5 Office Fashions. Is it hot or totally not?


I came across this little blog called Career Fashion Blog which gives women tips on how to dress in the workplace. Sometimes I’m probably a little too opinionated on what is in style and what is really not (probably way too opinionated actually.) Instead of going with my opinion, I want to hear what you guys think. And by guys I mean girls and actually guys too- because we all know women just want to look nice for guys. I’m sure there are many other work fashion articles out there, even whole websites dedicated to this topic but today we are focusing in on the suggestions made on our friend Career Fashion Blog. Here goes..

Accessorizing Suits with Scarves



I’ve always avoided suits of any kind. Pant Suits, suit jackets, etc. So suites with scarves…ehh..yeah it could be a good idea if you’re going for this look:


Besides wearing them with suits, scarves are just really in right now. The whole “indie” or “hipster” scene loves the scarves, especially this one below.

But let’s keep it a little more classy. As the site says “We could show our appreciation for spring by accessorizing our work outfits with colorful pretty scarves.” I always like appreciating spring, summer, and all those colorful times of the year. “Adding a scarf can make a work outfit look less bare, and more put together.” What do you think?

T Shirts With a Work Outfit?

My first reaction is uhh No. But then I remembered all these “t-shirts” my mom had in her closet that weren’t actually t-shirts to me. They were shaped like t shirts but they were made out of silk and glittery stuff. She seemed to wear them under suits and tucked into pants. I like the advice Career Fashion gives. The potential work shirt should be made out of Silky or Flowy Materials and possibly have some design details.

That way you get this

instead of this:

How to Make Jeans Work For Work Clothes

Welll..I don’t know about this. I mean we all have casual fridays for jeans but can you pull off the dressy jean look? All of the real estate guys at my school always sported the dress shirts, jeans, and dress shoes. But for girls? I’ve seen girls in jeans and heels..and it can be cute? I like both of these outfits below..



But sorry Oprah, I don’t love this for work that much


This one is definitely a toss up for me. For most jobs, I think jeans are always a no, no matter how dressy them are. Career Fashion suggests “It all depends on what you wear WITH those jeans, rather than the jeans themselves. Here is a look that makes jeans work very well – wear the jeans with a crisp white blouse, a black suit jacket and a classic pearl necklace.” I think I will support that.

Sarah Palin In Red Power Suit


What are your thoughts on monochrome pant or skirt suits? I first saw this picture of Sarah Palin and thought oooh probably not for the all red. But then I found this lovely yellow pantsuit (not sure if it’s great for work though.)


So what do you think?



Is it bold to wear all one color in a suit form? Does it give you more power?

Edgy Pointy Toe Business Shoes


This is another one where I am on the fence. I can appreciate a small point on a shoe. I don’t personally wear them myself because I refuse to wear anything that makes my feet hurt or tempts me to kick someone when they make me mad. But really pointy shoes like these?


Career Fashion says “Add some pizzazz to your business suit with edgy shoes. Don’t be shy. Be original. Seek out some shoes with some flash, and wear them with your professional attire. These animal pointy toe shoes will make your work outfit anything but boring…Some days we have to wear some spice.”

Definite No’s for me:

Accessorizing with Leopard


I’m not against all animal prints or even leopard!! Just these accessories maybe.

Definite Yes for me:

A Good White Blouse

Every girl needs a good white blouse they can throw on under anything. Wear with a skirt, under a sweater or dress. This is the one they’re selling on the Career Fashion Blog:


Not really my thing, but if you want one- buy it HERE

This is one I suggest from J Crew


Buy it HERE.

So now I want your opinion. What to do you think? To recap:
Scarves. Good for work?
Are T Shirts professional enough?
Can you dress up jeans?
Are pointy toed shoes still in?
And monochrome suits..are they too much or just really cool.

And if there are any specific lady fashions you don’t particularly enjoy.. well tell us about them in a nice way below.

  • white blouse for working, is so nicely..

  • Scarves are very big in winter and one can’t have too many of these in your cupboard, jeans are the next best thing to a suite and I wear these every day and one can work them up or down depending on the occasion.

  • Megan

    This was a very interesting article, but I hope you’re joking about “women just want to look nice for guys”…
    Also, I think scarves are silly, and monochromatic suits look really dated to me.

  • I love these designs. Some are just blah, but others are funky. Keep them coming!

  • I don’t think the scarves work very well, of course I’m in California so we don’t really use them that much here. But I wish the rest of the office would dress up. They wear the bland company shirt every day. Oh and yes to the pointy shoes but they wear more comfy things I guess.

  • I really like they way you put together these comparisons. I think the black and white photo is very cool, and I like the all white monochromatic pant suit a lot. And that red/gray pointy shoe….

  • Joe

    It’s a definite yes for the scarves. I feel that scarves can make an outfit. (I’m totally for the whole black monochromatic look with a bright scarve to jump out at you.)

    You’re definitely right about the t-shirts. They have to be fancy.

    It really does depend on what you wear with the jeans, but yeah certain jeans just don’t work at all. It’s up to personal preference really but it can work.

    Pointy toes are definitely still in. I’m loving the animal print in the picture.

    No, no, no to the monochromatic suit.

    Interesting article – I really enjoyed it.

  • Excellent blog! Exactly what we need to do here in the office!

    We all love colour and it’s so important to create a happy work place :-)

  • I love those shoes above very much**

  • It’s an art to mix and match accessories and clothing to get the perfect office outfit. Everything goes, yes, but, as you well exemplified, some scarfs are better wore where no one sees them; some jeans are better fit for gardening and some colors are just too “in your face” to be acceptable. Being bold doesn’t translate with dressing up like a scare crow. :)