Win February 14 with these Truthfully Hilarious V-Day Cards

Romance is in the air! Planning on surprising that special someone with something amazing on February 14th? Don’t forget to book those reservations, choose your chocolates, pick up the flowers… and write a card! This Valentine’s Day, let’s get a little creative and ditch those boring ultra-cheesy unoriginal Hallmark-style Valentines. Instead, present your feelings with these truthfully hilarious V-Day cards your person will be sure to love (AND get a good laugh out of). Whether you’re giving cards to your parents, siblings, friends, and/or your soulmate this year, the perfect V-Day gift isn’t complete without these gems to declare your love!

  1. For that person who comments on your Facebook statuses, share your tweets, and likes your Instagram pics too.
Lie in bed and look at my phone2. For that person who has stuck by your side no matter what.

When I farted...

3. For that person who can always cheer you up when you’re down.
Leslie Knope VDay card4. For that person who’s your partner in crime.

Together like Walt and Jesse

5. For that person who did not catfish you.  Thanks for swiping right6. For that person who can’t stop talking about their cats.
Cat Lady7. For that person who joins you on your Netflix binges (and will appreciate a DIY Valentine).

Tolerate You coloring

8. For that person who can handle your brutal honesty.

You are my favorite

9. For that person who can always lend you their ear.

Pretending to listen

10. For that person who you’ll pick to survive a zombie apocalypse with.

Zombie love brains

11. And lastly, for that person who knows you deep down to your soul.

Nobody gets me like you do

Which one is your favorite? (Tough call, huh?) Want more more truthfully hilarious V-Day cards? Subscribe to our blog for more funny awkward Valentines, cheesy pick-up lines from the experts, and a fun poll to identify Valentine’s Day by the numbers!

From all of us at Shoplet, we wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s/Galentine’s/Brolentine’s/and Single Awareness Day!