The Green Ideas You Gave Us

A few months ago we gave away an HSM Shredder and asked our friends to tell us what they were going to do to celebrate Earth day and Earth Month. Everyone had such great ideas! I gathered a list and now I want to know who’s been working on their goals. Have you?? Comment below! (quickest way to find your name –> Ctrl + F –> enter your name on twitter or the name you use to comment) Thanks for all your great inspirational ideas! Now go and be nice to the environment.

@pontowd – I will take my own bags to the grocery store (No more plastic!) I am also growing my own veggies in the backyard
@tannawings – My green goal is to get garden in and recycle all the paper here into composting material 
@TheMarciFactor – I resolve to turn off lights as I leave a room (i’m bad about that) already have the energy saving bulbs
@bikeohio – To continue being as green as possible. Example: Turn the water off when lathering up!
@cloud10277 – I want to go through my house and find all my old papers and boxes and put them in my recycling bin.
@treetrout1 – I resolve to turn off more lights at my apt. I probably don’t need every single light on when I come home at night
@arress83 – My goal is to recycle more of our left over papers and veggies so I can feed my garden some new soil.
@kitkat234 – I am going to ride my bike more and drive less! 
@sjsisu  – I will encourage all my friends to recycle like I do
@matzsmith – My green goal is to plant a green fence of sunflowers & smaller flowers to hide an ugly chain link the neighbors have!
@JK8675309 – I want to Recycle so much more then we already do
@MityDad  – I want to teach my 4 year old to turn the lights off!
@LissaL  – Sunnier weather means more days to hang out my clothes. It’s amazing how much I save on electric bill too! 
@pelletposy – I would like to lower my electric bill to save some
@midnight_sky33 – reuse & recycle I already do but can always do more Conserve electricity & water Do more 4 our planet!
@2boysblue – Planting trees this month
@xriyah – my green goals for the month include turning off the lights when not needed & take shorter showers!
@sdiego1717 – planted a “greens” garden, drive less, unplug my computer at night.
@carolnfoster  – use reusable water bottles instead of buying bottles of water!
@hushmouth – I want to start using the canvas bags to shop!
@debralu  – I plan to switch to green cleaning methods! No more bleach & other toxic chemicals.
@crazeypoet – I’m planting a vegetable garden this year!
@tweets2win – I plan to switch from my Bunn coffeemaker to a French Press. (My Bunn uses energy non-stop keeping water hot.) 
@1loco – I want to replace my cleaning supplies with non-toxic cleaners.
@TweetThisNice – My goal is to recycle even MORE-already recycling alot, but I think I can do better
@cspring31971 – I want 2 use more reusable totes,less electical energy. I Would use papershredder shreds 4 packing when shipping items
@Doodle741 – I want to recycle more!!
@carepeace – I will begin to turn off my computer daily to conserve energy
@heaventrees – My goal is to finish replacing all my bulbs with CFLs. I love them, they last long & save energy
@LissaL  – My clothesline is actually on my back porch. I have 2. They stretch across & are retractable. Still get the sun & the breeze! Woot!
@tuinimary – I want to conserve the amount of water our household uses
@saraminda – I recycle everything that can be, and I'm trying to convert to “green” cleaners
@raven_1884 – to help with my school’s recycling program…bring old computer and batteries 
@My3Sons33 – I will be more diligent making sure my boys keep all unnecessary lights & TV's off to conserve energy. 
@svnbln  – my green goal for the month of April is to start a vegetable garden
@octopusgrabbus – riding my bicycle or taking the bus to work
@dvuncannon  – Shredder paper for compost??? I'm all over that one
@dianetowin – I will recycle everything in my house, and pick up things when I go on walks and put them in recycling bins.
@beachdreaming4 – I use this All purpose cleaner at home
@pinkblush99 – We are in the process of installing motion sensors on our outdoor lights so that they are on only when we need them 
@goalmom5 – We keep an assortment of canvas bags in our cars so we won’t need to use plastic bags when shopping.
@Sandym5555 –  We use biodegradable cleaners at our house…keeping the environment safe
@abitnerdy – I’m in the process of getting my parents to go paperless billing! 5 bills down so far! 
@whitbord –  eat those pesky methane producing cows and pee in the shower to conserve water :)
@uniongap –  I want to start a compost pile in my backyard!
@tiramisu8 – If there’s a choice between a glass jar and a plastic one at the grocery store, I'll buy the glass one
@lanieekat – We run a load of laundry b4 showers, so we dont have 2 waste water waiting 4 it 2 get hot
@momtodanielle – I want to start a compost pile in my backyard!
@cloud10277 –  I want to start a making my own green household cleaners!
@jadenruby – goal to get the kids to turn off lights when they leave rooms!
@miriama59 – We use CFL bulbs throughout our home
@GeekChic21 – My goal is to collect any bottles or recycling products I see on the street
@lovebuz – I want to start a compost pile in my backyard!
@CowonS9 – I want to recycly at least 90% if not more, of what is recyclable at home, and at work!! #
@4evrlst  –  I want to start a compost pile in my backyard!
@little_kisa – I recycle as much as I can and donate old clothes, furniture, toys etc
@tcusmle – I want to start a compost pile in my backyard!
@bballmom2two – I’m scanning documents and sending e-copis instead of hard copies.
@pammlla – I’m going to use old chipped depression era glass pieces to set in Stained Glass Art peices (recycle)
@ladylisa1 – My goal is to continue recycling my boxes and newspapers along with all the household things that can be done
@Jodi – I’m planting an organic vegetable garden this year!
@Sara – I want to recycle more!!
Lisa Marie Mary – was just thinking yesterday that I’d call the city offices and ask them about recycling. I’ve been ornery about getting started here, because, their program is not as extensive as it was in Texas. But now, that’s just being silly, isn’t it?
And yesterday I planted roma tomatoes, better boy tomatoes, and cucumbers. Yummmm!!”
Diana Nazario – I really need a shredder, bad. I have 2 big garage can to shred, my boss would not buy me one, we have one that is so old, around 20 year old and it does work to good.
hminnesota – I want to propose some ideas like less paper mailings from school.
Michelle – My environmental goal is to recycle as much as possible and repurpose rather than throw away. I have recently found people on Freecycle who need coffee grounds for gardening so I am saving mine for them rather than throwing them away!
Laurie D – We currently use seaweed and newspaper to ship our live lobsters. Shredded paper to fill the rest of the box space would save money on shipping and recycle the paper we have. Terrific!
Mary W – I love the idea of shredding used wrapping paper as filler for bagged gifts.
Barbara M. – I’ve started a recycling program at my church which wasn’t easy to get everyone on board, this shredder would be just the perfect “blessing” my church needs. Way too much church material gets put in the trash each week and shredding is the logical answer to our needs.
Kim Kenty – I really need a shredder. I could shred and compost instead of just throwing piles of paper in the trash.
Marilyn Stephen – I use reusable bags when I go to the grocery store.
jaclynsmith – I was just thinking yesterday that I’d call the city offices and ask them about recycling.
Sonia – I have always wanted a shredder for my work, since I deal with a lot of confidential information, and I signed up for the New Gold drive.. which is going green… this helps one saves money, energy, the environment and nature itself. Please, I need this shredder. Thanks
Melanie – I am getting a rain collection system for watering my plants and garden. I also have an appointment with a solar System company to see if I can get set up for that. I hear its expensive so I doubt I will be doing it this month.
I use my shredded paper for packing material when I ship boxes from our business. It’s good for the environment and saves us money.
My shredder is constantly jamming so I would love a new one.”
Monica Carbajosa – awesome! I work from home and could really use a shredder! I always bring my bags when I go food shopping and always recycle! Never use bottled water instead I use a brita water filter and kleam kanteen
Dana – My green goal is to use canvas grocery bags instead of plastic or paper bags.
Tracy P – This month I want to learn how to make my own green household cleaners
Michelle Simons  – My goal is to use only energy saver light bulbs and keep telling everyone else too.
Frances Nickerson – I was one of the earliest petitioners for our city to adopt recycling as a method for disposal for paper, metal, glass & plastic. Since then aside from recycling all of those things in the blue box on a regular daily basis, I’ve started using some things we’d ordinarily throw out for other purposes such as material for crafting purposes and rags out of old clothes etc… One of my mottos is and always has been “waste not want not” so if I can find a use for something that saves me money, I’m all for it.
Jennie Crandall – I have actually been looking for a new shredder. Mine was much smaller than this one and didn’t do as much as this one can. I love to feel safe and secure .. that’s why I use a shredder.
Sheila  – We recycle newspaper,metal cans and plastic in our trash.
carole rossi we need a shredded in our home office, this one looks so up to date and nice
Ronda Kelley – Our company is trying to save money by reusing copy source paper and running it through on the other side. We have to shred payroll information however, but we use this for packing material in our shipping department. Win Win for both departments.
Lisa G – Wow this is a nice shredder!! I shred every bill and papers I get. My shredder is on it’s last legs (motor) and I know it is not even close to this beauty! My goal is to continue to use my canvas shopping bags, recycle all newspapers, bottles and all household things that can be. I always reuse my cardboard boxes I get from the mail and if I don’t I recycle them.
Julies – I won’t buy bottled water, and I’m going to refuse to accept it whenever it’s offered to me.
Diane – I would love this! Just yesterday I took a couple bags full of papers that needed to be shreded to a local “shred drive” !
Tammy Kennedy – “I want to use the shredded material for sending packages as protection instead of using peanuts.Also using the shredded paper for insulation when we redo our walls and ceiling
JenniferB – Put up a clothesline this week and stop using the dryer. Planted peas, cabbage, broccoli and greens this weekend and always composting.