Win an HP Mini Notebook for Daddy!

Father’s Day is this Sunday (you didn’t forget, right?) and you probably already have a present (right?) but why not win him an HP Mini 110 Notebook and give it to him as one of those extra presents? This week’s giveaway is sponsored by HP and we are all about the Dad’s.

One thing that’s great about giving away a mini computer is that you really don’t have to convince anyone why it’s great. It’s obvious. But let me tell you the specs, in case you’re not quite convinced.

  • Hard Drive is 250GB
  • 10.1″ Screen
  • 92% Full-Sized Keyboard
  • Nice Touch Pad
  • 1.60 GHz Intel Processor
  • HP Webcam
  • Read More About it Here

Excited? Here’s how you can win?

Leave a comment on this post, telling us what you’ve given your dad in past years

Want extra entries?

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Just make sure to comment on our blog and let us know which extra entries you do!

Winner will be announced June 21 – The day after Father’s Day. I know it’s late but who doesn’t like a really fun awesome late present?

Remember if you’ve won before, you can always win again! determines the winner. ¬†Sorry, US only.

UPDATE: Congrats to @2boysblue!! Thanks to all those that shared their great father’s day memories and gift ideas. I wish we had hundreds of Netbooks to giveaway!

410 thoughts on “Win an HP Mini Notebook for Daddy!”

  1. Jack says:

    My wife won’t let me buy one, so the only way I’ll ever get one is to win it.

  2. astorey says:

    A harley robe. big n comfy

  3. Lisa says:

    Since my dad has most everything that I could afford to give him, he asks for the standard: socks, underware, wallet, and jeans. Nothing very exiting. My dad has been a truck driver most my life, this would be a great way for him to keep in touch on a more personal level. It would blow his mind to have his own laptop in the truck.

  4. Lea Jones says:

    I am already registered through email.

  5. Lea Jones says:

    I would love to receive this, in order to finish writing my particular work!

  6. Jody says:

    I baked my Dad a cake. I do not know how to cook, so this was quite a challenge; besides I don’t earn enough money for gifts with all my bills. This was my special gift for Dad.

  7. Jan Sheldon says:

    My dad is gone now, but every gift I gave him, he would say that he loved it. :) He was a great guy. I miss him a lot. If I had to pick one gift it would be a tie. I know, I know, it’s cliche, but he always liked the ties I gave him.

  8. Brad says:

    I am going to wash and wax his car!

  9. Charlotte Lapham says:

    Dad always says that he just wants my “love”!

  10. nicole says:

    i could not get my dad anything last year or this year i am disabled with two kids.

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