funny office t-shirts

I’m kind of over the whole funny phrase on a t-shirt thing but today I was in the mood. So I looked for some. I’m also heartbroken about Michael leaving The Office and trying to work through that. It will be fun to see what happens next! I know a lot of people gave up on The Office years ago but I still watch it and enjoy it. I loved the work themed T-shirts that I found – whether they were related to Office Space, The Office, or just general office life. Check the links at the bottom of this post to buy the t-shirts.

P.S. I just learned where the “coffee is for closers” phrase is from and man is that scene rough! Great acting though.

Office Apocalypse T-Shirt

Coffee is for Closers
I’m Billing You For This
Office Space Initech T-Shirt
MBA Not BS T-Shirt
Andy Bernard T-Shirt
Hello, It’s IT
Michael Scott T-Shirt