Win a Teacher’s Art Supplies Kit from Dixon! (CLOSED)

638 thoughts on “Win a Teacher’s Art Supplies Kit from Dixon! (CLOSED)”

  1. Kelly R. says:

    Following Shoplet on Pinterest and pinned the giveaway photo.

  2. Kelly Rodriguez says:

    I teach Kindergarten! I love working with the younger children and I’m looking forward to another great year. I would love to have these supplies for my classroom!

  3. C. Gonzalez says:

    I subscribed to Shoplet’s YouTube Channel.

  4. C. Gonzalez says:

    This is a wonderful prize that will bless any teacher!

    I teach Transitional Kinder in CA.

    signed up for blog via email

  5. Scott Mahl says:

    I teach highschool math and these products would allow me to bring new color into the class and if you don’t already know the Ticonderoga pencils are the best out there. My supply of personal ones keep disappearing off my desk somehow.

  6. Beth says:

    follow shoplet and Dixon on pinterest and repinned

  7. Beth says:

    follow shoplet and Dixon twitter and retweeted

  8. Beth says:

    follow shoplet and Dixon facebook and shared the post

  9. Beth says:

    follow shoplet on email

  10. Beth says:

    I teach 5-7th grade

  11. Sarah Taylor says:

    I am following on pinterest and repinned the photo. Did I mention when you teach chem and physics they practically eat pencils.

  12. Sarah Taylor says:

    I’m following Dixon & Shoplet on Twitter and I retweeted about the treasure chest of goodies.

  13. Sarah Taylor says:

    I liked Dixon, shoplet and shared the contest on my facebook page.

  14. Aloysia M. says:

    I just followed Shoplet on Instagram. Wish me luck on the school supplies!

  15. Aloysia M. says:

    I teach second grade and love those pencils!

  16. Sarah Taylor says:

    I teach high school science – chemistry and physics. All kids like to mix a little art into their lessons. They would love these supplies.

  17. Debbie says:

    This is for Susan B. who teaches 3rd grade at an elementary school in Montgomery, Alabama. She’s a fantastic teacher who gives her students the gift of love and the joy of learning….she’s incredible and absolutely the BEST. She deserves to win this special gift for her 3rd grade class.

  18. Cassandra Pearson says:

    I followed Shoplet on Pinterest and Re-pinned the Giveaway
    Cassandra <3

  19. Cassandra Pearson says:

    I teach First Step in VA.

  20. Cassandra Pearson says:

    I Shared the Giveaway on Facebook
    Cassandra Pearson

  21. Cassandra Pearson says:

    I Subscribed via YouTube Channel

  22. Cassandra Pearson says:

    I liked both Shoplet and Dixon on Facebook
    Cassandra Pearson

  23. Cassandra Pearson says:

    I subscribed via email

  24. bette says:

    I teach special education at our city high school.

  25. Meg says:

    I followed Shoplet and pinned the giveaway!!

  26. Meg says:

    I subscribed via email – mbeardsley128 (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. Patricia Daley says:

    These are great products. I will share with other teachers in my school!

  28. Meg says:

    I teach 8th to 11th grade students with autism at a private academic school for kids diagnosed with ASD!

  29. Ariel says:

    I teach 4th-6th grade special education :)

  30. Jennifer says:

    I became a follower on Pinterest.

  31. Jennifer says:

    I liked Dixon on Facebook.

  32. Jennifer says:

    I liked shoplet on FB.

  33. Jennifer says:

    I subscribed via email.

  34. Jennifer says:

    I teach first and we uses tons of art supplies all year:) Fingers crossed i win:) I also liked shoplet and dizxon on facebook, subscribed via email and I became a follower on pinterest.

  35. Susan Russell says:

    Posted a comment on FB about this giveaway.

  36. Susan Russell says:

    Followed Shoplet on FB.

  37. Susan Russell says:

    Followed Dixon on FB.

  38. Susan Russell says:

    Followed through email subscription.

  39. Susan Russell says:

    I teach 2nd grade in Alabama. I currently will have 19 students.

  40. Cathy Pate says:

    What an awesome gift this is!!! I would love to win this to use in my library! I teach 16 library classes per week and this would be such a blessing!!!

  41. Jennifer M says:

    I teach 9th and 10th graders English in Washington DC. My students struggle with reading and supplies like this will help me keep them engaged with more exciting and colorful lessons!

  42. Rhonda P. says:

    Follow Shoplet on Pinterest and repinned giveaway.

  43. Rhonda P. says:

    I subscribe to Shoplet on YouTube (Rhonda P.).

  44. Rhonda P. says:

    Follow Shoplet and Dixon on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway.

  45. Rhonda P. says:

    I like Shoplet and Dixon on FB and shared giveaway.

  46. Rhonda P. says:

    I teach 3rd grade (mainly math) at Bryan Elementary in Mission, TX.

  47. Rhonda P. says:

    I subscribe to email – danrhon (at) gmail (dot) com

  48. Janne Lanzoni says:

    I am a sponsor for our High School PTSA and our campus Anime Club. Our Anime club could really could really save some money with not having to buy art supplies. With what we would save we could spend that money on some new software that we have been wanting but have no budget for. Our PTSA would benefit too. We are always making large banner signs for events on campus. Those paints would really come in handy! I am glad that I found you guys. Your prices are great for teachers!

  49. Barbara says:

    I would love to win this prize to donate to my classroom lovely students since our district is limited on funds for supplies I can order ad we are a Title I district where the number of students attending is outweighing the amount to attend school even in their homeschool locations. I don’t understand how we can keep overcrowding schools and teachers and expect many unfortunate parents to gather school supplies. Prices are going up while many paychecks are not and this would so help me to not ask for these supplies in my classroom as a way of helping those in need and connecting with my students family and community needs with some small relief. Most of my own money goes to help the students and families who cannot afford the supplies asked for. Thanks for your help and time in doing something so wonderful for growing minds.

  50. Jennifer says:

    These are some of the best products! I would love to win these and provide them for needy students in northwest Ohio. Of course I will be purchasing items to donate already but this would really add to what I am able to do by myself!

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