Drive Your Co-workers crazy **Part 2**

Here we go again. Earn yourself the annoying title at work.

#1 Play Catch.


This one comes from our reader Scott. Simple but soo effective.

“This is a real one that I do on the regular. Get a tennis ball and just throw it in the air. Over and over again. All day. Repeatedly at the exact same height. Never stop. Lock it in a drawer when you leave so no one steals it, I know they want to.”

Great idea!

#2 Email Followups

Follow your emails to their recipient. Right after you send an email, before it can even make it to their inbox, appear in their office or cubicle asking if they had read the email you sent. Do this all the time. Even if they are busy, stand there and wait for them to open their inbox, read the email, and answer you.

#3 Use the Handicap Door Opener


From a friend online:

“I’ve noticed that people at my workplace refuse to open the outside doors for themselves, and ALWAYS use the handicap door opener. Scan the badge, push the button, wait for the door to open, and then walk through.and it always seem to be the people with backpacks on wheels.”

How lazy can we get?

#4 Elevator Button


Even though it is apparent that someone has already pushed the elevator button (because the light is on) push it again. Make sure to kind of look at them as you do it as to acknowledge the fact that you are pushing it again.

#5 Turn on/ Turn off Lights

I had a professor who turned off the lights every time he came to class. I couldn’t ever understand why in the world he would turn them off as if they weren’t on already. Another friend exclaimed:

“We have a coworker who flashes the light switch when he arrives in the morning, flashed the light when he goes to lunch and upon his return. And you guessed it…when he leaves for the day….WHY???”

This one is easy but also effective. If someone asks you about it say something about sorry I thought they were off or mumble sorry and keep walking.

#6 Sneezing with the Alphabet


This one is a treat. I always forget that everyone makes different noises when they sneeze, cough, laugh etc. From now on, when you sneeze, make sure you say the letter “Q.” Multiple sneezes people will hear “Q” “Q” Q” Q.” Maybe when you laugh you can go for a “teehee teeheehee.” Really hit that T. Practice coughing at home and see if you can get a relevant letter to go with that.

#7 Story Topper

May sound general but man it is annoying.   If someone’s car broke down this morning on the way to work, then you were once carjacked on your way to work. If someone has a sunburn, then you were once hospitalized with third degree burns that magically left no scars. If someone had their child christened this weekend, then God came directly out of heaven to specially baptize yours. Own those situations. For a quick laugh about this, watch Brian Regan’s Clip on the Me Monster.

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Please share updates if you tried any of the ideas and let us know how you annoy people at work! Have a fun week…..