Friday Fun: Chic Cubicle Ideas That Will Make You Want to Redecorate

Cubicles have a bad rap. The minute someone utters the word cubicle, one might think of this tiny human cage that is cold and depressing. In some cases, it’s true. But it is only true because no effort has been put in to make that space something magical. Believe it or not, your cubicle can be an inspiring workspace. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually look forward to going to work each day? All it takes a little creativity and lots of personalization. There are a few rules to a chic cubicle that can help make your cold office feel more warm and inviting. The trick is bringing in more home decor and less steely industrial products.

Here are a few suggestions for a more chic cubicle.

Adding a desk lamp to your cubicle will help combat the harsh overhead lighting most office spaces have. Don’t limit your options to only the traditional office variety. Opt for a lamp that packs a style punch and the same performance as a traditional lamp. We love office lighting from All the Rages for their functional and trendy designs. Adding a daylight bulb to your lamp can also help with your mood and works to simulate the warm glow of the sun. Desk lamps also add a little bit of a homey feel and make virtually any space feel more polished.

Pick a pop of color to splash your space with. Make a bold stylistic choice like urban graffiti, rustic farm house or Hygge. The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing a theme. Just be careful not to go overboard. Your space still has to be functional and productive. Use wall space to carry your theme so that your desktop is free for items necessary for your workflow. Bringing in colorful desk accessories can bring everything together and keep you organized. Having a theme is a simple way to a more chic cubicle.

The key to a chic cubicle is to only keep the items you absolutely need on your desktop. Everything else should be stowed away somewhere out of sight. By minimizing the amount of office items that are visible, this will leave you with more room to personalize your space. Use drawer space whenever possible to hide away loose items that have no business being on display.

As far as decorating goes, be careful not to overdo it. Safe bets are usually a small plant and a photo frame. Be selective with what you choose to display. A good rule of thumb to go by is this: if an object doesn’t bring you happiness, it doesn’t belong on your desk.

Bring in some fabrics like pillows, curtains, wall papers or a throw blanket. Mixing textiles can really warm up a space. You can do this by adding a desk lamp with a fabric shade, a throw blanket over your office chair, textured wallpaper or maybe even a table runner! There are lots of textiles you can add to your space to make a hard cubicle feel a little cozier.

Chic Cubicle ideas