Benefits Of Recycling In The Workplace

Benefits of RecylingIn the past, we’ve reported on several ways to help conserve energy – buying equipment with the Energy Star logo, shutting off equipment when not in use, and adjusting lights & thermostats accordingly in unused areas are all important and easy steps you can take to lower expenses. However, there are also broader programs you should consider.

Recycling Can Reduce Waste in Your Bottom Line
Did you know that there may be a market for your recyclables? It depends on your type of business and the kind of scrap materials or refuses your business produces. However, even if you can’t receive cash for your trash, it makes good sense to recycle. To create an effective program, try following these simple rules of thumb:

Develop a plan. This can include setting up a recycling team that can conduct an audit of your facility and evaluate the kind and amount of waste your company generates. Be sure to set goals and try offering rewards to encourage participation and maintain your program.
Take time to educate employees about the benefits, need, and convenience of the program. You may want to develop some educational materials and posters.

Consult with your waste hauler. Through recycling, you can actually negotiate lower waste management costs. Your hauler may also help you identify possible markets for your recyclables.

Implement your program. Start by placing recycling bins & receptacles in key locations of high traffic: near copiers, printers or other equipment. Develop a collection schedule, and kick off your program with an event to build excitement.

Monitor your progress. Your recycling team can evaluate progress and make adjustments.

Don’t forget – you can recycle a lot of different material and items! Check your local community listings that support recycling programs for hazardous materials, old computers and batteries, including old cell phone batteries. Additionally, be sure to recycle toner cartridges – ask your discount office supplier or sales rep for more information, as most leading cartridge manufacturers have made it easier than ever to recycle their products.

Action Steps
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Reducing: Better Than Recycling

While recycling is an essential part of conservation, it is always better to reduce the amount of waste that you produce. There are many ways to achieve this goal:

I recommend:

  • Use e-mail instead of printed correspondence
  • Edit all documents on your computer before printing
  • Copy documents on both sides of the paper – this can cut paper costs by up to 50% and reduce mailing costs
  • Use recycled paper and reuse paper that has printing on one side for phone messages, scratch pads or printing drafts of documents
  • Consider reusable glassware, dinnerware, and silverware in your kitchen or cafeteria

Tips & Tactics
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Recommended Recycled Products:

  • Recycled Office Paper
  • Recycling bins and receptacle
  • Energy Star products
  • Reusable dining ware


  • It’s good if an office has an initiative to recycle a non organic waste into something useful.


  • This blog Is very informative , I am really pleased to post my comment on this blog . It helped me with ocean of knowledge so I really belive you will do much better in the future . Good job web master .

  • Recycling and re-using old paper could be very useful as well. Next time you have a pile of printouts sitting at your office, do not rush throwing them into a garbage can. Remember, there is a whole new and unused back side that also could be used a scrap paper for misc. notes. Love the idea of notebooks, Lindsay.

  • Really a good piece of words here on recycling. Recommend given here are very helpfull in reducing waste. I stronglly agree with going for recycling as it is affecting environment. There are lot of online sites, which deals with electronical gadgets, like monile phhones, batteries, computers etc. Last month I recycled my old mobile phone, which was lying in my desk and I am happy for my doing.

  • Crista

    I need advice. I work for an exhibing company, and much material is wasted. When I mentioned recycling to them, it was like talking to a brick wall. I don’t think they see the benefits of recycling or the damage by not recycling. I realise I must speak to them at a level where they will see that recycling will benefit the company. I have no idea how to do that. I’m trying to write an article to persuade them, but I think in order for them to cooperate, I must find some benefits for them. I know some of our clients recycle. Could you give me some insight on persuading my company to go green? Where can I find my research material? Thank you!!!

  • Here is another cool idea to make use of all the wasted printouts sitting around your office. Reuse them and create cool notebooks.

    Here is a video that shows you how.

    You just need a comb binder and paper cutter which will run you about $250-$300. You could also use a padding press ( $50 – $100) to glue into notepads.

  • admin

    Hi, Laurie –
    Thanks for the helpful tips; it’s true that there are so many little things we can do both at home & at work to reduce, reuse & recycle!

  • I believe many office go to recycle at less 1 thing. Like my ex office they recycle a lot of things

  • When we started our on-line business selling cobalt glassware, square plates, and other cobalt items, I felt that we were too small to worry about green practices. What could we do, after all? Well, for one thing, we purchased biodegradable packing peanuts and recycle the ones that our products arrive in, we re-use boxes, and we even purchased stretch wrap made from recycled materials (didn’t even know it existed). I list on my website that we use recycled packing materials when possible, which is pretty frequently. We’ll never make as huge an impact as some companies, but if every small business would do the same, it would make a difference.

  • Gustavo Rodriguez

    Well stated. I couldn’t agree more.