10 Valentine’s Day Traditions From Around The World

Aaaaah Valentine’s Day… Love it or hate it, this lovey-dovey holiday is here to stay. Valentine’s Day is a pretty big deal in the US. Lovers celebrate by showering their sweethearts with chocolates, love letters, cute stuffed animals and flowers. Many go on expensive dinner dates or plan trips with their significant other to show how much they care. Beginning as early as right after the new year, retail stores start stocking their shelves with teddy bears, chocolates and cards. This act of celebrating love has caught on all across the US. In fact, it’s even picking up steam in parts of the world where Valentine’s Day isn’t traditionally celebrated. Many of these countries have even added their own unique twist to celebrating their love. So what are some of these unique traditions? Well, today we found out! Come check out this super sweet list of strange and wonderful Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world sure to make your heart melt.

Valentine's Day InfographicThis year, celebrate by giving the gift of chocolates to your entire office! Bring in a bag of Riesen chocolate chews to share or hand out packs of these super yummy Dolcetto chocolate filled cookies that are the perfect serving size. You can add a little sticky note to each treat for your team members expressing your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love. It’s about appreciating the people in our lives who care and support us in our day to day struggles. This year, appreciate friends, family colleagues and your significant other with a token of thanks. Do you have any unusual or interesting Valentine’s Day traditions?

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