Get to Know Shoplet’s CARE. SHARE. GROW. Campaign


Hey, tree hugger! Here’s a way to hug more trees…

We are proud to announce the official launch of Care. Share. Grow., a dynamic social media campaign, powered by our newly sealed partnership with Trees for the Future.


How does Care. Share. Grow. work?

With the simple click of a social media “share” button, we’ll plant a tree in your honor through Trees for the Future. It’s that simple! You can start sharing & planting trees by clicking here. With your help, we hope to reach our goal of planting one million trees!


Why Trees for the Future? 

We couldn’t be happier about our partnership with Trees for the Future. Equipped with a twenty-five year history of planting trees and educating underprivileged farmers, Trees for the Future has upheld its reputation and proven its dedication to making the world a greener place to live in.


What Inspired Care. Share. Grow.

The eco-centric values of Care. Share. Grow. are a far cry from “new” to Shoplet. In fact, we have maintained a long-running history of lifting the veil between our customers and their polluted decisions at checkout. Thus far, Shoplet customers have optimized their purchasing power to help save over 100,000 trees and 23 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

Our green values, however, extend well beyond the scope of customer transactions, and Care. Share. Grow. stands as a testimony to this fact. With a simple social media “Share,” anyone- Shoplet customer or not- can plant a tree.


Why Care. Share. Grow. Matters

Our aggressive social approach aims to raise awareness about everyone’s capacity to make a positive and meaningful difference to our environment. With the effortless click of a “Share” button, everyone can publicly pronounce their capacity to turn the vision of a sustainable future into a present-day reality.