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Office Supplies x Fashion

I used to fantasize about wearable electronic gadgets that are fashionable enough to be on a runway show. And then I realize that, as of 2008, when Fashion meets office supplies and/or electronics, it almost only means mediocrity.

 Office Supplies x Fashion
Necktie with a Cooler.

Starting off, we have another office-compatible tie. This tie developed by Thanko has a built in USB-powered silicon cooler underneath the knot of it.The purpose of the tie is to provide ventilation in the neck and head area for guys who have to wear a tie in summer. Powered by a USB cable, the tie is turned on by a switch that reminisce a table lamp switch, on which you can control the speed of the fan. In the event that you do not have access to a computer, a separately-sold battery case that can fit into your shirt’s chest pocket is available. Also, with the use of the fan, there is always a wire hanging down from the tie whether or not you are trying to go for that look.

 Office Supplies x Fashion
Portable Keyboard.

Designed by Erik De Nijs, these pair of jeans are actually a bluetooth keyboard to a computer. The keyboard is infused in the front at the most convenient spot to lay your hands on. The back pocket is specially designed for your mouse and a pair of speakers are places on the outseam of the jeans around the knees area. To sum it up, there is also a joystick controller witfully placed right behind the fly of those jeans and I wonder why.

 Office Supplies x Fashion
Convertible Heels.

Both driving shoes and heels, these convertible heels designed by Sheila’s Wheels, focus on providing with a comfortable and healthy driving experience and the beauty most women would love. These pair of shoes are developed as a result of a research conducted by Sheila’s Wheel, a sub devision of a UK insurance company, uncovering that inappropriate footwear is regularly worn by British women when driving. The shoes have a grip pattern underneath the sole to provide better pedal control.

 Office Supplies x Fashion
Privacy Sweater.

If you hates to feel like there is always someone looking over your shoulders, trying to see what you are doing on the computer, this would be a good thing for you to have. Although this may seem to be a regular sweater, it provides you warmth and the privacy you need, just imagine wearing this in a cafe.■

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  1. Alec says:

    You guys always post about the coolest gadgets. I’m in love with those pants, I need a pair. I’m pretty sure I know a few ladies that would love those heels too. Awesome stuff!

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