Acupuncture with Avery Labels


Original Image Credit to Daily Mail

When we launched our new site this year, we added the functionality for customers to leave reviews ( I know we were a little behind the times on that). I get all the Product Review that come through our site and I just had to share one of our customers review for Item #AVE05795


She says “I don’t know if Avery is aware that these dots are used in acupuncture schools to mark treatment points in lab classes.”

I don’t know if Avery is aware, but I definitely was not aware. ¬†Anyone else heard of this before? What would we do without all these awesome office supplies.

2 thoughts on “Acupuncture with Avery Labels”

  1. orifworld says:

    I wonder who is that girl, she is so cute :D

  2. Lisa Marie Mary says:

    This is the second time today I’ve read someone online talking about acupuncture and boy, I could sure use some today! Migraine city!

    That’s pretty cool, though, that they use those for learning about it – very interesting, indeed!

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