Shoplet Loves Upcycling #1

In conjunction with Shoplet’s green initiatives, I figured that starting up a biweekly series that celebrates upcycling could serve as an additional source of inspiration to those who want to be less wasteful and more mindful. In this series, I will generate a brief list of my favorite upcycling DIYs and creations. 

Though, at this point, you might be asking yourself, “just what exactly is upcycling?” Nailing down the exact definition of “upcycle” is actually rather controversial and explaining every facet of the argument is a bit too wordy and, let’s be honest, no fun. To keep it plain and simple, let’s stick with Jill Clem’s definition of “upcycle”: “Upcycling is taking an item that is no longer needed or wanted and giving it new life as something that is either useful or creative.”

Regardless of the etymological convolutions surrounding the correct usage of “upcycle,” it seems that more and more people are proudly transforming their seemingly useless garbage into utterly wonderful treasures (alongside the enviornmental demand for us to be more waste-conscious, Pinterest might have a bit to do with the recent craze over upcycling).  I believe that this addition to the Shoplet blog will help motivate our readers to more resourcefully look at an empty egg carton before tossing it away.

And so begins our first installment of “Shoplet Loves Upcycling.” Enjoy! :) 





Do you love gardening? Astra at “A Journey to a Dream” teaches you how to transform an old, empty plastic milk carton into a super handy watering can!




Urban Outfitter’s has nothing on POORGIRLRICHTASTE’s amazing upcycled $4 Goodwill shirt.




Your desk will totally pop with this upcycled hand painted deer print file organizer, brought to you by Romeo’s Factory on Etsy.