A Dress Shirt for Every Man


Have you noticed that every guy you know has a blue dress shirt? I recently learned this classic blue is actually called French blue and here’s why every guy has it:

French blue, which is a rich medium blue, is a flattering color for most skin tones. It makes a great dress shirt, which is mainly where you will find this sumptuous hue. (Thanks About Men’s Fashion)

Ask Men says

The classic blue dress shirt allows flexibility without the drollness of the white shirt. Best of all, the classic blue bridges the gap between formal and informal simply in the way you wear it. Pair it with a red tie and you’re ready for a political office. A dark gray or black tie lends formality and strength to your look. Go blue on blue with a sharp blue suit and tie for a continental look or leave it unbuttoned, sans tie, for a casually modern appearance. In short, this is the shirt you should always pack when heading out of town.

To be honest, I think I have one too. But it only leaves my closet once every 2 – 4 weeks. This blue is a great color but do you ever wonder why french blue caught on?  Why not french green? Or light yellow? Or brown, or black or red? I know, I’ve heard it before. French blue looks great on everyone but I tend to think there might be another color that would look great on everyone like maybe heather gray! Now that’s a good color.

I’m not a french blue dress shirt hater or anything but I want guys around me to feel free to breakaway and try something else. I guess this opinion is coming from someone who stands on crowded subways next to tons of guys in french blue shirts and then walks around at lunchtime amidst a sea of french blue shirts again. Ask men also suggests a gray shirt:

This somber color outdoes classic blue in seriousness because it tones down any suit or sport coat it’s paired with. If you thought a black three-button suit looked sharp with the classic blue, you haven’t truly entered a room until you wear a gray number from Ted Baker. The gunmetal black buttons also allow you to wear it with a neatly pressed pair of black trousers and modern lace-up Oxfords for a touch of casual elegance.

Ask men then lost all it’s credibility by suggesting that men wear Mauve dress shirts. Yuck.

So moral of the story, if you wear french blue all the time, try gray. Or try a pattern, something new and fresh. That way when you approach a girl you’ll actually get noticed rather than being just another one of those guys in a french blue shirt thinking he’s all cool.