5 thoughts on “solo-cup-shoplet-giveaway”

  1. michelle mcknuckles says:

    Due to the disabling effects of arthritis regular dishes are too heavy & painful. These are beautiful
    and sturdier than the generic variety.

  2. michelle mcknuckles says:

    I am a disabled person living on a set income . Because of loss of upper body strength regular

    Plates are too heavy. The length of time I can stand up from my wheelchair is also limited.

    These items are very expensive for us on a limited income but important when your hands hurt

    from regular dishes.

  3. Mary Steenwyk says:

    We are helping out a lot of single mom’s and this would really come in handy for meals.

  4. Bernadette DeMonstoy says:

    Daughter just recently moved her wedding up by a year. I only have a couple months to supply and decorate the bride and the wedding. :):):) Yes, I need all the help I can get. LOLOLOLO

  5. dana m lindley spence says:

    i could use these for my active family. either for lunches or on the go to work dinners

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