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  • cuts from cooking

  • Lily Kwan

    back injuries

  • Malv

    Injuries from reactions to slipping or tripping and not falling.

  • Milt

    Injuries from running or walking into walls, doors, windows, cabinets, tables, chairs or other objects.

  • Aaron

    Getting hit by falling objects from shelves or another person.

  • Marcu

    Overexertion injuries from pulling, lifting, pushing, carrying, holding or throwing activities in the workplace.

  • Marcus

    Overexertion injuries from pulling, lifting, pushing, carrying, holding or throwing activities in the workplace.

  • Paulet

    Falling from a roof, ladder, stairway or other elevated surface and area.

  • Rob

    Slipping or tripping over an object or on a wet or slippery floor.

  • Jason

    Back injuries

  • Trips andd falling

  • back injuries for sure!

  • Katie C

    Papercuts are the devil!

  • Kara Kudro

    I would say back injuries

  • John W.

    Repetitive motion injuries. I’ve had them myself.

  • Lauren Jones

    Repetitive Strain

  • Laura


  • Maeghyn Koehler

    back from improper lifting

  • Mari

    Back injuries from improper lifting.

  • Charlene Kuser

    Burns from using chemicals are one of the top workplace inuries

  • Roy

    injury to the back from improper lifting techniques

  • Donna phillips

    Most common injurys at my job are paper cuts and scrapes.

  • Donna phillipd

    Most common injury at my office is paper cuts.

  • Angela Saver

    One of the most common workplace injuries is over-exertion! Another one that is not as common, but can be very serious is hypothermia!

  • Cynthia Wilkerson

    Falllng or slipping

  • Neck strain..

  • Blinding by welding equipment

  • amy stonger

    Back injuries

  • Pat

    I sure could use this first aid kit with all the booboo’s I take care of!

  • Jennie Biskner

    Back injury or cuts

  • Elaine Powell

    cuts on hands in some occupations is probably common

  • Back injury, sprains

  • Nancy Burgess

    I need a first aid kit. Never can find a bandaid when I need one.Thanks for the chance to win! Work place injuries from falls.

  • Ashley Suders

    I would say falling.

  • Melissa

    Some of the top 10 injuries r falling cuts head injuries sprained ankles

  • One of the most common workplace injuries would be back injury from lifting

  • Debi Lejeune

    Cuts from tools.

  • Evelyn

    back injuries

  • I work in a Middle school cafeteria, so for me cuts & burns are a big work related hazzard, as well as slips or falls.

  • Over exertion of the back/lifting wrong.

  • Norma

    Thanks for this opportunity

  • Stephanie

    The most common type of injuries is slips trips and falls followed closely by sprains and strains.

  • Melissa Ashbrook

    Back injuries from lifting at my work is the number one injury.

  • Amy Moyer

    Number 1 workplace injury is slips and falls.

  • Robert Shook

    Fall from a ladder

  • Cassandra Huber

    Back injury due to improper lifting technique usage.

  • slip and fall burns

  • Cuts

  • I would guess slip and fall.

  • Carol Burgess

    Tripping and back injuries

  • Back injury from lifting

  • Tammy

    muscle strain

  • Tiffany Pierce

    Falls are one of the biggest injuries.

  • Stella Methvin

    OH this would be great for the boat

  • Beth Swords

    Falls and overextension

  • Latasha Ketchum

    One of the top ten common workplace injuries is probably a fall down or off something.

  • Slips, trips, falls.

  • chesa lester

    Overexertion Injuries
    Reaction Injuries
    Falling Object Injuries
    Repetitive Motion Injuries

  • Debra Gaudette

    Thanks for the opportunity to win

  • fall

  • Falls,electrocution,and hurt by a something,Burns,cuts,and trapped..actually it depends on the job and location …

  • ceka cakes

    Slipping and falling!

  • Loree Carter

    One of the top 10 common workplace injuries is a fall

  • Shannon Vitvitsky

    A very common workplace injury is a slip and fall

  • Bryan

    slips and falls and not being aware of situations

  • Marlena Little

    Heart attack or fall

  • rachael


  • Elisalynn Clark

    One of the most common work injuries is falls.

  • tracy C

    Slips or falls

  • Repetitive Motion – which is a more chronic injury leading to injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back strains and vision problems.

  • MeaganN


  • Stacey J.


  • Falls are one of the top workplace injuries

  • cheyenne

    i deal with a lot of burns baking and cooking

  • Mazie Hansen

    Neglegence Overexertion and falls

  • Falls is one of the top 10 most common workplace injuries.

  • Vanessa f

    Falls and lifting heavy equipment

  • I Say getting a finger cut . I work in a kitchen and we don’t have a first aide kit !!

  • Natasha Scott


  • Brittany Baron

    falls, slips, trips

  • stacy

    a sudden heart attack is 1.

  • Jennifer Eagan

    Repetitive motion injuries

  • Slips/trips/falls

  • Vicki Gillentine

    Grandkids, always a booboo

  • ashley kukuk


  • Yvonne Ramirez

    When I think of workplace injuries, I’m sure the number one is trip and falling, but also burns are very common. I worked in fast food and suffered a terrible burn.

  • Carrie Briere

    I believe one of the top 10 workplace accidents would be the slip and fall.

  • Loretha Summers

    I think the most common workplace injury include slipping, tripping, or falling over clutter or stock left in places it shouldn’t be.

  • Trina Chadwick

    That would be cuts

  • Holly

    A slip and fall is one of the most common.

  • jackee

    back strain and falls

  • Most common workplace injuries
    Falls, slips or trips
    Back injuries due to heavy lifting

  • i’d say falling or torn muscles from improper lifting

  • Barbara O

    Overexertion is a common workplace injury

  • papercuts!

  • Twila

    falls would be one of the most common

  • Jennifer RinusDallas

    One of the top 10 common workplace injuries is slips, trips, and falls

  • Amy Z.

    One of the most common workplace injuries is falls.

  • Lifting incorrectly and straining back.

  • One of the most frequent accidents in the work place would have to be cuts. Anyone can get a paper cut or fall over something and get a cut. Clutter should be one of the most common reasons for a cut.

  • kelly woods

    Falling or getting cut

  • Christy Caldwell

    I would guess some type of eye injury.

  • Paper cut, slipping and falling.

  • Sabrina Cooper

    Back injuries, slip and falls, cuts, carpal tunnel, etc.

  • Gwendolyn J

    A fall

  • The place thar accidents occur are at doors

  • that would be sliped

  • At office

  • Charles cheatham

    Im cutting myself with a knife or a sharp object of some sort in my line of work, maintenance man.

  • Back injury

  • Julie


  • Angel

    I would love to win, awesome prize.

  • Dianne Mumpower

    One of the top 10 work place injuries is “repetitive injury” meaning when a person has to do something repetitively and it causes injury to muscles or bones. An example would be typing. Long term jobs in the typing field can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Arthritis. Another would be repeatedly having to twist and turn which can cause muscle strain in the back hips and legs.

  • Gina Ferrell

    One of the top 10 most common workplace injuries would be a fall or a cut.

  • Betty Schwandt

    One of the most common work place accidents are falling, tripping or cutting yourself on something or just straining your self by trying to pick up something that is just to heavy……….

  • gail becher

    Back injuries from improper lifting.

  • Irene Roy

    I believe a simple cut in your hand, slip/fall, highway accidents… we need first aid kit for all these!

  • Janice

    Thanks for the Awesome Giveaway I so would Love to win it

  • Tami bates

    Fall ,trip

  • Loraine

    Falling or slipping

  • pushpalatha ramachandran

    for safety

  • I would say that slip and fall would be a common workplace accident. However, I have worked with some people who just made me want to throw a stapler at them LOL//

  • Priscilla

    A fall

  • Priscilla


  • ellen willett

    paper cuts

    • gail

      in the office, for sure!

  • Denise Ferguson

    Slip and fall

  • Assaults

  • Connie Lee

    I would say one of the most top injuries would be getting a cut on the hand.

  • Katty Bastanzi

    One of the top ten workplace injuries is a fall or a cut

  • April Noyce

    Depending on your job you could cut burn yourself. Maybe God forbid get some kind of chemical in your eyes or on your skin.

  • Jessica Walthour


  • Crystal

    I need this!

    • Crystal


  • Name one of the top 10 most common workplace injuries.
    Being an office worker I would have to say a paper cut. At least 8 or 9 a day between various people.

  • Great

  • One of the dangers of window installation is the danger of the window breaking and you getting cut or hurt very seriously.

  • Vera Carter

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  • Jeff

    Name one of the top 10 most common workplace injuries.

    Muscle strain from over-reaching.

    • gail

      which is often a lower back injury

  • Brittany

    One of the top 10 common workplace injuries is overexertion!

  • paper cuts!

  • Beth

    Fractures and sprains are very common

  • Jerry

    back injury

  • Jennifer H.

    I would say falling objects.

  • Lisa Gregory

    One of the most common workplace injuries is hurting ones back by lifting improperly.

  • Alicia D

    Repetitive Motion

  • Diana Smith Hill

    Papercuts I would think, it’s a big one.

  • Overexertion Injuries

  • Edward

    holding razor knife wrong cutting self

  • carol johnson

    I would think back injuries from lifting.

  • Tina M

    lifting wrong and hurting back

  • Jerry

    One of the top 10 injuries must be a cut that happens in the workplace. Usually it is minor,
    requiring just a band aid.

  • Ali C

    Falling Object injuries is one of the top 10.

  • Tyneisha

    One of the 10 most common workplace injuries is injury by fallen object!

  • Natalie

    I think one common workplace injury is not using your legs when picking up heavy or bulky items resulting in someone pulling the muscles in their back.

  • Tami Lee

    I think one of the most common accidents at work are from Overexertion like lifting, pushing and or pulling. Also Slipping and falling. Thanks for the chance!!

  • Overexertion is one of the top 10! I see this happen all the time!

  • I also think that someone leaves a box where it wasn’t before. Another person doesn’t see that it’s been moved and trips over it.

  • I think tripping over a rug would have a person hurt themselves.

  • lana

    Construction work I am guessing has he most injuries

  • Marci

    back injuries

  • Patricia Henderson

    Overexertion – Pulling, Pushing, Lifting, Holding,& Carrying. Also Slipping; Tripping; Falling…

  • Nancy Reid

    One of the top ten workplace injuries involve FALLS!

  • Katt Lewis

    Walking into something.

  • Mary Helene

    Back injuries.

  • Susan

    One of the answers is probably “falling” but I would say paper cuts!

  • Would be nice to win this First Aid Kit for our Van or out in the go for like Soccer, Park etc.

  • Workplace incidents are unplanned, undesired events that hinder completion of a task and may
    cause injury or other damage. All incidents are preventable. Below, are the Top 10 most
    reported workers’ compensation injuries as listed by top insurance companies around the country.
    Top 10 Preventable
    Workplace Incidents*
    Top 10 Preventable
    Workplace Incidents*
    And What You
    Can Do About Them!
    On the Job Violent Acts
    FACT: Attacks caused by ofce politics
    and other personal arguments have led to 10 serious physical injuries.
    NUMBER ACTION: Provide violence training for
    employees and create communication
    channels for reporting suspicious activity.
    Vehicle Crashes
    FACT: Employees who drive for business
    purposes are often injured in auto
    crashes, some of which can be fatal. 07
    ACTION: Dene safe driving policies NUMBER
    with emphasis on distracted and
    defensive driving and provide employee
    safe-driver training.
    Repetitive Motion Injuries
    FACT: Repetitive motions such as typing
    and excessive use of the computer can
    strain muscles and tendons, which may
    cause back pain, vision problems, and
    cumulative trauma disorder.
    ACTION: Provide proper ergonomic
    equipment/training, encourage employees to
    take breaks to stretch and/or rest eyes and
    muscles, and where possible, cross train
    employees/implement a job rotation schedule.
    Walking Into Injuries
    FACT: Head, knee, neck, and foot
    injuries are common results when a
    person unintentionally runs into static
    objects such as walls, doors, cabinets,
    glass windows and furniture.
    ACTION: Maintain a neat and tidy
    workplace, clearly mark potential
    obstacles/hazards and train employees
    to be diligent in their surroundings.
    Falling Object Injuries
    FACT: Objects that fall from shelves or
    are dropped by another person can cause
    very serious injuries. The most common
    injury from a fallen object is a head injury.
    NUMBER ACTION: Store/stack materials in a safe
    and secure manner (banding and stack
    height limits), use signage in areas where
    debris may fall and ensure proper PPE
    is in use.
    Falling From Heights
    FACT: Falls that happen from an
    elevated area such as roofs, ladders, and
    stairways may be caused by slip and fall
    incidents and/or due to faulty equipment.
    NUMBER ACTION: These types of accidents can be
    reduced by the use of proper personal
    protection gear, installation of guard rails and
    other engineered devices, training and
    employee diligence.
    Machine Entanglement
    FACT: Machine entanglement injuries
    typically occur in a factory where heavy
    equipment and machinery are used.
    Loose clothing, shoes, jewelry, ngers
    and unbound hair may become caught
    in machinery.
    ACTION: Provide protective
    barriers/equipment and train employees
    on how to recognize and secure potential
    entanglement hazards.
    FACT: Slipping on wet oors or tripping
    over a foreign object/uneven surface can
    cause muscle injuries, body trauma and a 02 variety of other medical issues.
    ACTION: Ensure that Non-Slip rugs are
    placed in potentially slippery areas
    (entrances/exits), use signage to indicate
    slippery areas/conditions, clearly label and/or
    cover uneven areas/cords on the oor, train
    employees on proper management of spills
    and clean-up of debris.
    Overexertion Injuries
    FACT: Pulling, lifting, pushing, holding,
    carrying, and throwing activities at work
    account for approximately $13.6 billion in
    benet costs annually. 01
    ACTION: Train employees on the proper
    way to perform physical activities (i.e. lifting
    with legs instead of back), utilize equipment
    and lean practices to eliminate potential
    exertion hazards, ensure that employees are
    given ample breaks to rest in jobs that could
    result in overexertion.
    For more inform

  • Katherine

    I would say a cut that requires stitiches

  • Cheryl

    Repetitive Motion leading to strained muscles and tendons causing back pain, vision problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the top 10 most common workplace injuries.

  • Melody Johnson

    Overexertion is one. You have to pace yourself.

  • Patricia C


  • Mike S

    Up here in Maine, common accidents involve slipping on snow or ice.

  • Geri


  • Jennifer P

    A fall, either same level or different level fall.

  • KJ Skib

    I would guess slips and falls on wet floors?

  • I would say back injuries.

  • Peter W. Horton Jr.


  • Lisa Ann Smith

    Overexertion is one of the top 10 most common workplace injuries. So remember to take it easy at work! :)

  • Nicole Shaffer

    Slipping/Tripping on wet floors

  • Rust

    Slipping or tripping.

  • Hana

    One of the dangerous places where first aid is needed is at sports events.

  • Rick J Bryant

    Always wanted a few for the House and Studio!!!!!!

  • Paula C

    One of the top 10 workplace injuries that I would list is falls.

  • Naomie


  • Keziah Gibbons

    One of the 10 most common workplace injuries is slipping and tripping (falls).

  • Deloras Harris

    Could use a First Aid Medical kit with two teenage Grandsons!

  • Sohair

    Overexertion- This includes injuries related to pulling,lifting,pushing,holding ,carrying and throwing activities at work.

  • Mary Vantil

    Slip and fall is very common Thanks for the chance!

  • Shelton

    Any type of cut or skin abrasion that could cause an infection.