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WIN A Monitor Riser OR a Footrest, Courtesy of Marvel!


Some of us folks are bound to the computer for six or more hours every day. Whether it’s for work, gaming, or online deal-hunting purposes, the computer monitor beckons us. But did you know that sitting at your desk for extended periods of time can be devastating to your back, shoulders and neck?!?!

To combat these issues, the team at Mavel is kindly giving a monitor riser to one lucky winner AND a footrest to another lucky winner!

Wanna enter? Here’s how to win: Let us know which prize you want the most (the footrest or the monitor) & why.

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Winners will be announced May 5th. 

115 Responses to WIN A Monitor Riser OR a Footrest, Courtesy of Marvel!

  1. Mary Mac says:

    Either one of these would be wonderful to use in the new cottage we just built for my father in law.

  2. Megan says:

    Our computer monitor is dying and we have to play the game of hitting the on/off button until the monitor stays on. We know it will completely die soon and wining a new monitor would be a blessing and a great gift to our family.
    I follow shoplet on my android phone and through email.

  3. Barbara says:

    I am short and it is hard for me to sit properly at my desk without a footrest. A footrest would be so helpful.

  4. Judy Bradley says:

    I think I would prefer the footrest because I have short legs. Everywhere I sit, I end up feeling uncomfortable because my legs have to dangle, or I sit at a perch to reach the floor – which is really not comfy on an office chair!

  5. Deanna (or DG) Middendorf says:

    I would want the monitor riser because I’m scrunching and my shoulders really hurt. Being at eye level would help. Thank you.