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Acupuncture with Avery Labels

accupuncture avery labels Acupuncture with Avery Labels

Original Image Credit to Daily Mail

When we launched our new site this year, we added the functionality for customers to leave reviews ( I know we were a little behind the times on that). I get all the Product Review that come through our site and I just had to share one of our customers review for Item #AVE05795

AVE05795 1 3 Acupuncture with Avery Labels

She says “I don’t know if Avery is aware that these dots are used in acupuncture schools to mark treatment points in lab classes.”

I don’t know if Avery is aware, but I definitely was not aware. ¬†Anyone else heard of this before? What would we do without all these awesome office supplies.

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  1. This is the second time today I’ve read someone online talking about acupuncture and boy, I could sure use some today! Migraine city!

    That’s pretty cool, though, that they use those for learning about it – very interesting, indeed!