Friday Fun: Welcome To The Junk Art Movement

When it comes to Junk Art, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This saying takes on a very powerful new meaning in this week’s Friday Fun post. With landfills piling high, artists have found creative ways to reimagine everyday items. Toys, tires and other trash are being turned into works of art. The amount of trash it takes to make one of these pieces puts into perspective how polluted our environment really is.

These pieces also bring to light a very real threat of trash pile up and pollution. Instead of opting for raw materials, artists are turning to their local recycling facilities. They’re also looking to donation centers or even their own trash cans for materials for their projects. This artistic movement is labeled Junk art. Junk Art is a sub-genre of found art. It is made from found objects that are discarded and labeled as “junk”. Old things take on new life with a little TLC!

Check out some of the creative things artists around the world make for the sake of Junk Art.
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