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  • Paulet

    I decorate my empty plastic bottles, then cut the tops off to make beautiful vases, or I just put long-stem flowers in the top, with some water in bottom of the bottle.

  • Milt

    I love to create planters for nice scenery; so, I cut plastic bottles and hang them sideways or in an upright position, to hold the plants.

  • Rob

    Bird feeders are always nice to attract beautiful birds; just hang a plastic bottle with wooden sticks and holes in the bottle, for the food to flow onto flat pieces of wood.

  • Marc

    I can make an inexpensive lawn sprinkler, by poking holes around the base of a plastic bottle that is attached to a hose.

  • Aaron

    I cut the tops off and use the bottles for pen and pencil holders.

  • Mike S.

    I built a raft out of a few hundred glued and strapped together. It had the added bonus of being relatively clear to see the fishes swimming below.

  • Katie C

    Cut off the top and make it into a pencil holder.

  • Donna Kozar

    I reuse them as a water bottle.

  • carol johnson

    Turn it into a liquid soap bottle.

  • mell

    We cut them in half and use them to start seedlings. Also, we use them for small paint jobs.

  • Shelton

    I use them to mix water and fertilizer for my plants that I can’t reach with the garden hose.

  • Michelle Ward

    I use them as little planters for seedlings.

  • Angela Saver

    We reuse plastic water bottles by refilling them with filtered water from the fridge! I also cut the top off & use them as scoops!

  • Peter

    I refill my bottle

  • Allison Bird

    We refill our plastic bottle with home brew!! They make great beer bottles! :)

  • Marcia Brown

    I reuse them with my drink as long as I can. Then I take them to a recycling center to be recycled.

  • Susan

    We refill our plastic bottles and reuse them! :-)

  • Mary Helene

    Up cycle plastic by using them as bird feeders and for bead and other miscellaneous crafts containers.

  • Jerry

    We re-use our empty water bottles by refilling them with filtered water from our Brita pitcher.
    They last a long time, and it’s just one less bottle to dispose of every time we use it!

  • Angela Flowers

    You could use them to plant herbs or flowers or they can be used as bird feeders.

  • Toni Nicolson

    I reuse my plastic water bottles as long as I can. I refill them with water from the fridge.

  • Marci

    Cut the top off and it’s a holder for plastic bags.

  • Christy Glaze

    I cut the top third off, flip it over, put something smelly in the bottom, put the top on upside down, tape it and you have a flycatcher

  • DailyWoman (Lacey)

    I have used them for arts & crafts, science projects but we do not buy them regularly.

  • phl

    I don’t use plastic water bottles, but I’ve made some hanging wall caddies out of old laundry detergent bottles. You can cut the top off, then cut a hole or two in one side and hang it on a couple of command hooks. Sometimes the labels can’t be taken off, but that’s not a big deal in a garage or a craft room.

  • Natalie

    We cycle up by using them as cooling bottles for our two chinchillas. In warmer weather, they need ice bottles to help keep them cool. Recycled water bottles work great especially if the chinnies decide to chew on them a bit.

  • Peter W. Horton Jr.

    Cut part of it away to use as a scoop! Yes!

  • Diane Redcay

    I cut some of the bottom off and put mouth end in my plant containers add water and it waters my plants all week slowly

  • Cheryl

    2-liter plastic bottles are good for making wasp traps.

  • Linda Poplees

    I would hang them from the trees as decorations

  • Nicole Shaffer

    Plastic Bottle Hanging Garden

  • Evans B.

    It could be used as birdfeeder.

  • Naomie

    Use a water bottle as a flower planter

  • Geri

    A plastic bottle birdhouse.

  • You can up cycle a plastic bottle by refilling it with water.