Win a Pendaflex Sliding Cover Expanding File!


We are giving away 10 Pendaflex Sliding Cover Expanding Files this week, courtesy of Esselte!  These file folders are super helpful for organizing all of your school, work and necessary documents. I personally use these file folders to organize all of my different colored sheets of cardstock and photos for scrap booking.

They’re a classic in the neat-freak’s bible of “must-haves,” and here’s why:

+The expanding files’s “expanding” bottom increases the capacity to neatly contain more bulky, cumbersome documents AND provides you with the ability to conveniently prop your files up at your desk or workstation.

+The elastic closure feature ensures that, no matter how stuffed your file folder gets, no loose or stray documents will ever slip out & float away from your sight.

+Includes blank, white self-adhesive labels, so that you can easily navigate your way to whatever document your heart desires

+Its durable poly-construction is wear-, tear-, and moisture resistant (no rainstorms will ever blur and blot away your precious notes!)

Wanna win your own? Here’s how to enter:

Leave us a comment about what you plan on filing away in your brand new Pendaflex Sliding Cover Expanding Files!

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We will pick 10 lucky winners using on Monday, March 31st.

Good luck, everyone :)

139 thoughts on “Win a Pendaflex Sliding Cover Expanding File!”

  1. twila says:

    follow on facebook and shared the post

  2. twila says:

    I subscribe to shoplet bye mail

  3. twila says:

    I would use it to file my paper crafts

  4. jeff says:

    I follow on twitter and retweeted

  5. jeff says:

    I like your page on facebook and shared the giveaway

  6. jeff says:

    I subscribe by email

  7. jeff says:

    I could use this to organize assignments

  8. Sara says:

    Following on Instagram.

  9. Sara says:

    I would use these to store task cards in my classroom!

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  12. Eileen Jones Scheindlinger says:

    I would love to receive a free pendaflex expanding file. I am responsible for the finances in my household and part of that responsibility means going through the mail and keeping it organized. I could really use this to help with that process. Thanks very much for the opportunity!

  13. Melodie Young says:

    I will use this to sort my papers that need to be graded!

  14. Vic Trevino says:

    As a teacher, I would use the Pendaflex file folder to organize copies of the original tests for my students as well the second versions of those same tests for those students who were absent on exam day. The tabs would make this very easy to organize!

  15. Mike S says:

    I Follow Shoplet with Bloglovin

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    I Follow Shoplet on Google +

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    I Follow Shoplet on Vine

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    I Follow Shoplet on Pinterest AND repin the giveaway photo for this week on Pinterest!

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    I Subscribe to your YouTube Channel

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    I Follow Shoplet on Twitter AND tweeted this giveaway on Twitter

  22. Mike S says:

    I Like Shoplet on Facebook AND shared this giveaway on Facebook

  23. Mike S says:

    I Subscribe to the Shoplet Blog via Email

  24. Mike S says:

    I plan on filing tax documents

  25. Martina Kull says:

    I would organize some monthly bills.

  26. Sarah says:

    I would use this to organize for school and have extra tabs in the back for extracurricular stuff/notices.

  27. Laura B says:

    I would file my coupons!

  28. Natalie Tucker says:

    WOW, so many options of what to file in this if I win – but top on the list is tax info for 2014… New year, new start….. Thanks for this offer, I hope I win. Natalie

  29. Jaime Madrigal says:

    I would use it to organize my important documents such as School records pay stubs and all kind of important documents. the great thing is that i can organize my documents by Name or Category.

  30. Jude Larson says:

    I hope to win this to help with the (wonderful) growth of our business! I’m in the process of re-doing our systems, which means that I must also prepare to cross-train another staff member for certain tasks. This will help me as I work on one task at a time as a development project, keeping all the related pieces together and organized.

  31. sharon brimer says:

    I would use the file to keep bills organized and taxes and other important documents.

  32. Susan Heyde-Maldonado says:

    I really need this file box to help me finally be organized with all my important papers that I stash in my 3 drawers in my computer room which by the way is a mess. I have no room to really have a very well organized space for me to work in. I get very frustrated and then nothing gets done or put where I can remember I put them. I never win anything but thought I would give this a try
    . Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  33. Penny says:

    I could use this in my classroom to store running records on my first graders!

  34. John says:

    I look forward to (hopefully winning) this item. It looks like the ideal way to organize future puzzle projects. As I get an idea for a new project, I can put it in the idea file, then as it develops into a current project, it can get it’s own file, showing the task in progress, and work notes.

    It is a mental challenge, because I first learn to solve the puzzle,

    Then I detail for myself logical directions for how I solved the puzzle

    Then I teach the computer to solve the puzzle

    Then I teach the computer to create such a puzzle.

    Then I backtrack, and let that program call the solving program to verify that there is only one answer.

    Finally, after it creates a puzzle, then verifies the answer is unique, only then does it generate the puzzle for me to solve, which will eventually become a PHP or ASP program to display on web pages automatically and randomly.

    P.S. Download my late 1980’s Bible Word Search Puzzle with 1,950 words hidden in it here:
    (at the organization’s facebook page). Both 8.5 x 11 and 11×17 scanned originals are available.


    P.S. If someone would like to think about a creative partnership, I’d love to find someone who’d like to keep the web pages organized while I do what I do best, create, test solve, and automate puzzles.

  35. Kathe Edmonds says:

    would love to have this organizer. I reconcile the travel credit cards for 11 admission officers and two general office cards and keeping track of all of those receipts can be a nightmare. Many times each credit card statement is close to 20 pages. That’s a lot of receipt.

  36. Mary Helene says:

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    Follow shoplet on twitter and tweeted

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    Follow shoplet on google+ (mary mcdermott)

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