Colorway products are something I would love to try.

  • carol johnson

    Paper is expensive, would be nice to have free.

  • With two kiddos almost all my computer and tablet surfaces are dirty all day, and I clean it multiple times! These Colorway cleaning tools would surely help! Would love to try the photo paper and print some of our vacation, summer, graduation and birthday photos! Thanks for the chance!

  • Lorina Padgett

    I need to do a better job at keeping my electronics free of dust and hand prints. Had trouble with cable box. Apparently it had too much dust on it to send/receive signal.

  • Angela

    Would love to win these items. With three kids I need it!!! Lol!!!!

  • Amanda Saddler

    My computer screen needs cleaned good. I have kids they touch everything insight. Help me with this win.

  • this is an awesome prize! I would love to win! I am planning on doing my own family pictures this year, I have found a really awesome spot by the lake near my home. and my kids love going there as well! I could use the photo paper to print up the photos I take and give them to family members and friends!! and of course the cleaning wipes I will use on my phone screen and computer screen , and my kids tablets, i dont know what they do to make their tablet screens so dirty and icky!! thank you so much for the chance to win!!

  • Barbara VanEssen

    My laptop is so dirty &needs a good cleaning & I’m always printing pics of the grandchildren so his would be a great win!

  • michelle

    i love to keep stuff clean awesome giveaway!!!!!!!!!

  • Sheila Vives

    I am the world’s worst at touching my screens. I am always touching my laptop screen, using my iPad at the kitchen for food photo shoots, and my phone is another story. I could really use some help keeping them clean.

  • Arica Hutchins

    I really could and would use this. Its a really nice productive giveaway

  • Rick T

    To clean the grime off my devices.

  • Diane Richards

    We could so use this bundle. Everyone eats in front of the desk top computer. You don’t want to see all the splatter art on the monitor right now :(

    At work, they don’t purchase this stuff for us, either :(

    I have some projects that Colorway can come and rescue :)

  • Sherri Sillitoe

    My monitors and screens are dirty and its driving me crazy. I would love to try new products to clean up the mess!

  • Shelton

    I’d like to have the ColorWay wipes for my computer screen and TV screen.

  • Janice McKnight

    These would be awesome to keep my phone and laptop clean. Great giveaway!!

  • Leanne Campbell

    My screens need help!

  • Mary Mac

    Great for mine and my husbands office.

  • Jerry Fair

    A little bit of cleanup would go a long way with me!

  • Geri C

    My screens are so dirty. This would be great to clean them.

  • Annette

    In addition to normal oil from fingers, I have my cat helping me get things dirty. He shakes his head like he’s a Saint Bernard and the results are the same. Yuck!

  • Marci

    I would like to win so i could keep my gadgets clean

  • Ali

    All of this would be handy in cleaning up easily and keeping everything germ free and sanitary and clean!

  • mamotts

    sad but true inches of scum on screen

  • Susan Tice

    Really need this to clean all the grime off our devices

  • Nicole Acuna

    this would be awesome to own and keep my devices so much cleaner :)

  • Nicole Carter

    I need this because all of my screens need a good cleaning!

  • Pamela

    Need to clean my screens!

  • Nicole Shaffer

    I’d love these to make cleaning my electronics faster and easier

  • I really need to clean up!

  • Cathy Wallace

    These would help me stay on top of my cleaning issues (so forgetful)

  • Natalie

    Too much multi-tasking results with eating and working all the time. These would be great to keep my devices clean and in good working order.

  • I want it so I can clean my computer, tablet, and my phone with great and effective products!

  • Carol ONeil

    I need to clean my electronics and the High Gloss paper would be perfect to prints pics of my Beautiful grandchildren.

  • rob fiorenza

    I need to clean my gadget s

  • Naomie

    My computer needs this big time!

  • sean fiorenza

    I need to clean my phone

  • nancy fiorenza

    I really need to clean my computer , mouse , phone and electronics

  • nicole ford

    I have so many electronics I need to clean

  • Kat

    I’d love to win to clean the crud off my laptop and iPhone when my kids are done “borrowing” them.

  • Nancy Reid

    My household has so many devices including a PCU, smart phones, laptop and ipads some with touchscreens. It would be wonderful to
    have the ColorWay wipes and cleaning products to help keep them clean and sanitary!

  • Marisela zuniga

    I could use all this!!

  • Sohair

    I don’t have one and I can use this thanks

  • sheena

    would love to have for summer fun photos