Win a Germ-Free Summer Purell Bundle (CLOSED)

  • I could use it all through my home!!!

  • Carol Burgess

    Sanitize everything.

  • Mike Fowler

    I want to be germ free with purell

  • Holly Lamonds

    Planning on a whole lot of camping could use some hand sanitize.

  • I wash my hands often..When out in public and at home. It is important to sanitize as you can too.

  • By keeping plenty od purex santizer around and in my pocket to wipe up behind the public.

  • wash, wash, wash, wash, wash and wash again

  • Alicia D

    Wash my hands but you’ll never be 100 percent germ free!!

  • Kim B

    Perfect for keeping in the barn where we don’t have running water, but plenty of animals w/ germs, poop, etc…

  • Lorina Padgett

    I wash my hands often. I also take hand wipes with me.

  • Laci Peterson

    This would be amazing I’m a private nanny, and we are outside all the time. This would help with so many different things when we’re not around soap and water. Definitely will help lower the risk of Spreading germs.

  • Rhiana mossman

    By washing my hands or using sanitizer when needed :-)

  • Timothy Simpson

    Washing my hands



  • my friend would go crazy over this lol

  • Jimmie LeForge

    I plan to wash my hands . ALOT !

  • Jean Cianci

    With all the viruses the bacterias the year of the gypsy moths… Can’t be too clean! Then we have the whole “”raw meat issue” bring on the clean!!

  • Suzanne Hartsburg

    My son uses a lot of this so would love to win !

  • Dedra Ford

    OMG I need this
    I have alot of minis

  • Tammy Leehy

    I plan to stay germ free by always washing and re washing my hands and making sure my kids do the same. This is an OCD household LBVS!! We would love to win this!!!

  • Pamela Manuel

    I will stay germ free this summer by washing my hands properly after every germ promoting activity and when I can’t, I will use Purell hand sanitizer.

  • I plan to stay Germ free by cleaning and washing our hands and everything around us

  • I’m hoping that now that school is out that helps cut down on a lot of germs brought home. I always like to be sure that wherever I am I always have hand sanitizer

  • Debbie Moon

    Lots of hand sanitizer and wipes for outdoor activities where water isn’t handy to clean up with.

  • Kimberly Singh

    I plan to wash my hands often and use hand sanitizer in between.

  • I plan to keep germs away with keeping the family and our home sanitize.

  • melissa shaw

    i use purell hand sanitizer every day no matter where i am

  • Dawn Land

    I plan on staying germ free this summer by using only the best, Purell.

  • Dawn

    Washing hands, sanitize when needed, I use lysol on everything, stay hydrated.

  • Tiffany Pierce

    I plan to stay germ free this summer by washing my hands often and always keeping hand sanitizer with me.

  • Gloria marquez

    Washing hands often using hand sanitizer when water not available

  • Ashlee Carmack

    I plan to stay germ free this summer by washing my hands, using sanitizing wipes and avoiding sick people.

  • Bonnie Gray

    By staying clean and germ free

  • Beth Swords

    Love to win this !

  • Barbara Onijamowo

    By doing what I do daily, use Purell !!

  • crystal taylor

    I tend to stay germ free by using lots of Purell!

  • Sarah Littlefield

    I guess our plan is cleaning with Clorox wipes, not leaving things out and of course using hand sanitizer.

  • Deloras Harris

    I have pets! Washing my hands and wiping down counters is a constant chore! My Lab sheds everywhere! I am looking at my keyboard and it has blond dog hair on it! Washing and whipping! That is my plan for a germ- free Summer!

  • Crystal McKinley

    We stay germ free by using germ-x in between hand washing.

  • I have to have my hand sanitizer wherever I go love the purse size ones comes in handy

  • Candace Slocumb

    I plan to stay germ free around 6 kids by lots of handwashing extra vitamin C and hand sanitizer by the buckets

  • Valerie Sobel

    Trying to wash my baby and toddlers hands when done playing on floor or outside. When we got out using a hand sanitizer is a must I have it connected to all my purses and diaper bags.

  • Brandi Paschal

    Well of course using Purell hamd sanitizer. I have some in both vehicles, my purse, and our fishing tackle box! That’s a must!

  • Vonne

    Keeping my family and myself healthy is big thing, I use to be super bad with my household cleaning, to the point where my house was so clean anywhere my kids went they instantly got sick. My plan for summer health is deep cleaning once a week, I also carry hand sanitizer with me everywhere.

  • Penelope Costanzo

    I make sure we all wash our hands when we come in from caring for our rabbits.

  • January poulin

    As always, washing our hands all the time and using hand sanitizer when soap and water isn’t available!

  • Anita Nash

    The way I plan on keeping my family germ free this summer is requiring them to sanitize their hands after playing outside. Also i plan on keeping orange juice in our breakfast routine to give us that Vitamin D. Also im going to continue to wipe down and sanitize our house.

  • Lindsey Goff

    Investing in some thieves EO this summer to stay germ free!

  • Amy Taylor

    I have Purell everywhere! In my car, diaper bag, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen…. This is the only kind I use!!

  • Old love to win I go through a ton of this stuff

  • Nicole Shaffer

    By using lots of hand sanitizer!

  • jOYCE m

    Purell is the Only brand of hand sanitizers i trust!

  • Angela

    Love to use Purcell on trips to help keep germs at bay!! And sickness!!

  • Paulet

    On long road trips kids sometimes suffer from car sickness; I usually avoid spicy, greasy or heavy foods before setting out on a long car trip, make regular rest stops and use hand sanitizers often.

  • Rob

    When I am having a picnic I use hand sanitizers and wipes, and because outdoor picnic tables most likely have had contact with birds, bugs and small animals, I cover the table with a disposable table cloth or an old sheet, which is easy to wash.

  • Aaron

    To make it through a steamy, hot day outdoors, without getting dehydrated, I avoid sugary, caffeinated beverages and alcohol because they cause the body to release fluids, and I drink citrus coolers to help keep me healthy.

  • Malv

    I keep hand-sanitizer wipes handy, when I travel, and I am careful not to swallow water when swimming in the lake, where I go boating and fishing.

  • Milt

    I always keep my beach towels and accessories washed and clean after going to the beach or lake, and I carry plenty of hand sanitizer and wipes with me.

  • Marc

    ‪During my summer picnics and get-togethers, I keep hot foods like chicken hot and cold foods like ice cream cold, in the cooler, and I don’t leave food sitting out for long periods of time, either.‬

    • Marc

      ‪During my summer picnics and get-togethers, I keep hot foods, like chicken, hot and cold foods, like ice cream, cold, in the cooler, and I don’t leave food sitting out for long periods of time, either. And, ‬each time I set out new food, I serve the new food on a clean platter.

  • Rhonda Pena

    Purell is a staple for my purse to keep me germ-free wherever I may go!

  • Angela Saver

    I plan to stay germ free this summer by keeping the hand sanitizer with me when traveling & washing my hands regularly!

  • Purell is the ONLY hand sanitizer for my classroom!

  • Heather Hollands

    I keep Purell in my purse to stay germ-free.

  • Katie Fenters

    I plan on staying germ free by using plenty of hand sanitizer, keeping Lysol wipes on hand, and making sure everyone takes their vitamins.

  • sindaset

    by keeping the sanitizer handy !

  • Naomie

    We plan on using lots of hand washing and hand sanitizer if needed

  • I plan on upping our Vitamin C & drinking plenty of water! Also the great outdoors will help keep us germ free! Lots of hiking & not being closed up I’m germ filled rooms!

  • mememe

    sanitize :)

  • Kimmy Ripley

    I stay germ free by always washing my hands and carrying sanitizer around in my purse.

  • Jen Donelow

    Chlorine in pool. No food left out and our weekly deep cleaning of our home.

  • Toni B

    We plan to stay germ-free by washing hands and using great Products like Purell.

  • Arica Hutchins

    By using Purell and Lysol wipes around the house. I have 4 kids so im always ising safe checmicals to clean and disinfect. We always cough into our elbow and cover our mouths when we sneeze

  • Marygrace

    I plan to use hand cleaner & wipes. From touching handrails, books at library and other gross stuff it’s hadn’t to have good clean hands

  • Deb C

    I will, as always, carry hand gel and also hand wipes with me everywhere. I use them before eating, of course, but also after using gas pumps, grocery carts and ATMs or other devices used by the public.

  • Breanna Pollard

    By always having hand santitixer.

  • barbara

    I plan on staying germ free by using purell!

  • Abeer

    lots of hand washing following the basics of scrubing hands

  • Jessica

    Thanks for the chance to win

  • mita

    With Purell products.

  • Susan

    We have been cleaning using essential oils so I want to continue that and learn more!

  • Kelsey Molnar

    I am going to have a germ free summer by washing our hands everytime we go to play outside and when we come in.

  • Jodi Hudson

    I always have purell with me, it is attached to my purse, and diaper bag so it is always handy to,stay germ free!

  • jennifer aguero

    Wash your hands even after getting out of any water, weather the pool, lake, or ocean. Germs are breeding even if you can’t see them.

  • Samantha R Hayn

    I carry around in my purse, wash my hands often, and use disinfectant wipes around the house!

  • Melanie Huttner

    I plan to stay germ free by being diligent about washing my hands and also using hand sanitizes when I’m out!

  • Linda

    keeping Purell with us especially while traveling!

  • Tonya

    I actually have my daughter carry some with her to school. We use it daily when we are out in public, and we will continue to carry it with us all summer long to make sure we aren’t picking up a bunch of germs. Thank you for the chance!

  • Masooma Farishta

    By taking extra vitamin C and keeping a bottle of Purell on my desk at work and in my purse and the car!

  • charity

    wash my hands and use some moisturizing hand sanitizer :)

  • Mary Le

    We plan to stay germ free this summer by Frequently washing hands, eating healthy and using Purell!

  • Mary Mac

    We use Purell in our case plus I keep a bottle in my car and purse.

  • Cindy Vincent

    Keep Purell handy !

  • MelodyJ

    I’m going to wash my hands as much as possible.

  • Mary Hoffman

    Aloha Friend:
    We (grand kids & I) are practicing thorough handwashing, and we now use Purell whenever we leave the store after shopping. so many “GERMS” at the grocery store! We keep it in the car & then we make sure to wash when we get home too!

  • Diane Richards

    If I can’t wash my hands with warm, soapy water, I always have Purell close by, either in my purse, in my car or on my desk.

    Momma is a germaphobe. Multi-vitamin and an extra dose of Vitamin C is a daily routine, already, to help keep those germies away!

  • Marci

    keeping Purell with us every where we go

  • Paula Caudill

    Washing our hands, using Purell hand sanitizer and the air purifier. Thank you!

  • Kathleen

    I can always count on purell to keep me away from germs!

  • Carolyn Barnett

    Hoping for purell to keep our family germ free and keep washng our hands.

  • Carol Johnson

    Using the Purell will help me stay germ free!

  • Janice Breuchaud

    I love Purell products. I use Purell alot, I have lung problems so I have to be careful about germs. My 13 grandkids also love using Purell. Soon as they walk through the door they go straight to my Purell and start pumping. Lol…

  • Pat Wynn

    I plan to do spring house cleaning and clean out all the old stuff! Going to open all the windows and let the house air out!

  • Melissa Cunningham

    With 4 kids I plan on taking plenty of hand sanitizer with me

  • Karrie Millheim

    by using Purell!!

  • mamotts

    shoes offinside- keeping mosquitos away- keeping things clean

  • Cheryl

    I plan to stay germ free this summer with Purell products.

  • vera wilson

    Hands washed often no matter the season. Like lots of hand washing.

  • Linda Poplees

    I have tons of purell, one is in the handbag. One on the sink, and lots of hand washing.

  • Michelle

    lots of handwashing while playing outdoors

  • Natalie

    With summer comes more things to eat with your hands…melons, fried chicken, ribs, etc. Be more diligent that kids have washed their hands before eating!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    Frequent hand washing but I do that year round.

  • Allison Bird

    Washing my hands more often and being careful of what I touch in public!

  • Amanda Waithe

    I play on keeping my hands wash and keeping my home clean disinfecting the bathroom, kitchen and door knobs.

  • Kerri Stewart

    Frequent hand washing & using hand sanitizer by the whole family.

  • Barbara Mayes

    mainly with purell! I carry it around with me at all times!

  • Kaylin Bruce

    I plan to stay germ free by using lots of hand sanitizer and washing hands frequently.

  • Derrick Johnson

    Washing my hands,taking my meds and using sanitizer.

  • We’re going to stay germ free by making sure to have our sanitizer with us, and washing our hands.

  • Amber Bourland

    I garden and dig in the dirt a LOT, so regular hand-washing is important to me. I also do a lot of cooking, both at home and church, so using hand sanitizer is also a must. I try to be very aware of my habit of rubbing my face and eyes, so I am doing that less now, which should help reduce the chance of spreading germs.

  • With young children this could definitely come in handy! Thank you for the chance! We plan to stay germ-free by using something like this and lots of hand washing as well