Friday Fun: 7 Inspiring Coworking Spaces for Entrepreneurs

Being a remote worker rocks. Especially as an employee of a larger organization. But what if you are self employed or embarking on your own business ambitions? Sure, an at home set up is easy. But with a budding business, you might find yourself having to seek out more professional accommodations. Imagine hosting a major new client in your home office. Suddenly your toddler decides that wearing pants are so last season. Hilarious? Yes. Cringeworthy? You bet. Needless to say you can probably kiss that important business deal goodbye.

So, you have this growing business. You’ve out grown your home office but aren’t quite ready for a big shot office lease. What do you do? Coworking workspaces might be your answer.  A coworking workspace is a style of work that involves a shared working environment. Unlike in a typical office environment, those coworking are usually not employed by the same organization. It’s like a super upscale version of your college library. Anyone can come, pick a seat and get to work. Some charge a fee depending on the amenities you opt into.

There are many coworking companies across the U.S. that have set up amazing offices with tons of amenities to help their users flourish. Offices are fully furnished and modern.  You’ll also have access to every office appliance you can think of. You’ll enjoy open concept workspaces, private rooms, conference rooms, break areas and private phone booths. Mailing address services, lunch and learns, happy hours and training events are at your fingertips too.

Here’s list of some awesome companies that are making coworking spaces the future of doing business.
7 Inspiring Coworking Spaces for Entrepreneurs