Win an Atlantis Ballpoint Pen from BIC (CLOSED)

  • Diana Smith Hill

    Thank you!!

  • Marc

    What a wonderful writing instrument, this BIC Atlantis pen would be, to write with, smoothly and comfortably, for all my business papers.

  • Paulet

    The BIC Atlantis Ballpoint Pen is a great writing pen, that is availabe in black, blue and fashion colors, to help make my business and book club reports look really nice.

  • Rob

    I think the BIC Atlantis ballpoint pen has a ckassic look, with a trusted feel, for all my business writing needs.

  • Aaron

    The BIC Atlantis pen appears to be a nicely balanced pen, with a good grip, to help with hand fatigue, when I write my long financial reports.

  • Malv

    With the rubberized comfort grip, I found the BIC Alantis pen to be a very comfortable pen, to write with for long periods of time.

  • Milt

    I love the BIC Atlantis pen because it is a very precise pen, to use for my business reports.

  • Lily Kwan

    I have to have this Atlantis Ballpoint pen because it looks very useful!

  • Donna Kozar

    because it looks like a great pen.

  • Shelton

    I have hand fatigue (arthritis) and the silicone grip sounds like a great feature. Nothing like a really good pen!

  • Cheryl Young

    I would love to win because I love to write with a really good pen!

  • Elizabeth J.

    I would love the pen because my husband loves good pens to write with! Thanks for the chance!

  • CathyE

    It writes smoothly and never skips!

  • Lisa Carr

    I had an Atlantis pen, but lost it somehow when I switched jobs. I haven’t gotten around to getting another one yet. No pen I have used since compares to my Atlantis.

  • Cheryl

    I have to have this Atlantis Ballpoint pen because it’s a beauty and will make writing a pleasure.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I love a pen that is comfortable and writes smoothly. This one sounds nice!

  • Ericka Coello

    I’m still an ‘old fashion’ person, I use pens to write things down on paper

  • I need a new fancy pen to use in my new office!

  • sharon austin

    I’d love to win it because whenever I sit down to wrote a ” real” note, not an email, I love to feel like it’s a work of art with a great pen like this!

    • sharon austin

      actually, I wanted to add— that I used to have one of these, loving how it glided over the paper as I wrote!! but mine has disappeared.

  • Teresa Organ

    I have to have this Atlantis Ballpoint pen because they are awesome pens.

  • michelle jacobsen

    I can never have enough pens or notebooks. That being said, I am always looking for new and improved which this is both.

  • Rainn

    I’m in Occupational therapy for my hands and was advised to get pens with a comfortable grip by my OT. These sound perfect!

  • Marty C

    Back in the day, I had the telltale middle finger callus of the dedicated writer, but I use a keyboard much more often than a pen these days. When I’m choosing an ink pen, I always look for something extra-comfortable and smooth so that my unaccustomed-to-writing hand doesn’t get sore and tired.

  • amy stonger

    Its so fancy and I want to show it off to all my classmates.

  • Carmela

    I ♡ Bic Products they rock my socks

  • Deloras Harris

    Love BIC. The Atlantis is slim and classy like me!

  • have to have this Atlantis Ballpoint pen because i am tired of pens that do not work !!

  • April Bray

    I really need this pen because I keep a journal. I do a lot of writing in it. Not to mention I have a pen fetish. I love different pens.

  • sandy

    I journal, send cads and write..I also teach. Still searching for that pen that does not cause finger pain when writing..that perfect comfort…maybe this is the one.

  • Nancy Reid

    The fact that the Bic Atlantis Pen has a comfortable grip a easy glide over paper makes it very desirable to me
    especially for writing letters and journaling.

  • I would love to have one of these! Seems like a smooth and comfortable writing tool! :D

  • Susan

    I love it that this pen “glides” and has a soft grip!

  • Mary Helene

    I love the great look and handle of these pens.

  • Gloria Marquez

    Love the style of pen

  • Angela Flowers

    I love pens and it is not often you can find a really good quality pen. This looks like it would be a great addition to my pens of choice.

  • Diane Kleiman

    I don’t have any good pens. Most either skip as I’m writing or the ink leaks. What I love about this pen is they say you have a better grip holding it so it doesn’t slip around as you’re writing and most importantly, it writes extremely smoothly, not skipping. I’d love to try one.

    Thank you for doing this giveaway.

    Diane K.

  • Jerry

    A pen like this would be just the ticket for me! Bic is a great brand and I sure could use this one!

  • Melody Johnson

    Bic is a good soild pen.

  • Toni Nicolson

    I have to have this pen because I do a lot of writing and a comfortable, smooth writing pen is a necessity.

  • Marci

    I have to have this because it has ultrasmooth ink

  • Vera S

    I have to have the Atlantis Ballpoint pen because it is so awesome! :)

  • L Green

    I would love to win the BIC Atlantis pen. I have found only one pen that fits comfortably in my hand when writing, It is a BIC, but I don’t remember the name of the pen. I lost it when I was sick. It would be nice to find another comfortable pen. Thank you.

  • Kimberly Flickinger

    I would love to win one because I love to write and also collect pens. Thank you for the chance.

  • DailyWoman (Lacey)

    There is a couple of reasons I would love to have a Atlantis Ballpoint, one is I love collecting pens and two I need to find that perfect pen, this looks like it could be it.

  • I have to have a good pen at work that will not smudge, as I write on papers for the FDA. Great pens are a must.

  • sherry walker

    I love a good pen! I am constantly writing and I love a pen that is fluid and doesn’t skip. I have always been a big fan of BIC pens!

  • Peter W. Horton Jr.

    I like to write things! Yes!

  • Natalie

    I love a good pen. Thing is everyone does and they always go missing.

  • Robin Pescador

    I def need these pens in my life…I cant ever find any around the house when I need one. TYSM for the chance

  • Linda Poplees

    I do a lot of writing and these pens would be great. I am old fashioned not a email person, like sending cards and long letters.

  • Nicole Shaffer

    I’d use this pen to write my many to-do lists!

  • Heather Hollands

    I would use it as a grading pen.

  • Geri

    I love a stylish pen that writes well.

  • LOve Pens!!! :)

  • Naomie

    Because it looks sophisticated!

  • Mary Rodwicz

    I’m a cardio tech and do a LOT of charting all day at hospital , this would be fabulous !!! @alongcamemary1

  • Diana Smith Hill

    I like the idea of a soft grip on a pen. Would be nice to try it. I grip pens too hard and always hurts. This would be a nice change.

  • I write freelance or for my blog so you can either catch me writing passionately for those elements, or perhaps writing in my dream journal or my bullet journal. Whatever it is, I always feel like I’m writing!

  • Toni B

    I write every day so I must have a good pen to see me through.

  • Debbie Terry

    My spouse is fascinated with pens…pen fetish?

  • Diane Richards

    Love to write. Husband always steals my super cool pens and loses them. Always in need of a great pen.

  • Given all the notes I take at work, and the journaling I do personally, I can definitely use a nice pen that can hold up to all that writing. Is your pen up to the task? If I win, you might find out.