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Win an AT-A-GLANCE Wounded Warrior Project Appointment Book!

ACCO Brands, the manufacturer of AT-A-GLANCE Planning Products will make a minimum donation of $125,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project,  an organization that is dedicated to improving the health, happiness, and degree of opportunity available to injured service members.


This week, to help spread the word about ACCO’s honorable commitment, Shoplet is giving away 3 AT-A-GLANCE Wounded Warrior Project Weekly/Monthly Appointment Book. Two pages per week, two pages per month, every month, this planner showcases a unique warrior story. With a Wounded Warrior planner, it’s hard to not remember that each day is a gift to be cherished.


Want one? Here’s how to enter:

Leave us a comment below, letting us know about a cause that you really care about!

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We will select 3 lucky winners via on Monday, January 13th. Good luck, everyone :)

90 Responses to Win an AT-A-GLANCE Wounded Warrior Project Appointment Book!

  1. Susie N says:

    Along with Wounded Warriors, the Fisher House Foundation provides a place for a veteran’s family to stay while their loved one is receiving treatment. There are 62 houses and 19,000 were served in 2013. Great organization!

  2. Dlori says:

    There are several causes that I’m extremely passionate about but I don’t just debate these subjects, like so many others do, I get involved in trying to implement positive change.

    First, I am a huge animal lover and I have a special passion for pit bulls becauseI think they have been abused by humans, thus suffering serious ramifications to the reputation of the race. I like to show people how gentle and friendly well bred pit bulls really are if trained properly,

    I am also active in exposing government corruption, something I don’t think I should discuss further here.

    Lastly, I love the Big Cats of africa as well as orangutans and how these beautiful creatures are becoming extinct due to the savagery of human beings.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  3. Doreen says:

    I am on the board of our local Job Club and they just started a group for veterans, some of them that are wounded, that meet twice a month. This would really come in handy for those that are running the group to keep track of speakers, topics, etc.

  4. Amy Henry says:

    The cause that I am truly engaged in is character education for our youth. I am a teacher, and I find every opportunity that I can to help with the emotional and social health of the students I teach and come in contact with, as well as teach them the subject area content.