Win Smead File Folders! 3 Winners (CLOSED)

  • Lily Kwan

    Smead File Folders can help me organize my documents by providing an easy way to process my paperwork.

  • autumn eaton

    This would allow me to keep all the kids school papers organized.

  • Aaron

    My home office is ugly and messy, but these stylish Smead Folders should help keep everything neat, clean and nice-looking.

  • Malv

    I am usually not very organized, with my documents and everyday paperwork, but with these folders, I will be able to find what papers I need, in my business or home office.

  • Paulet

    The Smead Pocket Folders are very nice colors and protective, for my papers, along with the tough Smead Section Folder, for on-the-go people, like me.

  • Marc

    Even though the hot weather is easing up here, it is always good to keep my papers and documents, secure and clean in the field.

  • Milt

    I love Smead Folders to help keep my important documents and letters organized.

  • Rob

    These Smead File Folders would really help me carry and protect all my important business papers, when I travel.

  • I could use these to stay organized in my classroom.

  • I have stuff I need to organize and don’t know how to start.

  • The Smead File Folders can help me organize our documents because there is always plenty to organize between bills, medical paperwork, and the kids’ school papers.

  • I love these file folders! I need new ones to organize dd’s school papers, I’m getting inundated with papers!

  • Nicole Shaffer

    These would be great for all of my families important dicuments like tax forms, receipts and medical statements

  • Linda Davidson-Poplees

    Lately, I just stick all my paperwork in a drawer. This would help me put things away for year end taxes, keep receipts for checking my credit card. It truly would be a life saver and I wouldn’t have a ton of paperwork to go through constantly.

  • Brittany whitley

    These would be awesome to organize all of the important paperwork we have from just buying our first home :D

  • JudyO

    SMEAD is just the best for organizing. The colored folder sure would help to get all my papers organized in one place.

  • Samantha Loughlin

    Help me organise my household bills xx

  • Mary Helene

    Will help me keep my papers for my small craft business better in order.

  • Angela Flowers

    These would be great for organizing end of the year paperwork

  • Kelly Brown

    These folders would be great to help me organize my school data for my students.

  • Kim Neville

    Would help me organise my bills and receipts

  • Geri

    I would use these for my receipts first. I can never find one when I need it. These folders would be a lifesaver for them.

  • Melissa Ashbrook

    My stuff is a mess right now! Thanks for a chance to get organized!

  • Helen Wagner

    Oh! Wow! Wow! Wow! These are just what I am needing! These Smead file folders are perfect for use at school and at home! The Redrope Tuff folders are just the thing for organizing my special education student files and keeping all legal documents in “monitoring”order. I have actually been trying to find a way to acquire some for my classroom. They are also fabulous for home filing and storage/ organization of important information, like taxes and recipes. The 3-in-1 Super Tab Section Folders are bright and colorful and would be great to use for student papers, communication folders, stationery….I see unlimited uses for these files! I would love to win a set for my classroom to help keep my paperwork nice and neat!

  • Gina N

    With all the papers that my family and I accumulate between school, medical, banking and just everyday events, we definitely need Smead File Folders to give us some organization to this mass of paper and make our lives a little easier with the peace of mind of finding documents with ease!

  • Susan Tice

    Need these to help me organize.

  • Coco Knight

    I would use these Smead file folders to organize my tax records and medical documents and receipts

  • Ana Ria Aquino

    Smead File folders will help me in organizing my office files accordingly! I love the colorful scheme of organizing because it’s so easy for me to remember!

  • Allison CB

    I need them to help with my medical records and tax files!

  • I love that this gives you the ability to stagger your paper work in the pockets so each thing is easy to see and locate. These will help me not only keep my tax paperwork together in one place, but also will help me organize the veterinary records for my dogs!

  • Amy C.

    My husband loves these folders and organizer for keeping bills and tax information in order.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    These would be great for receipts and other documents for tax time.

  • Mary V

    These color coded folder would come in handy for many things, like when to pay bills, sort my recipes for holidays and parties. Thanks

  • Erin Ellis

    These would be great for organizing my tax documents.