Can You Guess This Office Supply? V.15


We’re back with our favorite game! We had a little 3 month break until we got a new intern to help us out. This week is tough one! Good luck!

Get it right and win a 20% off coupon! Just email your answer to


1. Please don’t comment with the answer! That totally ruins the game for everyone else and I will delete it.
2. If you don’t know the exact answer but can guess the brand or guess anything, send an email anyways! We’ll reward the person with the most correct answer.
3. If we have multiple winners, then we’ll assign a number to each and pick a winner using
4. We’ll announce the winners from the previous week and the answers on the next post


I talked about this office supply in a post last year – February 2012

Update: I’m adding another hint because I this picture is really tricky! The brand is Westcott!