Win an iPod Touch, Nano, or Shuffle!

Happy Halloween everyone! Our weekly giveaway for this week is sponsored by Gojo and they have decided to give away some awesome Apple products to our readers! You can either win an iPod Touch, iPod Nano, or iPod Shuffle! I would tell you a little more about the products but I’m guessing you already know how great they are. (Personally, I really want the iPod Nano because it’s tiny and cute and has a beautiful screen on the front)

Ready to win?

Leave a comment on this post with your best Purell story!

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159 thoughts on “Win an iPod Touch, Nano, or Shuffle!”

  1. Renee says:

    We use Purell all over the office, we have dispensers on everyone’s desk and also in the hallways so employees are using it all the time. We even give it to our Techs who go to customer’s homes. After the stuff they see in some homes, they want to bath in Purell. They trust the brand and know that when they use Purell, they are getting the germs and can continue on with their day. Wouldn’t do business with it!

  2. Lori Nash says:

    We have the handy dandy mini purell’s in our car, purses & backpacks! it’s a great thing to have while travelling. Ever been in an outdoor bathroom where there’s no soap?

  3. Furbee says:

    i have two teens and hand sanitizer comes in handy particularly during the summer months when kids are outdoors. I also keep Purell in the car while traveling. While driving to visit the in-laws my husband’s tummy decided that whatever he had for lunch did not settle well. He vomited in the car while driving. With no water in sight Purell came in handy as a cleaner (believe it or not) and of course removed odor from my husbands hands.

    I have seen him use GOJO Natural Orange hand cleaner while working in this “shop”. I swear he drinks that stuff….it is his favorite. He also uses Purell constantly when gardening or working outdoors.

  4. Lois D says:

    I practically flew to the stores when Purell came out with their sanitizer! I am grandmother to a very active 2 & 1/2 year old and this product is definitely a godsend! I keep it in the kitchen by the sink, for everyone to use; I keep a bottle in my purse for quick access when I’m out and about, and I even have a bottle on hand in my van. I would recommend this product to everyone. It affords us peace of mind in knowing that at least a few germs will not be given a ride to others via our hands!!

  5. Sandra Hayes says:

    It’s gratifying when your 14-year old is germ-minded enough to keep a small Purell in her backpack. Her travel size proved in handy in the car, when leather upholstery got doggified (only try this on sealed leather). Although the wonderful smell of wet muddy puppy lingered a bit, at least the seats no longer had eau du jerms.on the surface. THANKS PURELL for handy portability!

  6. Tami A says:

    I like you on facebook via Lynn Heil

  7. Tami A says:

    I subscribe to email

  8. Tami A says:

    I’ve been in the hospital four times in the last two months. Before that I have not been in a hospital other than to have my kids. I am 38 turning 39 on Monday and have enjoyed good health until two months ago. I have learned now to not take my health for granted. In every room I had in the hospital was a dispenser for Purell. I noticed while lying in my hospital bed that the nurses were very good about using it every time they left my room which I was very thankful for being a patient there.

    But now when I see a bottle of Purell I have to chuckle because on one of the last days of my last hospital stay the doctor sat down with me to discuss my recent health issues and the Purell. He highly recommend that I use it to prevent the spread of germs and to make sure my kids had little bottles in their desks and backpacks to have with them at all times.

    So now each of my family members carries a small bottle of Purell with them at all times. My kids give me a hard time since there seems to be a bottle at every turn but I really believe this is a great product to have to prevent the spread of even more germs out there and I refuse to end up back in the hospital if I can help prevent it!! :)

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