Fashionable Office Supplies

Hey all! I thought it would be a great idea to revive the “Fashionable Office Supplies” Shoplet blog series. Why?? Well, at Shoplet, we appreciate how office supplies affects our lives, both inside and outside of the cubicle maze. When we’re not moseying about in the office, the Shoplet team takes note of how often the world of fashion seems just as inspired by office accessories as we are. The “Fashionable Office Supplies” series has done a great job of showcasing the connections our neat-freak brains make when we admire what’s hip and trending. So, let’s peek at a few examples of where we think office supplies are subtly, sometimes obviously, making a bold runway statement.

copy paper

You can tell that copy paper had more than a little bit to do with the design of these cutting, yet delicate dresses. Both dresses remind me of origami, or the cut out lines of a paper craft.

copy paper

This gown just screams brass fasteners and glimmery gold Avery labels to me! I wonder if some fashion forward DIY-er would have the courage to make a dress out of only these two office supply items one day? Who knows!

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