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Win a Heavy-Duty 3-Hole Punch from Carl!

Our weekly giveaway for this week is sponsored by Carl! I am super jealous of whoever wins this Heavy-Duty Three-Hole Punch from Carl. You can punch 150 sheets at one time with this thing! I’ve never used or even seen something like this in person (My experience with industrial office equipment is somewhat limited, sadly) but I can already think of how much better it would be to use this vs my current 3-hole punch that only punches 5 sheets at a time. Here are a few more details:

Makes quick work of big punching jobs. The hollow punch head technology requires less force. Oversized handle for easy drilling. Built-in paper guide offers easy paper positioning and punching. Preset to drill holes for standard three-ring binders. Large, easy-to empty waste tray. Replacement punch heads and punch disk sets sold separately. Plastic and steel. Sheet Capacity: 150

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96 Responses to Win a Heavy-Duty 3-Hole Punch from Carl!

  1. angie says:

    Wow! I would love to have this to use for my 3-ring binders. I store all different things in binders & this would make it so much easier to get all the papers punched @ once!

  2. Gaby P says:

    I own a small yarn shop and offer our customers lots of knitting patterns. In order to be able to find them quickly, we need to keep them 3-hole punched in tidy binders. This tool would be an amazing asset, as our current model (quite possibly the world’s oldest punch) only does ONE sheet at a time!

  3. Bret says:

    Would definitely give it to my kids school–just noticed the other day how they are using an inferior punch for the inserts coming home in their class binders.

  4. David Yong says:

    I own a printing and binding service. We used all sorts of punches and drills to
    solve our binding problems as we used all kinds of papers and boards and if we
    had this punch it would save a lot of working and storage space.
    As good as an all-in-one can getg.

  5. Chris says:

    This would make my job so much easier. The heavy duty hole punch I use now is so old and worn that I’m lucky if it punches more than 10 pages at a time and I have to put all my weight into it.

  6. We would love, love, LOVE this hole punch. We have so many projects that this would be useful for in our non-profit arts organization – we have a community theatre division where we hole punch scripts for all the actors, an education division with lots of aspiriing performers and technicians that always need to punch scripts, projects etc. It would certainly come in handy! We have only one small hole punch in the office at the moment and this one would make life easier!

  7. Doug says:

    As a CPA, I provide tax return preparation services for my clients. We give them copies of their tax returns three-hold punched in folders. Some tax returns are rather thick and a heavy duty three-hole punch would be great! While our current three-hole punch is ok, we tend to go through one or two a year as they have a knack for breaking.

  8. Beki says:

    Every night, the auditor of my hotel punches holes in 200-400 sheets of paper when auditing the days transactions. They say that is the hardest part of the job….

  9. Mark C says:

    I’d use it for punching reports for my Church and other administrative tasks. My wife could also use it for her crafts.

  10. Ron says:

    Nice punch. At our law office we have all kinds of documents on differing kinds and thickness of paper that we need to put into three ring binders. The federal bankruptcy court here in Sacramento particularly requires that all trial exhibits be put in binders–oine for the judge, one for the other side, etc.things. So this will be great for punching all those exhibits of different thickeness papers.

  11. Mary Ann says:

    Are you kidding me. I could so use this piece of equipment. Our company prepares tax returns that are sometimes more than 150 pages. If I had Carl, he would be my new “best friend”.
    Please, can’t we start a relationship?

  12. HP says:

    I work as a Technical Writer. That makes me the focal point within our Information Technology group for just about all documents that we produce. Or, frequently researching and providing copies of online documents for our staff. Lots of writing, editing and PRINTING of documents. Some only a few pages. Some very large. Stapled, bound, or PUNCHED and put in binders. Even for an IT org we are still a long ways from a paperless environment! I really like the idea of the paper platform on the Carl Heavy-Duty 3-Hole Punch. That means not having to hold the paper in one hand while pressing down on the punch with the other. And, for big stacks you can use both hands.

  13. Lisa S says:

    I would use this for punching holes in sheet music, or perhaps some massive financial statements and reports!

  14. mostafa E says:

    I get copying and printing jobs in ahigh volume and I’ll definitley use this monster to help me save time and provide the customer with a professional punching job. It will help my business alot

  15. Karen says:

    I would love to use this to make handouts for my trainings into neat little books – so much more professional than paper-clipped pages! With a 150 sheet capacity it would take so little time to get things ready!

  16. Tana Hess says:

    I am a court reporter and print and bind my transcripts. I always pay extra for the three-hole punch paper. I would love to have this heavy duty three-hole punch and be able save the expense of buying the pre-punched paper.

  17. cindy says:

    I recycle old jeans into new stuff like purses ……i bet I could punch through the jeans to make tidy holes to lace up pockets and such…’ve got me thinking now!!!!!!

  18. melissa lopez says:

    with 10 children, how would this not come in handy from school to home bookeeping. this is it! my family would fall in love with it, which would not be hard to do.

  19. Tami BARRETT says:

    My husband has been picked as one of the top 100 nurses in North Carolina and this would be so helpful when he makes educational aides for his patients.

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