Keep Yourself Warm in Your Office Cubicle

Unless you are living in the West Coast or the South, you are probably experiencing Winter lurching in slowly. At the end of each winter, I feel as if I will be ready the next years cold temperatures. And each time, I am wrong – I am never prepared enough for the temperatures in North America.

That said, here is collection of Winter themed Usb Gizmos for those, who like me, are trying the survive through this winter.


Thanko’s busting out yet another zany offering to get your fingers (and hand, and wrist) nice and warm during the sub-zero winters. This USB / AC-powered, blue Fish(?)  sports an insulated compartment to stuff your plain ole mouse as well as your mousing hand. There’s also a “high / low” switch to control the fiery depths within, and just in case you’d rather not use your insulating mammal while on the PC, you can optionally connect it to any AC power source and attempt to shove both hands in simultaneously.


Sporting a detachable cable, on / off switch, alphabet stitching, dual warming pads, two-levels of heat intensity, and the ability to get toasty through any powered USB port (yes, even theWii), these should be a sure fire (ahem) in the stocking this holiday season.


My personal favorite are these ones – they are super cute. The pair of monkey-shaped USB hand warmers, for when you’re typing in the cold, or you’re a sufferer of chilly hands,  get up to 46 degrees in just five minutes, have a built-in wrist support for “supporting your tired wrist when using Mouse or Keyboard” and they’ll fit hands up to 6.7 x 4.3-inches, or thereabouts, and when they’re up to temp you can even disconnected them for freestyle use.



Are you feet cold? Don’t worry you can also get these Ugg-like slippers which are Usb powered as well. They should keep you feet nice and toasty. Just make sure, you disconnect them from your Usb port before leaving you desk otherwise you might trip.


  • Cool!!!

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  • I cannot resist myself rom bookmark this wonderful article. These things can really be helpful during winters.

  • Nice collection..:)

  • Wow. These are some really cool things for the office this winter.

    Don’t know about you but i’m sitting in my office in London and my feet are freezing. Could do with some of those boots (not in pink though) lol