TayBer’s Tales Guest Post: The Best Killer Work Heels


Despite the four years of awkward, pubescent adolescence that define most Americans’ high school experience (rest assured, I am no exception to this phenomenon), Ms. Alison Berlin (the lovely exception to this phenomenon) somehow managed to consistently sport outfits that emulated youthful sophistication. Freshman through senior year, I always admired Alison as one of the best dressed ladies I know! I’m absolutely thrilled that she was able to write a post for the Shoplet blog.

Please take note: Ms. Berlin’s opinions are not meant to make you feel bad about the way you may or may not be currently dressed for work; rather, they’re fully intended to make you look better! And trust me, her advice on how to select killer work heels should be valued by all who wish to spruce up their style for the cubicle isle. 

A bit about Alison: 

Alison is a recent college grad living in New York City. She is working in the fashion industry and is the founder of TayBer’s Tales of the Misguided Shopper.  Alison can be reached at TayBersTales@gmail.com for questions, comments, and concerns regarding fashion, her blog, or for a  brutally honest outfit critique.


by Alison Berlin

Regardless of whether you work in an office where the dress code is strictly business professional, or an office where the dress code is not quite pajamas, it is always important to look like you’ve made an effort.  Head-to-toe, dress to impress, and now I’m going to talk about my favorite party of every outfit, the shoes.

We have come a long way from women owning a singular pair of “work heels” that they used to keep under their desk.  Nowadays, it seems that quantity of shoes women own is increasing as fast as the national debt.  While I wholeheartedly support women wearing heels (flats are gross 80% of the time), there is a certain decorum that must be followed when wearing heels in the workplace.  Here’s some advice that will get you stomping to your promotion, in style:

+Avoid heels that are upwards of 4 inches high.  The higher the heel, the more conservative your outfit should be.

+Never wear heels under 2 inches, it’s not that they’re inappropriate, they’re just ugly.

+Just because you deem a shoe professionally acceptable, it doesn’t mean you can wear it with anything.  Make sure it matches.

+If your shoes expose your toes (some dress code policies allow this, some don’t) you need to make sure you’ve had some sort of pedicuring.  Who wants to be distracted by your offensive feet? Not me.

+Make sure you can walk…tripping in front of your boss isn’t a cute look.

For your referencing pleasure, Alison shared a few examples to inspire your next heel shopping spree:

work heel pics

These heels have pretty killer price tags, but if you’d like to purchase your own…

~Givenchy Shark Lock Textured-Leather Sandals and Cream

~Alice and Olivia Dina Calf Hair Heel

~L.K.Bennett Sledge Patent Leather Platform Heel

  • I Really enjoyed your blog. I just bookmarked it. I am a regular visitor of your website I will share It with my friends .Thanks.

  • Ashley West


    The first commenter is right about what high heels do to a woman’s body.

    • Diana

      Wow– what a revealing graphic, Ashley! Shoplet will be doing a blog post about how to heal the orthopedic problems associated with heels very soon :)

  • Lorraine Williams

    Absolute drivel. That business about never wearing heels under 2″ is offensive on several levels. How many congresswomen do you see in 4″ heels? CEOs? What about women with orthopedic issues (especially those caused by wearing high heels)?

    You are obviously opinionated, and even if this is some sort of joke, your delivery leaves much to be desired.

    If this is the kind of content I can expect from this blog, I am happily unsubscribing.

    • Diana

      Hi Lorraine- Alison’s post encourages the discussion of everyone’s unique & differing opinions, including your own! You bring up a good point about women suffering from orthopedic issues – perhaps we can do some research for a future post about classy work shoes that are designed to address such discomforts! We appreciate your thoughts & are happy you shared them with us :)