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Win a Sentry Safe Fire Chest!

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Ever struck by the fear that all of your cherished, irreplaceable documents, media, family pictures, mementos, etc. will, one day, be consumed by flames? True, it’s not the material things that we care most about saving in the midst of a fire, but, after we ensure that ourselves, friends, & loved ones are alive and well, it’s certainly a luxury to know that a few extra-special items outlasted the flames as well!

This week, Shoplet is giving away a  Sentry Safe’s 1200P Fire Chest to ensure that all of your precious, super-important documents remain protected from the chance event of a fire.

Even cooler? Sales made from the special pink edition of this Fire Chest will benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Want your own? Here’s how to enter:

Leave us a comment below, letting us know which things you’d keep safe in this fire chest! 

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We will select one lucky winner via on Monday, January 20th. Good luck, everyone :)

362 thoughts on “Win a Sentry Safe Fire Chest!”

  1. autumn eaton says:

    Follow on Instagram

  2. Adrienne Collette says:

    Legal docs, a flash drive with important documents stored on it and a small notebook with passwords and important information that my family would need if something happened to me.

  3. Kathleen Dunagan says:

    I would keep my passport, birth certificate, CD’s of my digital pict
    ures and old negatives. Losing a lifetime of pictures would be devastating!

  4. Paula Young says:

    Important papers, cash, jump drives and spare eyeglasses!

  5. THU JENKINS says:


  6. Stacey Burns says:

    I could keep all our family documents, wedding video and children’s birth videos in it. I’d love to win this fire proof safe. on ours that we have now, the lid has broken off.

  7. Claire says:

    I would keep important family pphotos.

  8. Sam says:

    I would keep pictures and my USB with my poems on it, in the safe.

  9. jon s. west says:

    This is probably a laughable remark. Not being very handy with following your directions, I couldn’t understand well enough to register for the free safe.

  10. Kathleen Shriner says:

    My pictures are the most precious thing to me since most of the subjects in them have passed on and can’t be replaced. I have lost all my pictures previously in a fire and learned to put them all on memory cards and put them in a fire proof safe, however, the safe is too big to carry out in an emergency and if there is a flood they would not be protected. If I were to win, I would put all my memory cards and sticks in the pretty pink box and take them with me when leaving a disaster.
    Thank you for your time and consideration, Kathleen

  11. Okorie says:

    l will keep my family documents in the box.

  12. Belinda Brown says:

    I would keep items that i treasure in it. Cards and letters my best friend sent me before she died would go in first.

  13. Sheresa Collins says:

    I would keep docoments such as insurance papers, car titles, birth certificates, credit card information, flash drives, digital camera memory cards and of course those special items my daughter gave me that I would never want to loose.

  14. Sloan Patterson says:

    I would keep old photos and legal documents in the safe

  15. Susan says:

    I would keep things like my granddaughters birthcertificate, social security card, my bc and important documents as such.

  16. Aricka Hansen says:

    i would keep Jewelry and documents in it…. I LOVE PINK!!!!!

  17. Kevin W says:

    All important papers.

  18. Carrie Conley says:

    Email subscriber….

  19. Carrie Conley says:

    Like shoplet on facebook and shared the giveaway….

  20. Carrie Conley says:

    My insurance papers….tax papers….social security cards and birth certificates…

  21. Carrie Conley says:

    Following on twitter and tweeted the giveaway….

  22. Carrie Conley says:

    Subscribe to shoplet on YouTubeChannel

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    Following on pinterest and repined the giveaway….

  24. Sheila Vives says:

    I subscribe by email

  25. Sheila Vives says:

    I like you on Facebook (sheila.vives.1)

  26. Sheila Vives says:

    I like you on twitter and shared the giveaway:

  27. Sheila Vives says:

    I follow on Pinterest (

  28. Sheila Vives says:

    I would keep birth certificates, photo negatives and gift cards as well as emergency cash in the Sentry Safe’s 1200P Fire Chest

  29. Tracey Luke says:

    I would keep birth certificates, passports, deeds, titles and insurance policies in the safe.

  30. Ashley says:

    I would keep important documents, pictures, and cash in it!

  31. Peggy Gorman says:

    Subscribe via email

  32. Peggy Gorman says:

    Like on FB and shared

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    Subscribe to YouTube Channel

  34. Peggy Gorman says:

    Follow Shoplet on Instagram

  35. April Reed says:

    I would keep money, jewelry, and important papers in it!

  36. Tina says:

    I would store legal documents (birth certificates, marriage license, etc.), a CD copy of all my pictures, and flash drives.

  37. Aeryn S says:

    I’d love to have a Fire Safe of my very own to store our birth certificates, passports, wills, power of attorneys, medical power of attorneys, insurance files and ownership pictures/receipts/serial numbers, maintenance records, deeds, most recent finacial records, credit card info, list of all of our various accounts and passwords, medical records, a hard copy of our phone and computer contacts, a recently synched backup hard drive, and a small stack of cash. Oh, and my treasure map of course.

  38. K. Finn says:

    I’d keep the birth certificate and passport and maybe some spare cash.

  39. Dawnda says:

    Would love to win the beautiful pink Sentry Safe Fire Chest. Would be perfect to keep my cherished pictures, my marriage license, titles, deeds, birth certificates, my passport and any and all important documents that need to be in just one location. The color would stand out and be perfect to grab on the way out if the need ever happens. Thanks for the entry – fingers crossed/fingers crossed.

  40. Amy N. says:

    Thanks so much for this chance to win! It would be nice to have a firesafe to keep these things safe: passport, marriage license, social security cards, flash drive with documents/memories, will papers, savings bonds…oh goodness, how big is this thing? haha Thanks again! :)

  41. Rhonda Peña says:

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    Liked and shared on FB (Danny Taylor Rhonda)

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    Follow via Twitter @DannyTRhonda and tweeted

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    Subscribe to YouTube (Rhonda P.)

  45. Rhonda Peña says:

    Follow on Pinterest (Happy in 3rd grade) and repinned

  46. K. Finn says:

    I followed on pinterest and repinned.

  47. Brooklyn Dutson says:

    social security cards,birth certificates, id’s, money, keys, picture cd’s. :)

  48. Vickie Kulp says:

    Liked and shared contest post publicly on Facebook

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