Friday Fun: Best Prank Videos of All Time

Do you solemnly swear you are up to no good today? April Fools’ fall on a Friday this year, and what better time to whip out tasty toothpaste-creamed Oreos or deliberately hiding that fake spider on the desk of your arachnophobic colleague? There are plenty of great pranks to try that will guarantee some laughs and/or hateful glares tossed in your direction. (Just don’t complain when the same falls back on you– Karma is a circle!) Whether you’re a seasonal prankster or a newbie pulling a prank for the first time, here are some of the best prank videos to get you inspired!

Sick At Work

With Spring in the midst, it’s not uncommon for allergies to kick back in or catching minor colds due to weather changes. We all have that little germaphobic colleague who’s strong intentions is to avoid breathing in unnecessary germs. Watch what happens when his friendly neighbor gets “sick” at work!

Mutant Giant Spider 

Plastic bugs make great pranks, but they just aren’t scary enough. It’s time to think bigger! Blow up this spider mutant costume by placing it on your dog. And remember to stay away from dark places!

Ellen in Your Ear

Ellen is known for trying all sort of creative stunts on her TV Talk Show, the Ellen Degeneres Show. One popular reoccurring prank, titled ‘Ellen in Your Ear’ is often played with celebrities or audience members. The prankster wears a mic in their ear and takes orders from Ellen on the show. Hidden cameras capture the exchange and reactions of innocent passerby’s.

King Philip IV Prank

Your favorite scene-causing prank collective, Improv Everywhere, is back with this hit in New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Museum spectators believed they are actually meeting the King of Spain at the Met! Autographs, handshakes, and selfies are just the beginning. After watching this video, the real question you have to ask is How does he do it? We have to say, the dear king looks amazing for being 400 years old!

Jurassic Carpark

Got a fake dinosaur costume lying around? Maybe you haven’t seen one as realistic as this! Australian comedy duo, Hamish and Andy, prank unsuspecting friends with a speedy velociraptor in an semi-empty car parking lot. Here’s a sweet taste of your potential adventures in Jurassic Park!

The Strongest Girl in the World

Who run the world? Girls! Be amaze by the brute strength of this Girl Scout as she collects buckets of donation money for her organization. Only there are too many buckets, so she enlists the help of friendly passerby’s. Watch their hilarious reaction as they are unable to lift any of the buckets!

Creepy Girl in Hotel Prank

We’ve all seen the Ring in the movies… but imagine seeing one of the characters IRL! Yikes, right? That’s what some of these poor hotel goers had to face when they walked into a presumably dark and empty hallway. It’s definitely enough to make you jump and wet your pants! Plus points to those who were able to get over their initial shock and walk pass her.

Spaghetti-Harvest in Ticino

Here’s a #Throwback to a great hoax pulled by BCC. When BBC released this 3-minute television broadcast in 1957, viewers spammed the company with calls requesting a product sample! And we have to agree, it does makes one convincing report. Now if spaghetti can grow on trees, can it also rain meatballs? Only one way to find out!

It’s a Zombie Apocalypse!

For those who fear The Walking Dead would one day come to life, your nightmare has arrived! In this hilarious group stint, “zombies” take over and begin terrorizing innocent civilians. After all, the call for gooey brains and throbbing pulses is too hard to resist. You can run, but you can’t hide!

What are your favorite prank videos? Leave a comment on our blog and let us know!