8 Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering Your Office

Tis the season to begin preparing to stay indoors. Some may even argue that it’s time to prepare to “hibernate” for the coming winter! Since you’ll be spending significantly more time indoors as the weather gets cooler, now’s a great time to clean up your office and get things in order. No one likes a messy office space. Studies show that 23% of surveyed respondents stated that their motivation behind decluttering a space was due to new beginnings (i.e. a new job, changing of the seasons, a big move, etc). 38% cleaned up because they were having visitors, 28% felt stressed or out of control and a whopping 69% reported they were decluttering in an effort to maintain mental health and peace of mind. Having a clean workspace is more important than we think.

Conversely, there are studies that revealed people who keep a disorganized workspace are often creative overachievers and showed signs of high intelligence. Although these studies are revealing, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a disorganized workspace is ideal for workflow or a creative process. It’s time to clean up that mess and prepare for some indoor projects for the coming months.

We all know what we need to do to get organized. Making piles labeled keep, donate or trash is just the beginning. How do you know what to get rid of? Sometimes starting the process is the hardest part. We’ve compiled a few questions to ask yourself when embarking on a decluttering adventure that could help you figure out what to keep and what to toss.

Questions to ask yourself while decluttering.

Have I used this in the bast year? – Many times we hold onto items in the hopes that we’ll use them one day. Often times, that day never comes. Is it worth keeping an item in your home that takes up valuable space? Is that space better suited for something new that you’ll actually find use for? If the answer is yes, it’s time to donate.

Does this item hold sentimental value? – If the answer is yes, ask yourself this question. Is the value worth the space the item is occupying? If the answer is still yes, then keep it. If the answer is no. It might be time to let it go.



Am I keeping this out of obligation or expectation? – Keeping items because you feel pressured to by someone in your circle is never a reason to hold onto something. All this does is bring negative feelings about the item and the valuable real estate it takes up in your home. Don’t feel guilty about reclaiming your space.



If I were shopping right now, would I buy this? – This is a great way to approach items you are on the fence about. If the prospect of repurchasing the item isn’t appealing to you. Send it off to a new home.

Do I have similar items that can serve the same purpose? – This question helps you to compare the use of the item in question with similar items. Almost always, you’ll find that there are other items in your home that can serve as a perfectly good substitute. Free up space and let someone else enjoy what you no longer have use for.

Do I have any realistic plans to use this? – Does that talking fish from Christmas in 03′ serve an immediate purpose sitting in your garage? Probably not. If an item doesn’t serve an expressed purpose, odds are you can find better use of the space it occupies. This also goes for items that are broken that you’ve been meaning to fix for the past, say,  10 years or so. Get rid of it and free yourself of the burden of never having fixed it.

Would someone else get greater use out of this than I would? – Odds are the vast majority of items that are just sitting in your drawers could go to some use in the hands of someone else. Create a separate pile for items you wish to donate. There might be some great thrift stores in your area that you might be able to sell used items to for some cash. Freeing up closet space is seriously liberating!



Does this item make me happy? – This is a great question to ask yourself when you’re still on the fence about an item. Is usually is the game changer in decision making too. Obviously not everything has to bring you joy. Necessities are called just that for a reason. When it comes to your desk accessories, and decorative piece, this can really help you to clean things up.  Make sure that the things you look at every day help to inspire you. If sometimes lacks or elicits negative feelings, now’s the time to trash it.

Here are some seriously inspiring home offices that will help to motivate you to get to cleaning!